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1. transcend international borders”. Over the time

1. Introduction.

Hydro Politics also often refers to water politics is a kind
of politics which is effected by availability of water resources within state
or between states in case of transnational water bodies. The term was first
used in the book Hydro-Politics of the Nile Valley. Arun P. Elhance’s defines
Hydro Politics as “The systematic study of conflict and cooperation
between states over water resources that transcend international borders”.
Over the time and time, Water bodies have been center of civilization as we see
the first great civilizations grew around water bodies such as Nile, Indus or
Yellow. Man’s relation often to river is equal as frogs to the pond. Water as
an essential substance of life has been one of the most useful element such as
for drinking, Agriculture, or even for strategic point of view in case of Sea
politics due to trade routes. But the importance of Fresh water resources
always has prominent place in world politics because although world is covered
more than 70% under water bodies but out of those water bodies only less than
1% is suitable for living things which is in shape of glaciers, Rivers or
ponds. The increasing needs of water for human population is becoming a serious
issue since the world population is increasing rapidly. World population at the
beginning of 20th century was 1,650 million which has hit 7,052 million in 2012
and is expected to hit 9,725 million by 2050. This means that need of water
will increase where as fresh water resources are decreasing rapidly due to
environmental complications specially global warming since weather patterns are
changing globally with some places facing extreme hot or cold atmosphere. This
situation is expected to affect all states specially those states which are
less developed and where less importance is given to environmental issues. This
is where issue rises between Pakistan and India, two major states in South Asia
with not so good past, has fought 2 major and 1 big border conflict (Kargil
1999). Although both states signed a treaty (Indus water treaty) in 1960 to
resolve water distribution matters but due to increasing needs and to some
extent India using water as a strategic political tool to pressurize Pakistan
over several disputes specifically Kashmir, The long lost unsolved partition agenda
of 1947, This treaty faces danger, With Hyper-Nationalist government of
Narendra Modi in New Delhi and recent threats delivered to Pakistan and often
blocking the water of Pakistan. It is expected that India would take the things
into point of no return, with interfering in Pakistan domestically by terrorism
and globally by propaganda of portraying Pakistan as a terrorist state, This
kind of situation along with other reasons specially water would finally result
in offensive action taken by Pakistan, Depending on situation with strong
military power, Pakistan does hold capability to conduct such actions, It’s
just a matter of time that the current situation to the decision makers in
Pakistan is under control and they are trying to solve the crisis diplomatically
with negotiations but its looks like India is not in a mood for serious talk
over any issue even famous game of Sub-Continent, Cricket. Such stubborn
attitude at state level is not tolerable with offensive statements coming from
India for e.g. we will break Pakistan or we will teach Pakistan a serious
lesson results in negative and hostile public opinion which is usually anti
Indian and results in demand to government to respond heavily although most of
Pakistani politics is not shaped by anti Indian factor rather it is centralized
on domestic issues unlike Indian politics where anti Pakistan sentiment is
highly used for political gains but any Indian threat once highlighted on
national level properly would result in hostile public reaction specially when
the social and economical interest of the biggest market commodity, Agriculture
would be at stake.

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2. Data and methodology

I have used the qualitative research technique for research
work since strong evidences and logical reasoning is required for proving the
hypothesis of my research paper. The topic requires summary of state’s possible
future behavior in a certain situation which cannot be proved or justified without
concrete evidence.







3. Objectives of Research

To highlight the importance about a matter of
national security.

To show importance of Kashmir.

To show the importance of water in future

To highlight a major upcoming problem for

To highlight the worst possible outcome of water

To highlight how neglected issues will create
problems in future.

To give a possible solution to this situation.





4. Hypothesis


Hydro Politics between Pakistan and India is getting worst
day by day as result of Global warming and increasing population needs which
has resulted in water scarcity in Pakistan and as a possible result on this
issue can be full fledge or limited war between Pakistan and India in Kashmir.


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