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When touching upon the growth of the church it is imperative to understand the incorporation of business and planning. The importance lies in the funding provided to the church to maintain and grow operations. To do this we must set up a chart. The chart should inclide: 1. Board development members (no less than 5 and not more than 20) 2. Funding Plans (Grants, fundraising, trusts, investments) 3. Monthly Meetings (Dates, time, budgets, and agendas) 4. Strategic Plan (visual focus on the goal/preferred outcome set by the church) 5. Business Plan (The operations, projects, and marketing) 6. Tax exemptions and knowledge of IRS 501c3 FormsOnce established and working properly there should be an established community planning committee. This will take care of the community and drawing in those from outside the church. Establishing a community plan or faith plan will ensure that Gods work is done on a wider scale to help those around the area. 1. How the church can help change the community (Health care, homes, food, water)2. Intra-Faith Cooperatives (Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists, Amish, anyone)2. Public Health Plans (food, shelter, water, health care)4. Community Plans (Restoration of buildings, Parks, and other areas that are in need)5. Education Plans (Bible school, Bible Camp, Study Groups)6. Economy Plans (Jobs, poverty reduction, and social groups)Once these basics are met there is ample time to assess the basic church needs in incorporating members. The plans above should draw in a significant amount of new members due to the activities involved in improving lives and gaining knowledge of the churches workings. These would be the church committee and would delegate things throughout the church. Leadership (finding, training and supporting competent leaders)Membership (convert, preserve and encourage members)Communication Plan (keep in touch with members via phone, texting, internet, and other social media platforms)Spiritual Leadership (helping members with prayer, generosity, worship and study)Listening (responding to the questions and needs of those in the church and community)


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