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1.1Introduction himself as the other members of

1.1Introduction to motivation:

Motivation is a part of day-to-day living of every individual, also
its one of the preconditions for successful and effective work of people at
work. Constantly it evolves and varies, depending on conditions in the economic

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motivating is the as a process in which you offer to individual,
from whom you need something, the satisfaction of interests. It is necessary to
comprehend and understand other people’s interests in order to avoid that
motivation serves as manipulation. Motivating is a tool to achieve the status
that the employee, who performed the given task, receives a reward as something
that he needs.It flows that motivation and motivating are interdependent
variables. Depending on how, in what intensity and structure someone, who
motivates, provides individual incentives, the individual will be motivated to
succeed himself as the other members of the organization.

Motivation program made for meet organization objective, it must be
based on one part of organization’s needs in phase of its development, on the
other hand on the socio-economic information.

There are technical, technological and organizational conditions of
work, professional, qualification and demographic structure of the employees,
as well as information on the attitudes of staff to work and to the
organization, their satisfaction or causes of dissatisfaction with specific
phenomena in the organization. It is prepared to deal with specific tasks and
for specific employees. Its effectiveness is time-limited.


1.1.1    What is motivation?

Motivation is the word derived from the word
‘motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. It
is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals.

 In the work
goal context, the psychological factors stimulating the people’s behavior can

·           desire
for money

·           success

·           recognition

·           job-satisfaction

·           team
work, etc.


of motivation:

1. According to Maslow an individual would stay at a
certain need level until that need was satisfied.

2.motivation is defining as an internal process that
makes a person move toward a goal. Motivation, like intelligence, can’t be
directly observed. Instead, motivation can only be inferred by noting a person’s

3. “Motivation is the act of stimulating someone or
oneself to get desired course of action, to push right button to get desired

4. According to McClelland, the presence of these
motives or drives in an individual

indicates a predisposition to behave in certain
ways. Therefore, from a manager’s

perspective, recognizing which need is dominant in
any particular individual affects the

way in which that person can be motivated.


1.1.3 Causes of

When someone has a lack of motivation it is because
they have not found the reason “why” they should do something.All humans are
motivated by pleasure and need to associate a benefit with anything they
do.With that said, one must never assume that because most people are motivated
for one reason that all people should be motivated by the same reason.We all
have a different set of beliefs and definitions that make us who we are.Purpose
is what drives all humans to take action. Without purpose or desire, no one
will take action as life becomes meaningless.Many people who lack motivation do
so because it stemmed from something in their life that could have traumatized
them or caused them to define or believe that the action they should take is no
longer pleasurable.

Things such as:

Fear of failure

Anxiety & stress

Feeling overwhelmed

Other individuals lack motivation because they have
low self-esteem, lack confidence, and have created the bad habit of








1.1.3:6 Highly
Effective Ways to Motivate Employees

1. Gamify and Incentivize

Although we haven’t implemented it yet, we’re developing a
feedback system that rewards employees for engaging with our wiki and for
learning how to use our application via our training videos921 . 


2. Let Them Know You Trust Them

If you let them know you trust and depend on them, they will
fill those shoes sooner than you think. A vote of confidence can go a long way.


3. Set Smaller Weekly Goals

You want lofty ambitions, but set up smaller goals along the way
to keep people in it. Rather than make a billion this year, focus on getting
100 new customers this week-something that will get you to that billion. Then
reward the team for achieving the goal with an afternoon off, a party, etc. 


4. Give Your Employees Purpose

I am able to motivate my employees by giving them a purpose.
When you accomplish that, they understand the vision better and are able to
execute more strongly. 


5. Radiate Positivity

I’m always pumping energy through the office. I’m really
enthusiastic and want my staff to feed off that positive energy. Because
culture is so important to me, I play music, have fun, joke around, and play
games. We work hard, but we play hard too.


6. Be Transparent

I am very open with employees about what’s happening at the
highest level so there are no surprises and everyone has a chance to ask
questions and give feedback.


