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ADP blocks” of intelligence process. Finally, ADP

2-0 was created to guide intelligence operations to allow units to coordinate
military operations.  This allows forces
to supply other military entities with products and information with a common
structure, and be facilitated through proper channels to complete the
commander’s intent.  Overall the goal for
having ADP 2-0 is to allow intelligence entities to be synchronized and have a
common end state.  I agree with ADP 2-0
completely, it is set in place to assure we as the intelligence community
follow a specific doctrine and apply ADP 2-0 to our tasks in the intelligence
efforts of operations.


            There are a wide variety of
intelligence capabilities listed within ADP 2-0, some of which are All-source,
Human, Geospatial, etc.  It needs to be
stated that these capabilities are not always going to available, depending
upon Area of Operations (AO) organic assets accessible.  You may request assets, that are not organic
to your AO, from nearby entities (Friendly or Coalition Forces) for
intelligence or operational use. In order for intelligence to be gathered you
need to have some of these intelligence capabilities or “building blocks” to
constitute intelligence efforts. 

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            ADP 2-0 helps in realizing that you
need these “building blocks” to plan and direct operations and collect
intelligence information.  Doing so will
allow you to produce intelligence products, and disseminate the information to
the intelligence community to assist with targeting, enemy movement, and situational
awareness for forces conducting operations within the AO.  Once all of the information has been
disseminated to the proper entities in the intelligence community, they will be
enabled to analyze and asses the information depending no their intelligence
profession and capability.


            The entire process from gathering
intelligence to disseminating intelligence, and how it is channeled through the
intelligence community is outlined and detailed throughout  ADP 2-0. 
Doctrine importance is shown throughout ADP 2-0, because as being an
intelligence professional as myself, it allows me guidance on how the
Intelligence Enterprise is guided by Mission Command.  Also ADP 2-0 allows me to fully understand
the capabilities within the intelligence effort, and understand how the
capabilities are the “building blocks” of intelligence process.  Finally, ADP 2-0 shows how important the
intelligence community is to each other without different professionals
following this standard we would not be able to properly analyze and assess the
intelligence gathered.


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