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A. that it was difficult and the


A.     Everyone seeks to gain skills that
would make them effective people with good positions when employed. And for
that reason, the psychometric test was developed.  This test is a way to measure individual’s
mental abilities and attitude manners by criterion and scientific procedures.
The importance of it is that it plans to give quantifiable, impartial
information that can give a superior overview perspective of an individual’s proportionality (Bryon,
2013). Personally, it was the first time to know about this test. I was
required to attempt the test and reflect on my experience.

attempting the test, I have heard from my classmates that it was difficult and
the results were unexpected. I went through the numerical and verbal reasoning
tests and I was surprised by my scores. The numerical test’s score was not bad
as the verbal reasoning test which I thought I would do better in. I have
scored 38 in the numerical test (highest) and 7 in the verbal (lowest). My
issue was that I was observing the time limit of the questions, which made me
feel nervous, and that leads to distraction and losing concentration.

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I was done with the psychometric test, I have figured that my weakness was in verbal
reasoning. It was recommended to read articles, newspapers and magazines to
increase the ability to read quickly, analyze the main arguments stated and how
authors support their arguments (Psychometricinstitute.com.au, 2017). Also, making
a habit of reading a variety of material regularly, ask questions while
reading, write summaries of what I have read, and improve the paraphrasing and
listening skills (Thomas and
Tolley, 2017).

this is a frequently used method for estimating the candidate’s concerns, position,
performance, values, and qualification. Employees are the benefit of an
association. Organization’s accomplishments rely on the employees who work hard
to attain the organization’s target.


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