Importance of Motivation for the company:

Motivation is important in company because it
impacts mental and physical human reactions. Highly-motivated individuals and staff
have a willingness to get the job done efficiently and effectively, resulting
in higher productivity, increased revenue, cost savings and satisfied employees
and business owners. Employees and staff with low motivation tend to work
slower, without regard for productivity or efficiency, and end up costing the
business money. Low motivation can be caused by a lack of direction or purpose,
and can sometimes be reversed by the introduction of goals.


1)about company(Al Hassan Group)


Al Hassan Group of Companies has
flourished through a combination of entrepreneurial leadership, courage and
vision and has come a long way since its early days in 1975 as an electrical
trading shop. The progress of Al Hassan Group in many ways reflects the
development of the Sultanate of Oman, with the Group playing a key role in many
nation-building projects.

For the last three decades, Al
Hassan Group of Companies has expanded and diversified, bringing new business
ideas from around the world into the Sultanate Oman to help build a vibrant and
modern nation. Today, it is a group with 11 companies and 1 joint venture
operating in Oman and the UAE, employing a multi-cultural workforce of over
5000 people. AL Hassan Group comprises of three Strategic Business Units (SBU),
viz., Contracting, Trading, and Manufacturing.

Family companies are manage in a
professional and efficient than before Mr. Hassan bin Ali Salman, in his
capacity  Chairman of the Board, and Mr.
Maqbool bin Ali Salman, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer. In
addition, Mr. Hassan bin Ali Salman had received the presidency of the Board of
Directors since 1995.


1.2.1 Product profile

Al-Hassan company include high
technology services and commercial equipment, and marketing, and various
specialized agencies and brands are the representation of engineering products
that you need different industrial sectors such as oil and gas, and
petrochemicals, and energy, water and sanitation.Hassan Electric Company is one
of the leading companies in the market and that has grown and evolved very
quickly. Al-Hassan Company is focus on producing electronic product all over

Single sales and wholesale – through
a network of 6 shows and more than 400 agent big projects – infrastructure
covering energy, water, and oil and gas industries department specialized in
lighting. Hassan Electric Company is characterized by the provision of
engineering solutions of high quality, and high performance for its employees,
and investments and in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

In addition, this company provides
more products and high quality services in the aspect of engineering sectors,
and oil and gas, through growth and profit that exceeds shareholder
expectations, thus contributing to the growth and economic development of the
country and welfare of the community, within the health and safety and
environmental protection standards.


The Vision

Al Hassan will excel in providing quality-engineering solutions by
top performance of labor, assets and investments to achieve customer satisfaction.




1.2.3 The Mission

To provide quality products and
services in engineering disciplines with special thrust on Power, Oil and Gas
sectors, through a profitable and growing organization, which exceeds
aspirations of the stakeholders and contributes towards the country’s economic
development, welfare of the society complying with health, safety and
environment norms.



Organization Structure




About the company(Mazoon Electricity Company)

Mazoon Electricity Company SAOC (MZEC) is a closed
Omani joint stock company registered under the Commercial Companies Law of
Oman. The company is primarily undertaking regulated distribution and supply of
electricity in Dakiliya, Sharqiya and South AL Batinah regions under a license
issued by the Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman (AER). The
establishment and operations of the company are governed by the provisions of
the Law for Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Related Water
Sector (the Sector Law) promulgated by the Royal Decree 78/2004.



1.2.1 Product profile

Mazoon Electricity Company S.A.O.C
engages in the distribution and supply of electricity to the customers in South
Batinah, Al Dakhliyah, and Al Sharqiyah regions. It serves residential
commercial, government industrial, agricultural/fisheries, and hotels/tourism
customers. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Muscat, Oman with
additional offices in Sur, Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan, Mudhaibi,
Bidiyah, Mudhairib, Dema W. Tayeen, Nizwa, Bahla, Sumail, Adam, Izki, Bisya,
Rustaq, Barka, Suwaiq, Musanah, and Nakhal. Mazoon Electricity Company S.A.O.C
operates as a subsidiary of Electricity Holding Company SAOC.


1.2.2 The Vision

Leaders in Providing Electricity in Oman by 2022.


1.2.3 The Mission

Lighting and Enriching Life through
Safe, Reliable and Sustainable Electricity.


