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(3) This application system “Finger print system”

(3) Introduction:

the finger print system is a library security framework intended to
enhance the  security system of the
library and the final exams class rooms in Al Ghurair University By
utilizing  and unique finger impression

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finger print system is an application will refers to AGU system

which will be general for the University. it is used for the library
system (where students will be able to borrow the book by finger print system
will inside the library instead of AGU Id),

and it is used also for the examinations rooms for final tests( where
the student will be able to put his finger on the finger print system outside
his examinations room instead of AGI Student ID).

 If this new system has been
applied in general and useful implemented can be used in the future for absence
and attendance of students in the classroom for AGU new system.

The finger print system  will
allow students to gather their own attendance and borrow books from the library
by passing the book  tag through the
scanner and finger print  at the same
time without the need to identify the student by the student ID(AGU ID) that
causes problems to the student while losing it.

In addition, report is also included in library management
system.  If the user was not a student at
Al Ghurair University, the fingerprint system will not work (Error), as there
is a special data file for each student discovered by the fingerprint device
through the student finger identification as the student ID of the students.

3.1)Project Background:

the project titled finger print system is management application for
monitoring and controlling the transaction of the system.

the project” Finger print system ” is developed in
database, which
mainly focuses on basic operational database system in library and examination
classrooms like updating the student ID finger print every beginning of new


“Finger print system” is a security system written
and using database , oracle and windows access, 
designed to help users maintain and organize. This application system
“Finger print system” is easy to use for both beginner and
advanced users. It
features a familiar and well thought-out. the report generation facility of
finger print system helps to save student and professors time either in the
library or during the final exams.


The database “Finger print system”  has three main parts which are:

(1)_ The data
file for each student is saved in a data base of its own recognizes by placing
the finger in “Finger print system”.


(2)_ report
generation module.


(3)_ search
facility system search for the database for the specific fingerprint in the
database files of students.


3.2)  literature
review of fingerprint based security system:

historically, in law enforcement applications, the acquisition of fingerprint
images was performed by using the so called “ink-technique”: the
subjects fingers were smeared with black ink and pressed or rolled on a paper
card; the card was then scanned by using a general purpose scanner, producing a
digital image. Most of these algorithms have no difficulty in matching good quality
fingerprint images.However,fingerprint matching remains a challenging problems
to date due to the difficulty in matching low quality and partial latent fingerprints.
in the case of human assisted AFIS (1), a quality checking algorithm
can be used to acquire and inset only good quality fingerprints into the
enrollment database.



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