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A Business Report – NTPC Limited Essay

NTPC: AN Introduction

NTPC Limited, is a power-generating company in India, was incorporated to increase development of power in the state. NTPC ‘s nucleus concern is the countries cruital like building, power etc It besides provides consultancy to companies in India and abroad in the countries of power works building and power coevals. It has set new criterions for the power industry, in the countries of both power works building and operations. The Government of India has even identified NTPC as one of the ‘Navratna ‘ ( which means ‘nine gems ‘ ) companies of Indian public sector.

The anchor of NTPC is its human resource. NTPC believes in accomplishing organizational excellence through its human resources and beilieves on “ Peoples First ” attack to leverage the potency of its 800 – strong work force ( as of 31 March 2014 ) to carry through its concern programs with turnover of 40 crores

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The HR map of NTPC has formulated an scheme which is integrated and have four chief pillars: Building Competence, Commitment to client for quality, important work civilization, and best work system. Culture Building and Systems Building to be a household of committed universe category professionals doing NTPC a learning organisation ” . The bedrock of excellence of NTPC lies in its focussed human resource development aims, which can be summarised as follows:

1.To enhance organisational public presentation by commiting an aim and unfastened public presentation direction system.

2. To aline single and organisational demands and to develop concern leaders by implementing a calling development system.

3.To enhance the committedness of employees by recognizing and honoring high public presentation.

4.To physique and prolong a learning administration of competent world-class professionals.

5.To institutionalise nucleus values and make a civilization of squad edifice, authorization, equity, invention and openness, which will actuate employees and enable the accomplishment of strategic aims.

Industrial dealingss in NTPC are normally affable and harmonious ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.icmrindia.org ) . Workshops for employee representatives are held at regular intervals at the national every bit good as regional degrees, to sensitize them to chances, menaces and challenges confronting the company as it operates in an unsure concern environment. Workshops besides reiterate employees ‘ important function in synergising the potency of human resources – the exclusive differentiating factor of competitory advantage in today ‘s knowledge-based economic system.

An overview of the administration construction of fabricating unit of NTPC is

Issues Discussed in Assorted Meetings

Interviews of employees of the Plant revealed that the issues raised and/or discussed in assorted meetings include the undermentioned: brotherhood fundss, brotherhood dockets, workers ‘ public assistance advancement, one-year seminars to be organised, fee construction in the schools of the township, imbibing H2O for the workers in the township, wages/salary considerations, determinations sing double pension, pay reconsideration for workers on muster axial rotation, communicating through newssheets and magazines, transparence in EWA proceedings, required betterments in the ailments and suggestions system, pension strategies, publicity and transportation of employees, effectivity of brotherhood operation, care of roads, lodging installations, safety of workers in the sub-station, care of roads in the township, beautification of Parkss, administration of athleticss meets, betterments in school substructure, beginning of sheepskin classs, and betterment in infirmary services.

Therefore it can be seen that labour public assistance, workers ‘ grudges, and QWL for employees are rated among the precedences in such meetings. Union and direction representatives who were interviewed have stated that determinations taken on these issues during meetings are normally implemented within the clip decided on in the meetings.

Safety and security guidelines:

Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) is concerned with both production and quality control. The basic demands of quality control are that:

• adequate installations, trained forces and approved processs are available for trying, inspecting and proving get downing stuffs, packaging stuffs, intermediate majority, and finished merchandises, and where appropriate for supervising environmental conditions for GMP intents ;

• samples of get downing stuffs, packaging stuffs, intermediate merchandises, majority merchandises and finished merchandises are taken by forces and by methods approved by quality control ;

• trial methods are validated ;

• records are made manually and/or by entering instruments, which demonstrate that all needed sampling, inspecting and proving processs were really carried out. Any divergences are to the full recorded and investigated ;

• the finished merchandises contain active ingredients following with the qualitative and quantitative composing of the selling mandate, are of the pureness required, and are enclosed within their proper container and right labeled ;

• records are made of the consequences of review and that proving of stuffs, intermediate, majority and finished merchandises are officially assessed against specification. Product appraisal includes a reappraisal and rating of relevant production certification and an appraisal of divergences from specified processs ;

• no batch of merchandise is released for sale or supply prior to enfranchisement, by an authorised individual, that it is in conformity with the demands of the selling mandate ;

• sufficient mention samples of get downing stuffs and merchandises are retained to allow future scrutiny of the merchandise if necessary and that the merchandise is retained in its concluding battalion unless exceptionally big battalions are produced.

