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2 are 35.4 percent are male and



many Thai students want tutoring?

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            A tutor is an instructor who
gives private lessons. Shadow education is a name for private
supplementary tutoring that is offered outside the mainstream education system.
Normally, a tutor will help a student who is struggling in a subject of some
sort. Also, a tutor may be provided for a student who wants to learn at home. Demand
for Tutoring in Asia is exploding; to compare globally, tutoring is the most
extensive in Asia including Thailand.

            Mr. Yeangyong, a senior teacher, said there are six
important reasons of students tutoring.

 First ,Thai people always praise student with
academic excellence. Thai parents only focus on their child’s grades and they
usually talk with others parents about their child’s grade and tutoring.

parents force their child to tutor because they want their child to be as smart
as other students.

case is student’s popularity and fashion. Some students want to tutor because
other students tutor and they want to hang out with their friends after tutoring.

some teachers don’t teach, don’t come to teach in some periods, and get mad
when student ask question because they think that they have been taught already
and don’t want to repeat.

Fifth, teachers teach only easy part
or easy exercise but the test is harder and the last reason is teachers force
students to tutor with them. Students who don’t tutor with them they will get
bad grades but who tutor with them they will get grade four because they want
every students tutor with them and they will get more money from tutoring.

research says students that are tutoring are 35.4 percent are male and 64.6
percent are female. Most of them are studying in the sixth grade which is 55.3
percent of the sample. Most of the samples are major Art-Mathematics, which
accounted for 55.5 percent, with the average cumulative grade point average of
2.51-3.00 or 66.2 percent of the sample. The parents have a monthly income of
30,001-40,000 baht which is 44.7 percent of the total sample. (http://ethesisarchive.library.tu.ac.th/thesis




are many benefits and disadvantages of tutoring. The advantages are tutors
offer easier and faster way to do the exercise. Teaching has a unique and
individual learning experience, and instructors can tailor lessons and
activities to students. Tutoring make us do not waste our time in summer.
Tutoring is a space of free distractions. There are no other students around to
distract. It’s a space for the student and tutor to focus on learning. There
are more time for practice. Some kids just need more practice, as well as
guided practice. Tutoring allows the student to present their own way. It
provides review of skills that haven’t been mastered yet. With tutoring, any
skill can be reviewed and practiced so that the student doesn’t fall behind.
Tutoring make good study habits. Tutoring can improve grades,
self-esteem and confidence. Tutoring
can provide more challenges for gifted students and prepare for college.

disadvantages of tutoring are some students do not intend to study the
tutorial. But they use the tutorial as an excuse to leave home to go play with
friends in various places. Most schools do not have a system to count or track
students. Some of students who learn by computer don’t attend learning because
there isn’t teacher to control their attendance. Students spend a lot of money on
tuition. Some school tuition fees are very expensive. Tutorial teaches shortcuts
only to make the test. Even if it is a shortcut that cannot use in studying  at the university level. The tutorial school
has very little learning reform, which does not focus on student-centered instruction
or Child-Centered(Child-centered learning focus on the ability to learn and
develop each child to their full potential by allowing children to participate
in activity planning. Teachers, reduce role from instructor or knowledge
transferor as facilitator and allows children to access learning resources for
self-education.).  Sometime there are
hundreds of students live in a narrow room and watching through television or
the tape recorder which students cannot interact with the teacher.



tutorial is not just Thailand but a global phenomenon. Whether it is a country
with a high potential child or a poor PISA country, for example, Korea (88
percent of children in elementary school and 73 percent of junior high school
students are tutoring.) Hong Kong (70 percent of elementary school children),
Sri Lanka (More than 98% of children in grade12 are tutoring) and in
Mauritius (Not less than 90 percent of secondary students are tutoring.).

my opinion education in the form of private tutor although sometimes it may be
more efficient to produce good quality human but they are the source of all
inequality in society example between the rich and the poor. The type of tutoring
that is taking place in Thailand is not the root of the problem of Thai
education, but it is the fault of the educational system. Government should look
for points that can be used the form the tutoring system which is full of great
tutors, technology, infrastructure, and lots of money.



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