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Adolf around Germany, giving speech after speech,

Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, almost synonymous in today’s society. Those two names go hand in hand for the rise and fall of the Third Reich that occured during World War II. Although they are similar they are not the same. Hitler was not only the dictator and leader of the Nazi regime, but he was also responsible for a lot of the formation and rise of the as well Third Reich.It all started with a war battered Adolf Hitler in the year 1919 and his disdain for the status of the then current state of Germany. In order to try and turn around the events of Germany then he had to try and join a political party to suit his political ideas.. This was known as the German Workers’ party. This party is now known as the precursor to the Nazi Party. This party also promoted anti-semitism and German pride. In 1921 Adolf Hitler took leadership of the German Workers’ Party, rebranding it as Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party, this was also known as the Nazi Party. Him becoming a leader not only allowed him to parade around Germany, giving speech after speech, it gave him a charismatic personality, appealing to the German peoples. In these speeches he spoke about the issues running rampant throughout his country. This including starvation, inflation, and unemployment due to the Treaty of Versailles and the communists and Jewish people.For a small amount of time, Hitler staged a coup to overthrow the government in Munich. This was known as the Beer Hall Putsch. However, this did not work and Hitler was thrown into prison. During his time in prison Hitler wrote Mein Kampf an autobiography on him and his future plans for Germany once he got out of prison. This autobiography made him even more famous and made him a millionaire. A few years later, Germany was to fall into a deep economic depression along with the rest of the world. The Nazi’s took full advantage of this time of scarce resources and needs to build up their political state, and critiqued the current government in power. Slowly, the Nazi party started to climb due to Hitler’s charismatic character and the people having full trust in this party. This is how Hitler helped with the development of the Third Reich.


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