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A satisfying and happy relationship tends to survive and last longer, when good communication, mutual understanding, and empathy are involved. Communication is the solution of all problems; therefore communication skills are the foundation of personal development. Real feelings are formed in the mind, transmitted through your attitude and are reflected in your words, smile and eyes. Words play an important role, they candestroy and hurt someone if used incorrectly, however if used well they can build, heal and strengthen relationships. This does not mean that you can say anything that comes to mind, so here are few things you should never say to your boyfriend.



1.      You Should Know How I Feel About You

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Expression of inner feelings is a beautiful way to let your guy know exactly how you feel for him. If you love him, tell him that you love him. Making the other personread your mind leads to hesitation, puzzlement and frequent quarrels leadingto horrible disputes.


2.      You Need to Man Up!

Before you speak, think again because this would lead to fights that would offend and hurt him. He truly doesn’t need anyone’s own beliefs, to make him believe that he’s a man as there are ways to speak certain things. Try to be supportive and encourage your guy.


3.      You Remind Me of My Ex

Never talk about your ex all the time, it’s a big no-no. You don’t want him to think that you are comparing him to any other man, especially your ex! Nomatter what the topic is, it would appear to him that you are still frozen and jammed in your past.



4.      I Don’t Care

Seriously, if you didn’t care for your guy then, why would you say it? When in reality, you do care. So, stop confusing him. You simply say things in anger and frustration, lying to yourself and you hurt your guy too.


5.      Can I Move in With You?

Never ever ask your guy this question. Without the relationship having respect, communication and trust there is no love relationship left to continue. Let him ask you the question as to whether you would like to move in?


6.      Physically You Are Not My Type

We’ve all fallen for that guy whom we would like to see twice or more. We can’t help who we fall for or have a crush on. Just because your guy is someone not perfectly your choice and outside the box, doesn’t mean you need to share it.


7.      You Are an Awful/Terrible Lover/Partner/Boyfriend

This is something once said, can’t be ever taken back. It destroys his self-worth and in future conversation,anything you say won’t be of any importance. Hurting your guy to that level by saying this will crush his inner self and emotionally hurt his feelings. Try to be more humane, as such harsh words aren’t required.


8.      I Hate You and I Don’tNeed You

Hating your guy and telling him when you mean it is fine, it’swhen you repeat this very line often, that it creates a strong bitterness. This ultimately leads to frequent arguments where both of you don’t feel love for each other. Honestly, no one wants to be facing that. Technically, no one needs anyone for their survival but “I don’t need you” sends a very strong signal to your guy, indicating that you are not required anymore and that you are unwanted.




9.      Don’t Talk About Periods

Believe it or not guys don’t really like talking about this topic. Gross! Specifically, the scented tampons, different sizes of pads or how heavily you bleed. Take that conversation to other ladies.


10.  If You Love Me, You Will Do This and That!

Love should never be conditional. Always try to accept your guy the way he is. Appreciate his love and don’t make him feel that he’s doing anything less. It’s not about money and gifts, that links to your personal happiness.


11.  When Are You Planning to Marry Me?

Men don’t like to be pressured into anything. Be it anything! Your guy doesn’t like you pushing him. This is the worst question that you can ask your guy. This will be the reason for conflict between both of you and you seriously don’t want to be away from your guy and it end up in the breakup. Especiallywhen you wish to marry him and you ask that question to him.


12.  You Were Always Such a Weirdo

You can express your feelings about your guy’s behaviour but you should never criticize his character. What’s more, such statements made by you can damage and cut down your guys confidence. This would attack his feelings and emotions that he has for you and he would be deeply hurt to his core. This would make him feel that he seriously committed a big mistake dating you only because you thought it was right, that isn’t good. 





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