Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Abstract: a tactical plan, save hostages and


We are going to demonstrate the design of a small IoT/ Wi-Fi based robot that will enter into terrorist hotspot providing various useful data including audio and video. The robot will be a rat-shaped device that will also give basic camouflage. It will be equipped with a microphone and some visual cameras hidden inside it. High manoeuvrability will be gained by various motors/actuators fitted inside. The small size will provide the robot with extreme agility, making its way through narrow pipes and holes. In case of covert operation and espionage, Surveillance Rat can be used by the soldiers to provide them with real-time audio-visual data helping them know about the enemy of the area without compromising their cover. This could also help soldiers to know the area well before entering into it. Considering a case, where some hostages are kept in a building and commandos are sent to save their lives. Surveillance Rat will be first fed through a narrow hole and will provide scenes behind the walls like number of hostages, number of enemy operatives, and their plans by recording their conversations in real time. This will allow soldiers to execute a tactical plan, save hostages and neutralizes the threat without getting injured for not knowing the area well beforehand. In covert missions, tactical operations and gaining control over hostile environment Surveillance Rat would be inevitable.

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Our motivation behind participation

We’re intrigued by the work that has been made by DRDO towards our nation’s defences. We want to provide ideas for defence application in our country. The nation will grow only when innovation comes in real. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is our motivation. We come to realize how important it is for our country to have a great defences system and a research and development unit like DRDO to stand heads up towards the world. Our motivation for making this device comes out from a sci-fi movie “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.” In which small insect (Firefly) used for spying and could detonate when required. The today’s technology made it feasible to make it from scratch.

Specialized knowledge and expertise

We have worked with basic electronic circuits and also know basic unit like Microcontrollers. We also have knowledge of certain coding languages like C, C++, python basics etc. We have also attained workshop on Embedded System and IoT. Also as Electronic & Communication Engineers, we can think out-of-the-box and logically for solutions to real-world problems.

Previous participation/awards/recognition

We have participated in different technical events in the college fest and different workshops on embedded systems, electronic circuits and Internet of Things as students of second-year Electronics & Communication Engineering.



We are planning to exhibit a prototype of Rat shaped robot along with some models.

Technical Proposal:

In this section, we have described technical specifications and requirements of the Surveillance Rat.

Figure 1: Data transmission

The above diagram (Figure 1) shows the flow of data from the device (Surveillance Rat) to the remote station and vice-versa. The device is implanted by personnel to the area where surveillance is required, and then the Surveillance Rat will be moved according to the command given by the solider using a hand-held remote device. The real-time audio/visual data is sent back continuously from the Rat to the soldier using which a tactical plan can be executed.




Figure 2: Internal Diagram of surveillance rat

The above block diagram (Figure 2) shows the basic internal circuitry of the Surveillance Rat. The use of Surveillance Rat is moving into enemy areas and providing real-time audio-visual data to soldiers. This is achieved by the Surveillance Rat using elementary circuits and a hand-held remote station.

A section of the Surveillance Rat will be used to achieve movement, which is being controlled by a microcontroller. The microcontroller is further attached to a data receiving module to receive the real-time data. IOT/Wi-Fi based command will be given by the user with a hand-held remote station. The data will then get processed in the microcontroller and further fed to the wheel through the actuators or motors to make the device move. The audio and video are also being transmitted by the device as to provide the user real-time data of what’s behind the walls. This is being provided with the FPV data transmitter module which will be added with cameras and microphones. Node MCU/ESP Module will be used to send real-time commands the microcontroller with this module which in turn controls the motor for the movement of Rat.


Also, the components need power to run, that will be provided by lithium-ion batteries and with some circuits like boost converter and thus, we can control the voltage and power sustaining capabilities of the batteries.

The rat shaped bot will be made of polypropylene sheets strengthen with an aluminium structural framework. A cage-like structure will be first built up with aluminium; polypropylene sheets then covered the surface for making the body of the device. The body will be further covered with fur for making the aesthetic looks exactly like real house rat which is the major illusion to the enemy providing a well-hiding camouflage. Aluminium will be preferred for the framework as it will provide structural rigidity, basic form, and sturdiness to the covering material. The device will move with less torque as it will be light weighted, further decreasing the power decapitation of motors increasing the battery life. Polypropylene will be used to make the body as; once set it is a heat resistance, torn resistance, lightweight and chemical resistance making the Surveillance Rat withstand worst possible conditions. Fur will enhance the aesthetics and possibly be making it undetectable as a bot to the human eye.




Figure 3: Structure / Model of Surveillance Rat

In the second level of screening

In second screening, we will work on the stepping of the Surveillance Rat on the stairs and provide 3-D model.

In the third level of screening

In third screening, we will work on the Surveillance Rat for climbing in the horizontal and vertical pipes and we will be showing the detailed working prototype of our proposed idea.

Realizable prototype

From the beginning of our idea we have realized Surveillance Rat as a working prototype and during our third screening; we will show a detailed working prototype. Most of the data for its prototype is included in the Technical section of our proposal.  


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