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A As explained in the previous question,

A code of ethics is a set of guidelines and
principles which are used to aid a professional in ensuring appropriate
conduct. The information provided in a code of ethics includes how to conduct
business honestly and with integrity, as well as how a professional should
approach certain issues and the ethical principles based on the profession’s
core values and standards. This therefore aids in maintaining a high standard
within the profession.


In the context of pharmacy, the American
Pharmaceutical Association’s Code of Ethics is used as a reference point for
pharmacists globally. This code is prepared and supported by pharmacists, and
is intended to state publicly the fundamental basis of the roles and responsibilities
of pharmacists, which are based on moral obligations.6/8

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It is crucial to have a code of ethics in a
profession such as pharmacy, especially due to the conflict faced between
ethics and business, namely, but not exclusively in the field of community
pharmacy. This conflict arises because of the business aspect of community
pharmacy, whilst community pharmacists are healthcare professionals.7 This puts the pharmacists in the business of selling medicines, but
also ensuring that ethical and legal responsibilities to their patients are
being met. According to the APA Code of Ethics, the dignity and welfare of
patients should always be top priority.9


As explained in the previous question, the definition of the legal code is given as ‘a code
of laws adopted by a state or nation’10


Laws and ethics work
towards the same goal, ensuring that citizens behave in a certain manner. Laws
and ethics however do not always coincide, as certain acts may be considered
unethical but are not prohibited by law. The main difference
between a code of law and a code of Ethics is that Ethics are not associated with
penalties when they are disobeyed, other than warnings, or in severe cases,
expulsion from their profession. 11


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