Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Although research is developing in this
area, more realistic evidence is needed on aspects of student-teacher
relationships in order to better effectively integrate this skill into existing
teacher programs (Hamre & Pianta, 2006; Crosnoe, Johnson, & Elder

Research on elements related to quality
in classrooms recommends that teacher’s attitudes and principles about children
are very significant components to foreseeing the quality of a child’s
education (Pianta, LaParo, Payne, & Bradley, 2002). A teacher’s personal
interactions with his or her students can make a significant difference for
students. The significance of teachers’ relationships with their students
cannot be overstated according to Downey (2002).  As Darling-Hammond (2006) enlightens it, “teaching
is in the service of students, which creates the prospect that teachers will be
able to come to understand how students learn and what students need if they
are to learn effectively – and that they will incorporate that into their
teaching” (p. 9). It is this idea of determining what needs to be incorporated
into instruction for effective learning that I would like to investigate using
an authentic learning environment through an illuminative case study.

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