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3 Ways To Get Unlimited Free Traffic From InstagramInstagram is big right now. According to the most recent data, Instagram has surpassed 800 million users (https://expandedramblings.com/index.php/important-instagram-stats/). And here’s how it ranks compared to the global social media giant, Facebook, by number of active users (in millions, Statista, September 2017)?image popular social networksStatista reports that Instagram is most popular among verticals like beauty, fashion, ecommerce, auto and sporting goods.?image verticalsAs with all social media you need to build a following first before you can start seeing big results in traffic and monetization.Entrepreneurs are wondering how they can capitalize on this new source of unlimited traffic. Instagram can be seen as a marketing platform with rising potential. They wonder what’s the fastest way to build an Instagram audience and start seeing results.  We’ll show you 3 of the top features of Instagram which you can start using right now to reach your audience, engage with that audience, and turn them into paying customers.But first, let’s see the nature of Instagram, in case you’ve never used it. Instagram is a mobile app. You cannot post to Instagram from your desktop, well at least not from an Instagram desktop or cloud app. However, there are services like later.com which you can use from your laptop to publish Instagram posts. To do that you need to download the Later mobile app as well. In Instagram, most of the content is visual. It’s also owned by Facebook, which means that you can use Facebook’s familiar ad interface to advertise on Instagram as well.A major difference with other networks is backlinks. It’s harder with Instagram to create links because you can’t link out to your site. The only place where you can put a link is in your profile. Marketers also add URLs to their posts, in the text or on the image, which of course are not linkable but are definitely noticed by your followers. So, the greater strategy behind traffic is to create a massive following and increase engagement with your brand, so that more people see your links and visit your profile. That’s a couple of basic things you need to know about Instagram. Now, let’s see how you can use Instagram to attract more traffic back to your site.1. Instagram storiesInstagram stories is very popular right now. But what is it? Instagram stories is a flexible tool that allows users to add images, gifs or video to a part of the app that is visible to their following. The users can edit their photos and videos natively on the app. They can add words, icons, or drawings. Only a couple of days ago, Instagram also introduced GIF stickers that you can add to your stories.?source:http://www.androidpolice.com/2018/01/24/instagram-introduces-gif-stickers-can-add-stories/http://www.androidpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/nexus2cee_Screenshot_20180124-132850-217×434.pngTo create their story, users arrange their images and videos in an order that they want users to see them.Once the Instagram story is edited and published, your follower can see it. Then it will vanish after 24 hours. Each day is a different story anyway, right?Recently, Instagram introduced the Stories Highlights section where you can create featured content out of groups of stories you previously published. Stories Highlights appear below your profile photo. To create Stories Highlights you need to choose a cover image (which is important if you have a different set of videos or pictures in a single group of stories) and give it a name.Stories you add as highlights remain visible as highlights (and saved in Stories Archive) until you remove them, even after the original story has disappeared.  Facebook Messenger and Snapchat have a similar feature, by the way. Snapchat lets you create a sequence of pictures and videos that expire after a day. Facebook Messenger also allowes you to publish your today’s story which is visible to your friends. It’s always a good strategy to research for ideas, especially when you’re new to a marketing platform. You first need to explore and actually feel how it is to be on Instagram. Usually, brands use eye-catching images and live video to capture people’s interest and imagination. You first need to attract and excite people before you motivate them to engage with your brand. Always remember that so many other forces are competing for the user’s attention.2. Instagram inspiration + new ideas + funThe first thing you need to do to ensure that your Instagram account will grow quickly, is to post content consistently. People love to be inspired, read about new ideas and have fun. Use that mix of inspiration, innovation and fun to create a content calendar. Either you have a personal or a business brand, you need to create visual material that will inspire people or entice them to explore a new idea or just help them have fun.So, be consistent and make sure that you are posting relevant content at least daily – ideally a lot more than that. You also need to do whatever else you can do to help people know what your brand is all about. One of your most powerful tools in this respect will be your logo and your brand name. If you have an account all about fitness, then you need a logo and a name that will communicate this as soon as people see it. You want your first-time viewers to instantly know what you’re all about so that they can decide then and there that they want to follow you and that your content is for them. Use more than one hashtags in your posts. They are a very powerful tool for growing your following.Hashtags work just the same as they do on Twitter. You add them next to any new picture you publish or in the comments. A hashtag looks like this: #buzzword.  Instagram users will then be able to search for them in order to see what new content has been posted on that subject. While you’re growing your Instagram following, use at least a dozen hashtags in each post. Use a mobile app called “Best HashTags for Instagram” https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sunraylabs.socialtags&hl=en to cope and paste the most popular hashtags on your topic.Also, at the end of 2017, Instagram announced that users have the ability to follow hashtags on Instagram. Now, users don’t need to search using a hashtag to find new interesting content; they can simply follow a hashtag to have the content regularly appearing on their devices. So, that’s another reason why you should tag all of your images.3. Instagram live videoVideo is another powerful marketing strategy. It was dominant in 2017 and will be even more impactful in 2018 and beyond. All forecasts agree on that. By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic (Source: SmallBizTrends https://smallbiztrends.com/2016/03/video-social-networks.html)YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year (Source: Hubspot https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/video-marketing-statistics#sm.0000h4rgwfoa1fouwqm23llpma557Instagram, like Facebook, gives you the opportunity to do a live video which seems to have an even bigger impact as a marketing tool. From a marketing standpoint, being able to communicate directly with your followers is unprecedented. You can use Instagram Live video within Instagram Stories.It’s really easy to start a real-time video; you just tap the camera button and then confirm that you want to start a live broadcast.TYou can also tap on the Your Story option (with the + sign next to it) at the top of the Instagram news feed.This takes you to your Instagram Stories, where you can choose from different options, like to go live, record a normal video (that will disappear after 24 hours) or shoot a time-lapse-like video, called Boomerang.A cool thing is that you can create a recording of your video, so your efforts can result in a bigger audience reach.. Yes, your live video doesn’t need to vanish; You can have an extra 24-hour view time for your real-time videos with Instagram Live video replays.More ways to get Instagram trafficInstagram is constantly adding new features to Stories and Videos. A coin has two sides, and Instagram is both a social network and a marketing platform. So, always look out for the latest additions which will help you market your business in a more effective way. An don’t forget: Post at least one tagged picture every day, to see a consistent growth in followers and traffic from Instagram. 


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