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A many different benefits like community service

A college or university can seem to be a huge and unfriendly place, especially if you went to a small high school or grew up in a small town. To feel comfortable in this new environment, it is important for you to get involved in campus life. Getting involved is not difficult, but it will take initiative on your part. Consider your interests and the high school activities you enjoyed most, and choose some related activities to explore. You might be interested in joining an intramural team, performing community service, running for student government office, or getting involved in your residence hall, or you might prefer to join a more structured campuswide club or organization like Greek life.

            Greek life is a long living tradition on many college campuses. It was created to bring students together and make their college experience easier and more enjoyable. Greek life can offer college students many different benefits like community service opportunities, an academic support network, leadership and learning skills, scholarships, a professional network before and after graduation and most importantly it can give you long lasting friendships. It can also provide comfort to students they can feel at home without being at home because of their sisters and brothers.

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            Greek life can also feel like something that is just thrown at a student before they even get to college. This has happened to me personally, a sorority started to reach out to me through social media before I even stepped foot on campus. The girls were super sweet and helpful. They took me out to lunch and really helped me get through the first week of college. They never let me feel lost or overwhelmed. They were with me all the time which made us super close friends, but also made me feel like I was obligated to join their sorority. It was peer pressure in a way I did not expect, which made me question my friendship with those girls. I wanted to know if they were friends with me for me or if the just wanted another sister in their sisterhood. The sisters did show me the nicest place to study on campus, but they also took me college parties where they offered me drinks and drugs. This is when I saw the other side of Greek life. This was a side I wanted to stay far away from, making me rethink my entire decision about joining a sorority.

            Greek organizations are not alike, nor are their members. Fraternities and sororities can a great source of friendship and support. Some students love them. Some find them too demanding of time and finances. Greek organization members sometimes only associate with only their members, which can cause them to miss on opportunities to have varied group of friends. Students should take their time before they determine which fraternity or sorority is right for them. A student should learn their way around campus and meet a lot of different friends before committing to an organization. Fraternities and sororities can have positive and negative influences, which is why a student should do their research before settling on a decision.

            If Greek life is not a for a student, they can consider the many other ways that they can get involved and make close friends on campus. Many campuses have programs for common interest students like first-year student group, honor club, and culture or religious organizations. After exploring everything and looking at the pros and cons of Greek life, if a student thinks a sorority or fraternity is for them then they should consider joining. Greek life may help a student get exactly what they wanted out of their college experience plus it’s a great tradition to be a part of. 


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