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Sister Katie Nielsen

25 January, 2018

Is Music Causing the Family to Split?

            Many people have wondered over the years, is music getting worse, or are we just not connecting with the music like we used too. Recent studies show that the music we are listening to really is a bad influence on us and our children. With all of the pop stars that are out there showing off their images and doing things that we don’t want out children to do, are they really such good role models? Have you listened to the lyrics of a popular song, and suddenly realized that not only are they saying things we don’t want our children to hear, but most of the time they are just repeating the same thing. Then there is the actual music, is hard rock really going to help you or your children do anything other than have raised emotions at each other based upon the volume that some teens choose to listen to their music at? Have you ever gotten into a serious argument that started with someone wanting to listen to something that you didn’t want to? Do you know the dangers that we face today because of music?

            The music we have today is definitely different from the music that my grandmother listened too, but it is nothing compared to what it was when it first came to be. When the first instruments were made, they had drums, flutes, and horns. Tribal music was what it mainly was, until the day that they discovered how strings, when tightened just right could make different sounds. Such was the birth of the violin and other string instruments, but playing all of those strings, like when playing the harp, tears your fingers apart, so they created a new instrument which became known as the piano. It didn’t have the wear and tear that the string instruments had, while still using much of the same mechanisms.

            With the birth of the violin and the piano came what we now know to be classical music. All of the famous composers like Beethoven and Bach created music based upon sounds that only they could hear, and that music resonates inside the soul of the listener. Over the years there wasn’t that much of a change in music. They had opera, theaters, folk music, and religious hymns, but here’s where you may be thinking, but when does Pop or Rock come in. Well, back then to learn music you had to go to a special school for music. In the late 1800s they tested having a music class in a public school in Boston, and it just kicked off from there.

            As time went on the general public was able to read music and sheets of music were becoming readily available. With this new means of expressing themselves, amateur songwriters started writing and singing their songs up until what we have today with all of the different genres of music that are available to everyone. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as has been discussed many different times by people all over the globe, music does help in the development of our children. “Involvement in playing and singing music is thought to teach basic skills such as concentration, counting, listening, and cooperation while also promoting understanding of language, improving the ability to recall information, and creating an environment more conducive to learning in other areas.” (Wikipedia)

            As stated above, learning about music helps in the development of children, teaching them many life skills, but it doesn’t teach them what music is “good” or “bad” to listen to. That is something that we, as parents, need to teach our children. One good way to help them understand is to explain to them about the lyrics in a song. Some songs can have decent music, but horrible words and phrases that you wouldn’t want to use, not just in polite company, but ever. So, why would you subject yourself to listening to music like that, there are so many better options available to us today. I’ll use an example of 2 songs to compare, these are songs that were included in the list of songs most frequently mentioned on the internet. The first one is (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano by Sampha and the second is Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. Out of the two, you can compare the lyrics and the meaning of them. Would you really want you or your children to listen to this song by Taylor Swift? Not to say any of her other songs are bad, just this one. But even we can’t control the choices that others make, we can only help to inform them of the issue, and the dangers at stake.

            As times have changed, the way that we look at the issue of listening to music at a high volume has definitely evolved with technology. Back in my parent’s time, you had the boom box and when you had it turned up too loud, generally your parents asked or yelled (depending on the loudness of the volume) for you to turn it down. Now it has changed from asking them to turn down the volume so you can hear asking them to turn it down so that they can hear us. With the use of headphones now, we are also in danger of losing most of our hearing if we do listen to music turned all the way up.

We are also in danger of splitting our family with useless arguments if one person is listening to the music on their headphone with the volume turned up. When children have the volume turned up, and we as their parents ask them a question or to do a chore, are they able to hear you? Probably not, and that causes you to get annoyed. When repeated attempts have happened with the same response, how do you react then? Do you react in a calm manner or do you start to lose your temper? In my personal experience, when we lose our tempers, they start to react negatively in response, and if they are listening to something with a fast beat or rhythm, especially if it is pop, rap, or rock music, they are likely to blow their top right back at us. This is one of the leading causes of parent and teen arguments, and honestly, can you blame either one of them. On one side the parent is too blame for losing their temper, but the child is also to blame for losing his. There is also the danger that we may get too lost in the music if our volume is up too high, and if we are driving a car, we may start to pay less attention to our driving, which can cause accidents and the loss of life in some cases. What can be worse than breaking up the family or the loss of a life? Would we be able to live with that guilt?


            I believe that even though music is part of the cause for the breakdown of the family unit, we have the opportunity to find out for ourselves and to teach our children what we can do to prevent it from becoming a number one cause of family breakdowns.


Definitions of terms you will use in analyzing the debateNecessary background and historyBrief summary of major points of view or position statements on the issue

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Ø  How have the solutions evolved and why?

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Ø  What information do readers need to understand the origins and current status of the debate?

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