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1) 1) Quality assessment We applied quality

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

In order to select studies relevant to
our topic, we had to define inclusion and exclusion criteria. High number of
criteria could result in less studies to include and few number of criteria
could result in more irrelevant studies. Hence, searched studies only with the
applied keywords of “Social commerce model” and “S-commerce model” published from January 2007 up
to current time (November of 2017) were included if:

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Study was published in Scientific
journals, international conferences or a book chapter.

Study was written in English.

Study proposed a model of s-commerce.

Studies with following criteria were

Informal study

Duplicated version of same study (the
most completed was selected)

Study published before 2007


Search Strategy

In order to maximize the effectiveness
of searching the published Studies, we did a combination of an automatic and
manual search of studies through scientific data bases; Acm digital library,
AIS digital library, ScienceDirect and google scholar search engine since 2007.
Keywords of “Social commerce model” and “s-commerce model” were applied to find
relevant studies according to research protocol flowchart from mentioned above
scientific data bases and google scholar search engine. There were 46 items
found in automatic search step. Next, we reviewed every single study and judged
them by inclusion and exclusion criteria to add to primary studies bank. We
applied manual search (backward and forward technique) to primary studies’
references and applied inclusion and exclusion criteria to them afterwards to
finalize the primary studies. 1)   
Quality assessment

We applied quality assessment questions
for ensuring the quality of primary studies as Kitchenham and Charters (2007) emphasized
it is a critical step for such studies. We applied a set of questions to assess
the quality of primary studies. Quality assessment questions were as followings:

QA.1. Is the topic of study related to
model design of s-commerce?

QA.2. Is there a conceptual model
represented in the study?

QA.3. Is model design methodology
described fully in the study?

Quality assessment question was applied
to 24 primary studies collected as we loaded abovementioned question with one
score each. studies with three scores considered high, with two scores considered
medium and with one score considered low in quality. Studies with no score could
not pass the quality assessment stage.


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