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2) the article – general discussion, problem

2) publishing place (if known)© 2002 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.3) type of the article – general discussion, problem discussion, methodological presentation etcgeneral discussion about cultural landscape and landscape planning and how planning or planners can approach.4) general structure of the article – main parts of it· Landscape planning goal was to create such ideal landscape pleasing picture. There are many functions that a landscape has to ful?l besides providing beauty.· On one hand, the society wants to use landscape.  Other side, the society goals to protect, planning and design according to societal needs. We have to care about human needs and economically changes. moreover, society accepts result of landscape. to achieve this aim planning have to become a social process.· Planning for landscape have to concentrate on transforming land use by principles of the human natural systems.· Landscape planning has to concentrate on the multi-functionality of the landscape using the premise of sustainable land use and planning examines the sustainability of existing and proposed land uses in relation to the environmental capacity and the landscape character.· The goal is that the landscape shows this multi-functionality, that it prepares and preserves the situations for the variety of needs for both human and non-human, environment lives.5) main facts and arguments, used by the author(s)· landscape planning is necessary because The market economy alone cannot regulate the relationship between man and environment. · We can define two principle concepts in landscape planning:1- we ?nd a strong technocratic aspect in planning. Goals can be generated by logical conclusion from the analysis of the landscape.2- there is or should be a strong aspect of creativity in planning. New, unexpected ideas may solve problems and especially improve the aesthetic quality of the landscape. 3- Your critic about the discussion/presentation, crotchets – it is important that you are critical (positively as well as negatively). This allows you remember what you have read. Crotchets can be connected to the wording – bywords, structure of the text, etc and can be used in the dispute (if will be hold).· Cultural landscapes is a bridge between culture and nature. ( purposes have been effective in bridging the gap between culture and nature )· landscape planning should be supported by somethings same as instruments that regulate the general trend of the consumption of nature.· After planning when they want to construction or protection ,often those responsible for implementing the plan are not involved in the environmental planning process and, therefore, do not identify with the plan, its content or success;4- New aspects for you as the first time reader of the article· cultural landscape planning is the process and way of understanding and directing the changing relationship between human kind and nature.· the landscape planner is no longer able to con?ne her/his view of the world to a plan that ignores the “real” world with the “real” people in it. · In the past planning very often ended with the ?nishing of the plan but now planners have to take into consideration that the plan will be implemented and the landscape will be altered to an important part by land users and other inhabitants. Their ideas and conditions for changing land use have to be taken into account. 5- The main message of the article in one sentence· Planners need to be artist as well as scientist in cultural and environmental issues. Communication and strategy building have to play as an important role as systematic, inductive work. Ultimately, this impacts the education of present landscape planners.


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