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Although then, whilst the gap continues expanding

Although I can see where the Singaporean government is coming from, expressing that higher ranking positions would be more appropriate for those who are the most talented, skillful and determined individuals, I am also able to see the contrary side to this debate. Singapore’s perspective of income inequality being necessary for growth, contradicts Nordic countries who have stayed a ‘role model for economic opportunity and equality’ (Investopedia.org, 2018). They have kept the barrier between the lower and upper class then, whilst the gap continues expanding in developing countries because of greater disparities between genders, ethnicities and education (Euromonitor International Blog, 2018). An analysis released in 2014 by OECD, the Organisation of Economic Co-operation, suggested that income inequality has a negative and statistically notable influence on medium-term growth (Oecd.org, 2018). Redistribution through taxes and benefits is used as a direct policy tool by government has proven to generate inefficiencies. Countries who keep income inequality to a minimum are growing much faster as opposed to those countries with rising inequality. Regarding the Nordic Model, services funded by taxpayers are offered, including free education and healthcare. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría, revealed “countries that promote equal opportunity for all from an early age are those that will grow and prosper” (Oecd.org, 2018), which is precisely what these Scandinavian countries are doing. I found it intriguing to hear that a lack of investment in education is one of the leading factors which increases inequality, and simultaneously detains a country’s growth. I was able to empathise greatly with the mentioned global perspective since having grown up in an international environment, I have had the privilege to sustain a good education in which UWC has allowed to become more socially aware of world. This especially shocking as coming from Denmark, I have never experienced inequality through the distribution of resources.


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