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Learners Lunch

Purpose:  This policy sets out the Medvarsity
commitment to employee engagement in the work place and helps them build and
maintain positive relations with their workforce.

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Learning Lunches is about creating
opportunities for employees to connect with their colleagues, manager and wider
organization. The perfect way to bring team together and help them learn.

Lunch and
Learns can serve as a platform for teams to explain their responsibilities. And
helps with transparency, when they understand what everyone does on a day-to-day
basis, they will have a new appreciation for each employee at our company and
understand where they fit. 

it is also about creating an
environment where employees are motivated to want to connect with their work
and really care about doing a good job.


Objective: of this policy is to extend an organizational
sponsorship of team building and enriching values of team spirits and get
togetherness for employees.

It will help in
getting maximum number of people together. It will also help in extending
bonding in cross functional teams under senior leadership employee



To all the employees of MOL

Effective Date:  This policy will be effective from Jan 2018

Policy subject to review and change at the discretion of the management




All HOD’s and their respective team members can
avail the same for their team

An amount to a maximum amount of Rs. 300/- can
be claimed per employee for this get together on a  monthly basis.

The get together can be in the form of  Lunch or Dinner.

No advance will be given and this will only be

All vouchers shall cite this policy name with
proper bills/invoices and the name of the employees who took part.

It should be preplanned and with prior approval
from Head.





All queries and clarifications on this policy and procedure may be referred to
the HR team.






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