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A is appearance, go for 19” wheels.

A Noob’s Guide to Buying and Upgrading a Nissan 350ZIf you’re looking to upgrade to a Nissan Z, you have two real options. You can either get aused 350Z for approximately twelve thousand dollars or a newer 370Z for between thirty andfifty thousand dollars. While the 370Z comes with a number of improvements to performanceand appearance, many 350Zs still stand the test of time. The 2007 NISMO and 2008Roadster are two great examples. If you choose to save money on a 350Z, you shouldspend your extra cash on these three upgrades:Tires and WheelsA 350Z has plenty of horsepower, but that doesn’t mean anything without traction. Aninvestment in light wheels and grippy rubber will improve your 350Z’s appearance andperformance. The most common tire combination is a pair of 245s in front and a set of 275sin back. The larger rear tires prevent issues with over and understeering. You should alsoremember to check the manufacturer’s recommended tire size because overly large tirescan interfere with your 350Z’s anti-lock braking system.When you upgrade your tires, you should also consider getting new wheels. If your primaryinterest is appearance, go for 19” wheels. Just remember that while larger wheels lookgreat, their size can sometimes make the ride feel rougher and their weight reduces totalhorsepower. If you’re interested in performance, opt for 17” wheels. 18” wheels are a happymedium.SuspensionNow that you’ve purchased new wheels and tires, it’s time close the gap underneath yourfenders. An upgraded suspension system will let you lower your 350Z’s frame and improveits handling. Springs are generally the cheapest and easiest way to drop your car’s frame,but be careful. If want to go lower than 0.8”, you’ll should also purchase camber kits to evenout the tire wear and get maximum traction.If you’re looking for a performance boost, consider a spring/shock combo like the NISMO Ssuspension kit. This particular upgrade will improve your car’s handling and lower its frameby approximately 0.8” (eliminating the need for camber kits). For the perfect combination ofappearance and performance, look into coilovers. BC BR-type coilovers, for example, let youadjust the height of your frame and the roughness of your ride with no less than 32 differentsettings.BrakesBrakes might be the least exciting and most important upgrade on this list. As you upgradeyour Z’s horsepower and decrease its weight, the original stock brakes may not work asquickly as you want them to. While this isn’t a huge concern on the highway or in town, it’sincredibly important if you want to drive on the track. Stoptech, Brembo, and AP all havefront brake kits. Four-wheel brake kits are also available, but your front wheels are the mostimportant.Wheel size is another reason to consider a brake upgrade. If you purchased 18” or 19” inchwheels, you may also want consider a larger brake kit. This is mostly cosmetic, but a 14” or15” brake kit will improve performance incrementally. On the other hand, if you are planningto drive on a track, you should probably stick to a 13” brake kit. 17” wheels are ideal forperformance, and they’re incompatible with larger brake kits.Other ConsiderationsYou may have noticed that I didn’t include any engine mods on this list. That’s becausehorsepower is always secondary to user experience. If you’re new to driving a modded car,focusing on upgrading your abilities before your horsepower. Practice driving with newwheels, experiment on a track, and get in tune with your ride before shelling out the cash for


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