Labour policies of organisation:

Enactment for societal security for industrial workers and current job – elf of 5 passages

4 employee taking issue to ILO what board will make?

How org comply with ILO handled issue and emp benefitted from labour policies

Stairss to make consciousness about policies

Table 1

Unions at NTPC, UnchaharS. No.

Name of Union

Purpose of formation







NTPC Power Karamchari Sangh ( affiliated to CITU )

To organize all workmen/employees who do non fall under the executive and supervisory classs and are defined as “ workingmans ” in footings of the Industrial Disputes Act of 1947.

Organizing workers to foster their involvements in economic, societal and political affairs.

Legislation, presentations, agitations and intensification of the category battle.

President, Vice President, General Secretary, Organising Secretary, Joint Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Office Secretary & A ; Treasurer. 11 members in the Executive Committee ( May 2008 ) .

Subscription of 20 paise per twelvemonth per member

Union leader and office carriers have term of office of two old ages ; election of the representative brotherhood takes topographic point every twelvemonth.


NTPC Employees Union

To organize all workmen/ employees who do non fall under the executive and supervisory classs, and are defined as “ workingmans ” as per the Industrial Disputes Act of 1947.

To guarantee full employ-ment and secure greater engagement of workers in the direction of endeavors.

To better the conditions at work.

Peaceful through the procedure of jurisprudence and dialogues.

11 members in the Executive Committee ( May 2008 ) .

Subscription rate of non less than 25 paise per month.

Election takes topographic point every twelvemonth.


NTPC Mazdoor Sangh

To organize all workmen/ employees who do non fall under the executive and supervisory classs, and are defined as “ workingmans ” as per the Industrial Disputes Act of 1947.

To better work conditions and provide assorted societal security steps.

Legitimate, peaceful and democratic.

23 office carriers ( May 2008 ) .

Subscription rate of non less than 25 paise per month.

Election takes topographic point every twelvemonth.


NTPC Electric Employees Union ( EEU )

To organize all the workmen/ employees who do non fall under executive and supervisory classs of electricity administrations of Uttar Pradesh, viz. the UP Power Corporation, NTPC Unchahar, Electricity Production Departments, and The Cooperative Electric Society Ltd.

To guarantee full employ-ment and secure greater engagement of workers in the direction of endeavors.

To better the conditions at work.

Peaceful through the procedure of jurisprudence and dialogues.

10 office carriers and 11 members.

Membership fee of Rs.25 per twelvemonth.

Election takes topographic point every 2 old ages.


From the full gamut of issues it is apparent that trade brotherhoods at NTPC, Unchahar are non merely playing an active function in keeping good industrial dealingss, but they are besides adequately involved in bettering the quality of work life of employees. Functions one time considered secondary and accessory are bit by bit transfiguring into an extension of primary maps of brotherhoods at the Unchahar works. In fact, the public assistance of workers seems to be an inseparable constituent of the maps of these brotherhoods.

Sing the fact that brotherhood rank is limited to merely 13–15 million workers, out of a elephantine 496.4 million-person work force in India ( of which 80 % are members of brotherhoods affiliated with one of the five major national degree trade brotherhoods ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/77593.htm ) , worsening rank is a major issue for labour brotherhoods. Therefore, when trade brotherhoods are taking at pulling more members, active engagement in public assistance steps may ensue in increased rank.

Further, if a brotherhood is actively involved in labor public assistance at the works and/or administration degree, workers may be motivated to stay affiliated to it, instead than fall ining another brotherhood. In this manner, the job of mushroom growing of little brotherhoods may be curbed. However, set uping any nexus between brotherhood engagement in labor public assistance and the lowering of the multiplicity of brotherhoods is beyond the range of this paper, and can be taken up as an country of farther research.


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