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A “role model” is a personage you appreciate greatly that has both modified your perspective and constantly acts as an approving and supportive example. My role model, Saida Belkentaoui, is a passionate and persevering woman who was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1972 and whose marking encounters have impacted her in diverse ways. Interviewing my mother, Saida, about her specific experiences and goals has enabled me to comprehend her lifestyle and challenges from a different view, as I have discovered the difficulties she has faced as both a mother and an enduring woman. Saida grew up in a financially restricted setting, but her grandparent’s love and protection were able to balance the absence of her parents and resources, which positively impacted her personality. Living in an average Moroccan neighborhood has shaped Saida’s perspective as a child because she was always satisfied with the smallest factors, such as shoes or paper dolls, which later motivated her to develop her family’s situation. Additionally, sharing an inseparable relationship with neighborhood friends like Bouchra and Naila has marked most of Saida’s experiences with kindness, understanding, friendship, and generosity. However, the individual that impacted and shaped Saida the most was her grandmother, Fatima Outgammi, an enduring woman that has raised 11 children and inspired Saida to persevere, take charge and rely on her abilities. Furthermore, the meaningful advice that has forever marked her perspective was the one provided by her father, Hassan Belkentaoui, who advised her once that “life is a tedious and challenging path during which one must rely on his abilities first before relying on others.” Moreover, a difficulty that has forever changed Saida’s lifestyle would be her constant obstacle to maintain a demanding responsibility as the CFO of the Brewery of Morocco and her tasks as a generous mother. Likewise, working with a majority of Moroccan males have pushed Saida to work constantly in order to gain her place and present her ideas. Thus, my mother’s diverse encounters with specific people have impacted her greatly and shaped her to be a patient and passionate woman. 


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