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A French author Charles Perrault who regarded

A French folktale – ‘The Bluebeard’ was first written down by the famous French author Charles Perrault who regarded as the
father of the fairytale (T .Evans, 1805).
tale is started by a young woman marries a rich blue-bearded widower who also
notorious for his cruelty. He forbids her from
enters the lock chamber, proclaiming that disobedience can put her at
risk or even death .Like those before her the
defiant wife enters the room. Discover the gruesome scene which there his murdered
predecessors. Frightened, she drops the key into a pool of blood. Due to the
key is permanently stained, Bluebeard finds out her noncompliance. He is about
to kill her, but she is narrowly escapes his clutches in a nick of time. The
brothers of the wife and her sister arrive and execute Bluebeard. Eventually his
wife inherits his fortune and castle (Heta Pyrhönen, 2010).

 ‘The Bluebeard’ has
been published in the earlier version of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. As
long as the story it selves is full of unreasonable brutal and bloody content,
and the strong storyline is difficult to be modified, it did not continue to be
included in the rest of updated version of not just The Grimms’ Fairy Tales and
also all. Therefore, ‘The Bluebeard’ is one
of the few fairy tales that still maintain the original appearance and having a
very strong sense of allegory that should be always absorbed by the world. The
tragedy of Bluebeard might be a happy ending that make people neglect the reason why Bluebeard wanted to kill his wives. It
is not explained why he murdered his first bride; she could not have entered
the lock chamber and found a dead wife.

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The Bluebeard and Its Influence

In the 1812 version published in Grimms’ Fairy Tales, had written that in his château (royal or lordly dwelling
usually located in the countryside) there
is a basins which collected the blood. The idea to be the basic of Bluebeard had wanted to cure himself
– the blue beard by bathing in blood (Winfried Menninghaus,1999). This
may be the motivation to make him
started his journey to murder his wives. Hence, we could also think that his
first wife was killed by the social discrimination of the minority.

The tale narrated of the
tragedy caused by social discrimination against minorities. When it’s come to this topic everyone
will have their own ideas and perception behind it. The goals of this
collection is to bring out the message which is ‘being different is not
terrible but just lucky enough to not being the same’. In default aesthetics is a very abstract yet
subjective human appreciation. Everyone has different standards and insights
for their own aesthetic, it depends a lot of personal preference and lifetime
experiences. Therefore we should not
subjectively despise or use rude words and action to ridicule what we think is
not good, that may be someone who will always appreciate on it. Also hope that through this collection to encourage people to
face themselves more confidently. Some time the things that make us mock by
people is also a precious reason to make us look special then everyone.


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