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A industries from pumping your own gas

A decade ago robots appeared to be subpar, but now not as
much, computers don’t just win chess anymore they can win jeopardy. Automation
is progressing fast and is causing some to forecast a future where humans can’t
find work. In reality, when you zoom out to see the big picture what is not
looked at is how technology has opened new industries and have made production
more efficient.

is nothing modern. It is the integrated into various industries from pumping
your own gas to mowing the lawn. The main benefits of manufacturing automation
include more production, better conditions and reliability, and minimize waste.
But now as automation becomes more widespread, humans shifted onto service

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concept of automation is scary for the fact that your job is replaced by a
robot that can most likely do your job better than you, but these fears
actually date as far back to the 1950s and early 1960s as stated by a author of
economics named Autor, saying “In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson empaneled a
National Commision…The commission ultimately concluded that automation did
not threaten employment”. This goes to show that history is somewhat repeating
itself in the manner that now with a technological spike such as self driving
cars or flying military drones it makes some feel understandably at unease.

            One of the
most common occupation is being a registered nurse and certain aspects in the
medical field have gone hand in hand with automation actually benefiting and
saving lives as claimed in an article, “Robots have actually been operating in
medicine since 1984…In surgery, robots can provide career opportunities”.
From maintenance cleaning to surgery machinery has been used to assist doctors
and nurses in various ways that betters the efficiency of hospitals.

            Even though
people may fear losing their jobs and worry they cannot be hired anywhere else
because of their skill set not all task can be easily or even at all automated
according to a study that states, “…some have argued that occupations
typically consist of performing a suite of tasks of which not all can be easily
automated” (King 390). The study was originally conducted to find the
percentage of which how many will fall victim to the mass unemployment when up
against the machines and that because of this legitimate argument of non
automatable jobs the prediction of mass unemployment in the foreseeable future
is questioned.

            A reason
why people such as economists are sceptical about robots taking all the jobs or
argue that its destroying the workforce is because that we’ve heard that before
for example “the Luddite movement of the early 19th century, in which a group
of English textile artisans protested the automation of textile production by
seeking to destroy some of the machines” (Autor 3). According to job experts
efficient machines would not be the main problem but cause struggle in creating
new jobs.

Just 100 years ago cars have
transformed are way of life, infrastructure, and cities. They created huge
industries, millions of people found jobs either directly or indirectly. The
innovation in technology have made the lives of humans much easier, more
productive, and safer in manufacturing.

In conclusion, the robots may beat
you at a board game or even at a television game show Jeopardy but all in all
automation is an unnecessary fear can date back to when at first concrete was
being mixed by a large truck. Thus, it is something that can improve the our
daily lives or open whole new job opportunities and worlds. The best is to reconsider
the possibilities and progression of technology and machinery and how they’ve
historically changed the way we live in making safer options available for us.



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