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Among the steps that can be taken to reduce workplace violence are as follows:Management leadership. This is where the management of an organization shows strong intention and commitment towards improving the safety of workplace. An organization that emphasize safety from the top will ensure that subsequent action will be followed through by workers with utmost priority. Additionally the management are in a position to establish proper teams with goals, objectives and resources that are neccessary to deliver a structured approach towards increasing workplace safety.Improve employee screening. As 30% of workplace violence occurs internally, screening potential employees can be an effective method. Multiple ways of screening can be conducted. One of the method is simply by conducting checks on applicant background for history of violent conduct prior to interview. This will eliminate obvious candidates which pose high risk of violent conduct. Another method will include structuring the interview questions towards behavioral decisions to identify with high risk of violence.Use workplace violence training. This will allow supervisors to be trained to observe suspicious behaviour or clues that can be used to identify employee with tendency to commite workplace violence. This is usefull for continuous monitoring of employee in the workplace as the profile for violence might build up during their employment terms which was not picked up during interview screening.Securing the facility. The main idea behind this steps is to prevent workplace violence from happening. This involve ensuring the workplace is secured by monitoring features such as having better workplace lighting, proper security staffs and installing locks and alarms and security cameras. Facilities that are highly secured will not only deter workplace violence when it happens, it also deter workplace violence even prior to the events as the proprieter will think twice before conducting violent acts.System evaluation and improvement. This is where all programs and initiatives related to safety will be evaluated and improved upon. Evaluation will include results of previous initiatives and also feedbacks from employees of all levels. All of these feedbacks need to be taken seriously and improved immediately to reduce the risk of workplace violence occuring in the workplace.


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