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Street art in Brighton

And Where To find It




Best Street art locations in Brighton

Brighton is home to a wide variety of creative and individual work commisioned to some of the best artists in the country 


The Prince Albert Pub

        48 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ED
  The prince Albert pub is home to two sites worth seeing, most prominent is the Music Mural which adorns some of the greatest artists of the 20th and 21st centuries who have since passed.  The other highlight is the replica Banksy design of the kissing policemen which was originally sprayed there and sold for £375,000 and has since been replaced and protected by perspex in order to protect it from vandalism. A larger copy of this can be found on the old Astoria Theatre which was placed up there to celebrate the legalisation of same sex marriage in the UK.     

The Dog Mural

10a Kensington Street
    Part of the brighton festival in 2016 Siena One was commisioned to immortalise 50 people’s beloved pets on this North Laine wall, each pooch is individually painted in beautiful detail. This is not the only artwork on this road you will find plenty more interesting artwork on this street.      Find out more (https://brightonfestival.org/news/in_pictures_dog_mural/)

Trafalgar Road


   BN1 4EH
   Much like Kensington Street, Traflgar Road is exploding with colour and design, the main highlight is the Wonder Woman artwork created in support of the #Shevotes campaign. But my no means is that the only artwork on the road     

Electrical Boxes class=”guide”

Plain old transformer boxes weren’t interesting enough for Brighton, almost all of them have been ‘upgraded’ with a splash of colour. With a each one as unique as the next. You might find anything from unicorns, penguins or E.T. But also works fom local artist Cassette Lord. 

Upper Lewes Road

A bit out of the way from the rest of the art, gravitating to the town center, are these two houses who obviously couldn’t just stick to a boring single colour facade. Local artist Aroe roe roe mi boat.




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