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A Review of Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier Essay

In the book Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier. one learns of the two kept womans of Manderley. Rebecca being the former and Mrs. de Winter as the present. Maxim’s married womans are really different from each other in many ways that are non wholly discovered until the terminal of the book.

When Rebecca became the kept woman of Manderley. she brought along a yesteryear that had non yet been revealed to Maxim. This secret yesteryear was one full of fraudulence and atrocious narratives that Maxim declared as to flagitious to reiterate. However. Mrs. de Winter tells Maxim everything about her past life and explains herself to him before they are married. Bing true and wholly faithful to Maxim are two of the qualities that Rebecca did non hold. Mrs. de Winter is a really recluse character who dislikes allowing people pry into her personal life. Meanwhile. Rebecca enjoyed seting on a show so that people would cognize things about her. She besides did this so that everyone would presume she was the perfect married woman.

Then Maxim would non be able to easy disassociate her. In this sense. Rebekah shows she is a adult female of power who will ever win in the terminal while Mrs. de Winter shows a more submissive personality. From the beginning. when the house staff and household friends talk about Rebecca. one knows that she was a beautiful adult female of high position in their society. But. Mrs. de Winter is described as an ordinary adult female who has straight hair and field characteristics. These qualities do non trouble oneself Maxim because he genuinely loves Mrs. de Winter while his relationship with Rebecca was nil more than a cozenage. Out of all of the comparings between Mrs. de Winter and Rebecca. this one sets them apart the most.

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In the terminal. Mrs. de Winter is compared one last clip to Rebecca by Mrs. Danvers. Mrs. Danvers speaks about Rebecca and acknowledges that “Lovemaking was a game with her. merely a game. ” Mrs. de Winter nevertheless takes love really earnestly. One knows this because of how wounded she is when it seems that she is in a 1 sided relationship and is in love person that will ne’er love her dorsum. This creates another noteworthy difference between Rebecca and Mrs. de Winter. While Mrs. de Winter seems to care excessively much. Rebecca did non care who she hurt. every bit long as she got what she wanted out of the state of affairs.


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