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Advancements me that it would end up

in the field of computer technology has transformed the world into a close-knit
community. Not only has it led to massive connectivity but has also brought
about radical changes in the fields of education, health-care, banking,
production etc. The impact of computer science is omnipresent and nothing short
of revolutionary. Realizing its importance in this modern era and understanding
the power that it holds to instigate change made me develop an even greater
interest in computer science and provoked me to pursue my masters in this


I was first introduced to programming language and coding in my
10th grade with introduction to QBASICS writing small calculator
programs. I scored 92.5% in
CBSE class X securing 98% in computer science. This
boosted my confidence and I decided to choose computer science as my elective
for my senior high school. Here I was introduced
to Data
Structures, Algorithms and Object Oriented Programming. It was impressive how anything can be
predicted through an algorithm and controlled through programming codes. This
started my journey of learning and exploring this riveting technology,
unbeknownst to me that it would end up being one of the most crucial factors in
shaping my life.

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I believe that my experience in college
was a mesmerizing journey through academics and personal development. It also
sums up my scholastic abilities through a set of grades and scores that I
worked hard to achieve over the four years, consistently standing amongst the
top 10% of the students. I gained most of my learning through the various projects
I did. My first mini-project ‘Payroll Management System’ developed using VB.NET
and MySQL, served the main purpose of reducing the manual effort and avoiding
data redundancy. Following this, I experimented with C++ to achieve a better
understanding of Object Oriented Programming Concepts through “Hotel Management
System” that aimed at automating the transactions involved in managing the
services in a hotel. Another mini-project on “Web Project (Resume)” was an
exercise in making my resume using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. Besides these
projects I also attended workshops on ‘Unix Essentials and System Programming’,
‘Computer Networking and Cisco Devices’ and ‘Android Application Development-
Hands on Workshop’. These workshops helped me expand my network and connect with
fellow computer science enthusiasts. I gained some field experience through my
vocational training at B.S.N.L. It provided me with a detailed understanding of
the telecommunication technology.


In my final year I presented a seminar on “Preserving Location
Privacy in Geo-Social Applications”. It was based on the technique that could
be used to prevent the misuse of user location data shared using social apps.

My final year project was on Cloud Computing- “A Hybrid Cloud Approach for
Secure Authorized Deduplication”. The aim was to reduce the duplication of data
in cloud storage and devise a technique to keep the data secure. Convergent
encryption technique using AES and SHA-1 were used to encrypt the data along
with a secure proof of ownership protocol. Developing this project, I
acquainted myself with the different processes involved in building a software:
problem analysis, design implementations and maintenance.


Currently, I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Sprinklr
Solutions. As a part of the automation team, I worked on various automation
frameworks such as Selenium, Fluentlenium, Selenium Grid and tools like
cucumber and TestNG. My experience as an Automation Engineer in this
company made me realize that software development is much more than just
writing code. It involves a whole process of understanding the requirements to
delivering a successful user-friendly product.

As I intend to pursue my
master’s degree, I am keen on experiencing a holistic approach towards
education where I can learn and improve my skills towards becoming a successful
software architect. I want to develop that one software which would make me
embark on the journey of bringing about change in the environment. The master’s
program in Computer Science at Northeastern University will be the stepping
stone towards that goal. I would want to be a part of the Experiential Learning
and the Co-op offered at your university. Along with the theoretic knowledge,
these programs would help me have a professional experience and understand how
the industry functions. They would help me develop the skills and expertise for
a successful professional career. Further delving into the Computer-Science
department, I came across the eclectic research centers and opportunities
available in a milieu with extremely distinguished faculty members. I look
forward to be a part of your university.


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