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1. than other forms of oppression” (Lorde,

1.    According to Krieger, “social determinants of health refer to both specific features of and pathways by which societal conditions affect health and that potentially can be altered by informed action” (Krieger, 697). The social determinant of health framework illustrates the factors that influence health.  The first factor is living and working conditions which promote healthier homes, schools, and neighborhood. The second factor is economic and social opportunities. Policies are promoting economic development by reducing poverty and racial segregation. This factor is also promoting child youth development and education. A low socioeconomic status is usually associated with unemployment and therefore lacks income. A lack of income would limit someone from accessing their resources such as health care, education, and food. This will increase their chances of developing health problems.2.    According to the article, Is There a “Hierarchy of Oppression” in U.S. Multicultural Teacher Education Coursework, “Individuals who adopt a hierarchy of oppression assume, or behave in ways that suggest an assumption, that some forms of oppression are more devastating than other forms of oppression” (Lorde, 1983). Hierarchy of Oppression means that some people may think that their oppression is worse than others. An example would be feminism, third world citizens, Jews, blacks, and racial segregation. 3.    We should recognize that there is no hierarchy of oppression because we must acknowledge and educate ourselves. Nursing would be my ideal health-related occupation. The population that I would likely serve is communities, clinics, and hospitals. The focus on lifestyle behavior may limit my ability to patient’s health and well-being. If an individual is eating well, exercising, and eliminating bad habits like; smoking and alcohol assumption that they will reduce their chances of becoming sick. However, a patient who isn’t maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be more likely to have complications in the future. Social determinants of health model approach would improve my ability to respond to patient’s well-being by reducing inequality and enhancing prevention of health diseases. I would promote health outcome for individuals and communities.  4.     What gives me hope that disparities in health outcomes will decrease is the involvement of communities and individuals that are advocating reducing disparities and improving health outcome. Increasing diversity of healthcare staff, affordable healthcare services, providing translators, and promoting training to develop culturally sensitive and communication skills are all ways we can reduce disparities in health outcome.


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