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1) 2. Unemployment I survived a lot

1)      What is stress?

            Stress is primarily a physical response. When stressed, the body thinks it is under attack and switches to ‘fight or flight’ mode, releasing a complex mix of hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine to prepare the body for physical action. Mostly we can say it is an emotional strain or tension result by both good and bad experiences in life. There are several types of stress acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress. All these are differed to manage and is also confusing because of each one differs with its own characteristics, symptoms, duration and treatment approaches. Dr. Hans Selye, one of the leading authorities on the concept of stress, described stress as “the rate of all wear and tear caused by life”.

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Stress can be positive or negative: Stress is good when the situation offers an opportunity to a person to gain something. It acts as a motivator for peak performance. Stress is negative when a person faces social, physical, organizational and emotional problems.

2)      10 things that are currently stressful


1. Death of a family member

            Even though death is a very sad moment, whenever for anyone. So, when it happens specially within family it hurts a lot. It feels so stress, how to deal with things in the absence of that person.

2. Unemployment

            I survived a lot of time after my graduation without a job. To be unemployed in life is so stressful. It is hard to live life without a job. We need to dependent on lot of things on other people. Without knowing how long this dependency goes will be stressful for everyone.

3. Injury or Illness to spouse

            When I love a person, I don’t like that person get hurt by any sort of things. So, if any injury or illness are happening to my husband, it will be stressful for me.

4. Change in acceptance by peers

                        To build a relationship is so hard. Acceptance and trust is the highest part in relationship. So, anyone is not accepting as me into that relationship is so sad. That’s make me stressful.

5. Gastrointestinal disorders

                        Managing this type of disorders are so stressful for me. I prefer to stay home when I’m having those problems.



6. Chronic Pains         

                        Chronic pains make lot of people mood changes. For me pain happens always at bad timing of day. Chronic pain makes me so anxiety about my current health and future health too. I always get worried why is it happening, is that showing any other symptoms or not, that worries me a lot and makes me stress.

7. Financial issues

            If its hard to meet all expenses monthly and saving, I will be so stressful. I am so ashamed to ask any help regarding financial issues. So, to meet that requirements I always work hard with a stressful mind.

8. Family problems

            Problems dealt with family are hard to resolve. Each problem need lot of attention and care when solving. When relationship get cracks, it hurts. So, whenever I have a family problem I look into it with high care and that makes me stress.

9. Legal Problems

            Always dealing with legal issues are stressful. I am afraid to go forward with any cases or problems related with police also. So, I will always try to be truthful, to avoid those problems.

10. Personal injury or illness

                        Like chronic pains injury and illness are also stressful          situations in my life. This also makes me so anxiety about my current           health and future health too.


3)      How stress affects in general


Stress targets the weakest part of our physiology or character. Even though there are good and bad stress, when I get stress I felt bad all times. May be sometimes it can come as headaches, or kind of impatience to all things I do. If the stress is a long time I become restless and frustrated. Mostly when I am stressed I feel Gastrointestinal problems and that’s make me uncomfortable. When I am frustrated in any things I cannot concentrate. The worst part is when stress affects me, it will somewhat affect to whom near to me also.


4)      Identify how you usually handle or respond to any type of stress

When I am stressed, I usually get irritated. Try not to show that to anyone specially to outsiders. But if that someone I know personally I will tell them, or sometimes if situation is that worse, I raise my voice to take out my frustration. If I feel that I cannot handle the situation I will tell someone, what I am feeling at that time. If I couldn’t do that I will try to have a sleep as soon as possible to calm my mind and brain.


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