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Abstract__ the world over the internet. Some

Abstract__ Urbanization has increased tremendously, the
environment should be clean and hygienic. At the same phase
there is an increase in waste production. This will degrade the
standard of living. To overcome these situations an efficient
smart garbage management method has to be developed. The
traditional way of manually monitoring the wastes in waste bins
is a complex. This project ‘Smart Dustbin’ is a very innovative
system which will help to keep the cities clean. This system
monitors the garbage bins and informs about the level of
garbage collected in the garbage bins via a web page also it
indicates status of Concentration of Gas inside bin. For this
Ultrasonic sensors are placed inside the lid of the bins to detect
the garbage level and compare it with the garbage bins depth.
The mobile App gives a graphical view of the garbage bins and
highlights the garbage collected in color in order to show the
level of garbage collected. System puts on the buzzer when the
level of garbage collected crosses the set limit or if there is
presence of gases. GPS is also used to track the bins so that it
becomes easy for the authority to collect the waste.
Keywords: IoT, Sensor, Garbage Level
This project ‘Smart Dustbin’ is a very innovative system
which will help reduce the overflow of trash can. Internet and
its applications have become an integral part of mainstream
lifestyle. Communication over the internet has grown from
user to user interaction to device to device interactions these
days. Internet of things is used to contribute as platform for
smart garbage management.
We are going to make an Smart Dustbin which will tell
us that whether the trash can is empty or full through the
blynk app and you can know the status of your Dustbin from
any where in the world over the internet. Some of the
commonly used methods are implemented using sensors,
GPS, NodeMCU (WiFi module in built in Node MCU) .
It will be very useful and can be implement on the
dustbin in public places as well as home. Thisreduce the total
number of trips of garbage collection vehicle and hence
reduce the overall expenditure associated with the garbage
collection. It ultimate helps to keep cleanness in the society.
Smart collection bin works with the sensors will show us the
percentage of garbage in the dustbins and also the concerned
authority will be alerted when its threshold level is crossed.
If dustbins are not cleaned in time, then the details will be
forwarded to concerned authority.
This paper 1 is a survey based on Smart Garbage
Management in Cities using IoT. This survey involves
various smart garbage management ideas that can be easily
implemented. Keywords: -Sensors, Microcontroller, GUI,
IOT, Internet, Andriod app.
This paper 2 proposes a method to keep cleanliness in the
society. Here, ultrasonic sensors are used for checking the
level of garbage in the dustbins and communicated to the
concerned authority via Blynk server. A GUI is also
developed to monitor the required info related to the waste
for different locations. This system also helps to monitor if
any reports are fake and hence can reduce the corruption in
the management system.
The paper 3 proposes a method where a trashcan is
interfaced with MCU having IR wireless system along with
central system indicating real time status of garbage on
mobile, web browser. There by to reduce human resources
and efforts. Considering the urbanization, the smart garbage
bin can be a expensive but considering the amount of
overflow of dustbin in India, it has become a necessity. The
message can be sent directly to the Municipality instead of


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