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Academic I have also been awarded gold,

Academic excellence has always been a priority for me. I have won the Scholars’ Award two times in school and have Principal’s Academic Award.My consistent academic performance made me achieve the Scholar’s Gown as well.In addition to academics  I am an active participant in MUNs, where I have won Honourable Speakers status in WE Model United Nations conference, China and at Modern School MUN, Delhi. I was also selected as a Chairperson of the ECOSOC committee at Welham MUN’17, Dehradun and as a selected member of the Young Leader’s conclave, Delhi. I am also a passionate writer and a part of the school’s Hindi editorial team.Being the House Captain of my house, I learnt how management and leadership are two important aspects of not only business but every aspect of our lives.Watching my friends play basketball at school,I developed keen interest for the sport.My this interest led me to be the part of the school basketball team and win All India Level tournaments. I have also been awarded gold, silver and bronze levels of Duke of Edinburgh’s award for social service, excellence in cooking and physical training for two years consequently. Being an avid traveller, I have managed to scale Himalayan peaks like Valley of Flowers and Kedarkantha to name a few. My extracurricular feats have helped increase my awareness of current affairs alongside developing values such as teamwork and time management. I have also volunteered with HESCO, an NGO that aims to bring consistent development to the rural villages of the Himalayas through environmental sciences and simple technologies. Working with them helped me conclude that economies, business strategies and marketing technique are a critical part of our day to day activities. There are 30,000 days in our life; when I was 16, I realised I’m almost 6,000 days down. Every day, we’re writing a few more words to our story. I want my story to be an adventure and a success and thus made a choice to dream big. A part of that big dream is studying at a prestigious UK university, where my thoughts would be given wings, my thinking will be transformed into research and where studying business, marketing and management will manifest into my career and future. Opportunity, learning, research and much more is what UK offers. The cherry on top is that UK has always been the centre of trade, technology, economic policies and strategies, being the perfect combination that will give me the exposure to become a great entrepreneur and businessman so that I can make my dream come t


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