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1. rewarded to be creative. This allows

Activities of the company that I consider creative and innovative is
that, Mead Johnson has been able to come up with new formulas for its infant
milk powder, to constantly suit the market needs. It has a plant in Mexico
which produced milk powder catering to infants with metabolic disorders. Mead
Johnson also produces nutrition for infants with protein allergies, low
birthweight babies and even for adults. This ability to produce different
formulas for different market needs, means that they invest heavily into
research and development. Being an employee of Mead Johnson, we are also
encouraged to contribute ideas for better improvement of the plant, this
creates a culture whereby employees are encouraged and rewarded to be creative.
This allows the company to better adapt to market changes due to its creativity
and innovation of its people.

I think there are several factors which contributes to Mead Johnson’s
ability to be creative. The first factor is simply its age. Mead Johnson has
been in operation for over a hundred years. This makes it an extremely
experienced player in the nutrition industry. This experience allows mead
Johnson to be more innovative and come up with new formulas which has never
been created before and for them to gain one step ahead of its competitors.

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Another factor is its company culture. Speaking as an employee, Mead
Johnson encourages and rewards employees to come up with creative ideas to
better improve any processes within its plant. This creates a culture of
creativity and innovation overall. And it is this culture which is a propellant
to its future successes.

This culture is brought about in its research and development
department. They are encouraged to come up with more formulas to better suit
different market demands.

Another factor is that Mead Johnson, pairs up with pediatric hospitals
to better understand the different medical conditions that some infants and
babies suffer. This is so that their R team can come up with solutions to
meet the nutritional needs of these babies.


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