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Abstract extraordinary gifts and talents but these


you ever thought about how life would be without passion ? Would athletes enjoy
their sport, would artists enjoy painting, would entrepreneurs enjoy their
endeavors? Along with the other affective and emotional dimension, passion is
at the heart of entrepreneurship. Passion is a central
element of the entrepreneurial process. Every individual has a passion in life.
Some individuals chase towards it considering as an ultimate goal in life and some
do ignore it with the passage of time and other commitments. This study relates
to uncover the backings to passion that plays a great role on firm’s
entrepreneurial engagement. Understanding how does an entrepreneurs self-
identify their role and experience through passion. How
can an entrepreneur’s drive for passion bring true commitment towards his/ her
workplace and work ? . It explores a framework on what factors determine the
individual’s engagement on entrepreneurship.

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Keywords : Entrepreneurship
, Entrepreneurs , Passion



provides a platform for small businesses to uncover new business opportunities
and the discovery of new business opportunities enhances their differentiation
from other firms (Kosa & Mohammed. 2017) , but some of the owners of established
firms are not entrepreneurs . Being an entrepreneur is not something an
individual is just born with. Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs , Mark Zuckerberg
and Bill Gates are some of the great entrepreneurs in today’s time , we think
of these people as people with extraordinary gifts and talents but these people
were truly driven by passion. Passion is considered integral in
Entrepreneurship because it can “fuel motivation , enhance mental activity, and
provide meaning to everyday work” (Kosa & Mohammed 2017). Passion has long
been recognized as a central component of entrepreneurial motivation and
success (Cardon et al , 2005). Passion is a means
to achieve high levels of performance is a means to overcome barriers to change
(Kosa & Mohammed 2017). Experiencing passion is typical of many successful entrepreneurs;
it is the “fire of desire” that drives their daily efforts (Nicola et al , 2012) and motivates them to persist in
the face of obstacles (Nicola et al , 2012).This had led to openings of new
ideas and innovations to upfront the field of business or entrepreneurship to a
new level or phase. Passion has often made entrepreneurs think from different
perspectives which no one has ever thought about.

in entrepreneurial passion is growing since the passion has been demonstrated
to drive tenacious pursuit of goals and to inspire stakeholders to support
ventures. (Kosa & Mohammed , 2017) . The passion for exploring new
entrepreneurship activities can invite more stakeholders , banks and other
financial institutions to invest more into ventures. The activity of exploring new
market ideas, sourcing founding capital, and establishing and developing new
products is highly undertaken by the owner/managers of established firms. That
is why passion is important not only to enter a new business, but also
important to involve in entrepreneurial activity by established firms to
survive and grow.

increased attention from researchers has been focused on entrepreneurial
passion on how to exploit every opportunity for profit earning. It is very
important to understand how an entrepreneurs passion can be merged with his/her
employees individual objectives in such way that both passion and objectives
are achieved by working towards organizational objectives. An employee
commitment is crucial for the success of entrepreneurial firms (Nicola et al , 2012), and understanding how employees
perceptions towards an entrepreneurial’s passion can motivate their commitment
to new ventures. Since entrepreneurs and employees are in frequent and direct
contact with other , the entrepreneurs passion will substantially impact the
employee’s behavior  and commitment
(Nicola et al ,2012). Thus, progressing on the achievement of passion.

certain cases , to attract customers , ventures who deal with the production of
consumer goods often express their passion for products . One of the best
examples is Starbucks , it emphasizes it passion for people through its
products and creating a “third place” where people can relax and make connections
, not just get coffee.(Xiao-Ping Chen et al., 2009).

plays a very important role in case of non- profit organisations sector were
the entrepreneurs do not receive any gains in terms of financial profits. In
such cases , passion can only drive an entrepreneur to start up such ventures
without any expectation of money but expecting a immense happiness.

is a strong indicator of how motivated an entrepreneur is towards achieving it.
Each entrepreneur has various kinds of passion . It need not be only focused on
business activities such starting up a business , earning high profits etc. It
can be also be about having an one’s own library with various fictions &
non-fiction novels , A huge pile of achievement like medals , certificates
& medals , having a music band , becoming a pilot , study in a well
renowned college etc. An entrepreneur has goals as passion which can either be
related to business or non-business activities. Thus, passion is intangible and
hard to measure quality that is possessed in an individual.(Xiao-Ping Chen et al., 2009).


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