1.2.4 Values:






Organization Structure:






3 Justification:


Al-Hassan Group comprises about 11
companies operating in Oman and the UAE employing a multi-cultural workforce of
over 5000 people. In addition, infrastructure covering energy, water, and oil
and gas industries department specialized in lighting.

Mazoon Electricity company operating
in Oman employing workforce of over 500 people. In addition, infrastructure
covering energy, distribute electricity industries .

We choose this title of our senior
project according comparative study on the different ways of motivation in
Al-Hassan group company and Mazoon electricity company. In addition, we hope
development to our country at all. On this project, we go to identify the
different ways of motivation make in Hassan group Company and Mazoon
electricity company,

Using different ways of  motivation methods in Mazoon Electricity
Company and Al-Hassan group company are better for employee  at work it can actually be good for them it
helps the employee to focus and prepare the body for action. Some studies even
suggest that it can improve performance. However, when company motivate the
employees that lead to better performance at workplace. Recognizing and knowing
how to choose the best motivation methods is something that Mazoon Electricity
Company and Al-Hassan group company  need
to prepare for. This guide examines the causes of workplace motivation and
looks at what businesses can do to help protect their employees and themselves.





4 Rationale of the Study:

This report is a part of my academic
program Bachelor HRM. The period of project program has set for one semester.
This project helped us a lot to understand the different ways of motivation in AL
Hassan company and Mazoon electricity company.


1.5 Need of study/significance:

Mazoon Electricity company and
Al-Hassan company, employers have a legal responsibility to recognize and
comparative ways of motivation in both the workplace so that employees do not
become activity to work and performance job without motivation, motivation can
help organization and employees to profit and job satisfaction. The purpose of
comparative  the study on the different
ways of motivation in alHassan company and mazoon electricity company. It will
also provide suggestions on what is different ways of motivation in both
company .

The purpose of the study was to find
the impact of different ways of motivation on both sector. The study to compare
the various ways of motivation in both companies and identify the common ways
between two companies. It will also provide suggestions on analyze the
effectiveness of different ways of motivation applying by both companies. Also
determine the challenges of using specific ways instead of others.


Research objective:

To find
the impact of different ways of motivation on employees on both sectors.

compare the various ways of motivation in both companies.

identify the common ways between two companies .

analyze the effectiveness of different ways of motivation applying by both
companies .

determine the challenge of using specific ways instead of others.




1.7 Scope of study:

This particular study
comparative  the study on the different
ways of motivation in alHassan company and mazoon electricity company. Mazoon
Electricity company and alHassan company, Branch Muscat. The study conducted on
the employees of the organization. Study is conducted among all the departments
of the company. It studies the existence or non – existence of motivation among
the employees in the organization. In addition, To analyze the effectiveness of
different ways of motivation applying by both compani.


 Outlines of chapters:

This study structured to provide a
critical review of relevant information regarding comparative  the study on the different ways of motivation
in AL Hassan company and Mazoon electricity and how Mazoon Electricity Company
and al-Hassan group company will contribute to motivate employees. The study
comprised five chapters and is presented as follows:


Chapter 1: introduction: This chapter included meaning of motivation. In
addition, it covers some information about Mazoon Electricity company and
Al-Hassan group company.  This chapter
also outlined the research aims and objectives, background of the project.


Chapter 2: Literature review: here we reviewed related literature regarding
the meaning of motivation and different studies on causes of motivation how it
affects the productivity of the employees ultimately to organizational
performance. We study earlier published books and articles to know the research
gap. In addition, different studies related to how satisfied employee
contribute to maintain the profit of company.



Chapter 3:
Research Methodology: Presented the research methodology and focused on
research design and methods as well as the justification of choices and uses
and instruments, and data collection methods.


Chapter 4:
Results and Findings: Presented the data, which was subsequently interpreted
and analyzed in relation to the research objectives and questions, discussion
of findings of the study and data analysis methods. For some questions there
are tables, figures.


Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation: this chapter related to Appendix
included copy of questionnaire and some photos of Mazoon Electricity Company
and Al-Hassan group company, references and bibliography and List of references
used in this research.





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