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· prevalent because lack of accountability and

·       Low Salaries:

The basic reason for corruption is low salaries
as everyone is finding a way to better their living standard as much as they
can, everyone wants everything more and more. So mostly corruption is to be
seen where there are people having fewer salaries they use corrupt ways to
achieve more and more wealth.

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·       Hindrance in the way of accountability:

Corruption is more prevalent because lack of
accountability and regulation in Pakistan. If money that the government
receives is going in their pockets rather than being spent on the people who
need it, then the consequences are obvious that many people don’t pay taxes
because they don’t trust the government to spend it on the people, they think
they are corrupt and the money would just disappear.

·       Culture:

One of the major cause of Corruption is
changing values of our culture. today everyone wants a luxurious lifestyle.
Nowadays we can’t afford the costly lifestyle but we want to have all the
luxuries like cars, bungalow, ACs, servants etc. so when we find our resources
limited for all that luxuries, we indulge in the CORRUPTION.

·       Corruption in Networking:

Networking can be an effective way for job
seekers to gain a competitive edge over others in the job market. The idea is
to cultivate personal relationships with prospective employers, selection
panelists, and others, in the hope that these personal affections will
influence future hiring decisions. This form of networking has been described
as attempt to corrupt formal hiring processes, where all candidates are given
an equal opportunity to demonstrate their merits to selectors. The networker is
accused of seeking non-meritocratic advantage over other. These kind of
Networking is created for the purpose of Corruption only.

·       Illiteracy:

Illiteracy is also the big reason behind the
corruption. As we all know that as compared to literacy rate, the illiteracy
rate is quite high in Pakistan. So, people are uneducated and they involved in
a crime like CORRUPTION. They reputed as a corrupt person in society and also
leads others towards the Corruption.

·       Others:

Poverty, Unemployment, Uncontrollable
Inflation etc. any many other
such aspects also leads towards Corruption. These all seeks roots in our
society & on later stage these causes turned into evils such as Drugs,
Addiction, Bribery, Street crimes, Terrorism 


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