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(A) protection and preservation of our oceans.

            (A) The extensive studies behind the detrimental effects of the rising ocean sea levels, has opened the eyes of the Syrian Arab Republic.The consensus among researchers is that global warming, at some unknown intensity, is occurring at an unprecedented rate. This, evidenced by the massive melting of the world’s continental glaciers and oceanic ice, calls for discussion necessary for those who choose to accept the unquestionable evidence of global warming. A supposed waste of time for those who hold steadfastly to informed denial. Syria believes discussion is critical in the current situation, as various countries hold economic reliance on ocean related industries (ie. fisheries). With that information, members must be cognizant that slight changes can produce a butterfly effect, heavily impacting the range of countries involved as well as every country that benefits from ones ocean sourced produce.(B) With this information, the Syrian Arab Republic has chosen to become one of the latest countries to sign onto the Paris Accord, with the aim to strengthen a country’s ability to prevent the impact of climate change. Climate change, undoubtedly, was and is a major contributor to the discord within Syria. (B1) Beginning in 2007, Syria suffered its worst drought in 800 years; ruining farms, forcing as many as one million rural Syrians to crowd into cities alongside Iraqi refugees. Nearly decimating the country’s livestock, while water became scarce and food expensive. The suffering and chaos caused by the effects of this drought were important tools of the civil unrest that built a foundation for the uprise of terrorist groups and conflict within the region.  Having two countries bordering the ocean, the issue at hand interests the Syrian government to become more involved in regard to climate change, and how aspects of climate change weave into the protection and preservation of our oceans. (C) Furthermore, Syria under the al-Assad government is weary of the concern for jobs and livelihoods that allow economies as a whole to capture more economic value. (C1) To attract more of these economic activities that provide livelihoods, Syria is convinced more investment in marine technology in coastal countries is what is needed to ensure countries aren’t struck by the effects on their coastal industries, especially those who vitiate the waters they utilize. To lift this issue, we must embrace innovation and technology. During conflict within the region, Syria deems this issue a priority as many lives will be affected by the implementation efforts put forth to protect the sustainability of the oceans, either for the better or the worse. (D) Overall, Syria believes this vision for the future will not only protect our oceans and the industries, it will also thread together countries like Syria that aren’t always recognized by what they represent; but how they are seen as by the more powerful countries in the geopolitical atmosphere.


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