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A possible geographical factor that impacts the origin of rice and grains could be the labor force. From the table provided, many of the rice and grains products originated from the Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and India. Most of these country’s minimum wage laws are very lax/low, and especially with a large population like China there’s going to be a surplus of workers and thus the salaries paid to each worker tends to be very little. Moreover, many of these countries have large, impoverished populations. Lots of the work required to maintain rice fields can be done by these people. Therefore, the type of labor required for these products to be made is that which these large populations are suited for, given their lack of education, and willingness to accept low wages (because of the “green” labor force or there is no work anywhere else).


A Geographical influence that effects the origin of cooking oils and vinegars is the environmental conditions. Italy has a warm climate, and that is needed to produce these types of oils. Due to this promising climate it allows for Italy’s mass production of this commodity. The environmental circumstances make it less difficult to attain high harvests of this good. The Balsamic Vinegar that comes from Italy goes through a long and demanding process. The traditional process of producing Balsamic Vinegar takes a minimum of 12 years. Some of the highest quality Balsamic Vinegars originates from Italy, and that is primarily because of their traditional methods, ambitious standards, and practices of producing the best product possible. As for the Peanut Oils, it is considered to be the richest in flavor when compared to other vegetable oils, as a result they are a key ingredient in a lot of Cantonese/Taiwanese dishes. Also, Peanut Oil is preferred over other edible oils because they are relatively cheaper. As a result, there is a cultural preference for this type of commodity, and when there is a demand there will be a supply for it.

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Lastly, the geographical factors that are influencing the origins of the jarred, canned, and sauce products may be a mix of cultural preferences/consumer demands and perishability. A lot of these products are not only produced in the listed countries but are also traditional food items that the people residing there consume on a frequent basis. This includes items such as Old El Paso’s Pickled Sliced Jalapenos and Maille’s Dijon Mustard. Both products are traditionally used as condiments for dishes in their respective cuisines. Hence, it is very similar to the Peanut Oil example in the sense that these goods have become part of these people’s culture over time, and now they demand it. In addition, since these goods have a long expiry date they have very few reasons for going bad. As a result, they can be produced in parts of the world where it is a country’s specialty and not worry about factors of keeping it fresh, but rather having the commodity being produced by the best suited country.


3.         Even though it was January, there were many products that were of Canadian origin available in the store. Some of these products included Maple Syrup, Jos. Louis’, and many President’s Choice food items, such as soups, pastas, and pasta sauces. However, if there was a sudden ban on imports of goods coming into Canada the selection for all the products listed in the table would be close to non-existent for Canadians. In addition, if there were no imports T would likely not exist. This is because T is a supermarket chain that primarily sells Asian foods, thus there would be no way to bring these products into the country if there were no imports. Moreover, a lot of crops products would not be available at T. This is due to Canada’s cold seasons. Canada is known to have very cold winters, and this makes it very difficult to grow crops if the temperatures are too low, if the temperature falls below a certain point the crops will perish. Lastly, some of the products listed require a certain level of skill to produce, such as the Extra Virgin Olive Oils and the Balsamic Vinegars. If there were no imports, it would be safe to assume that Canadians would not be able to produce as high of a quality product when compared to the foreign countries that specializes in them, thus the overall quality and selection of those product would also be less.


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