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An interview is an extremely important stage to get a
job because employers looking for the right candidate. I would like to share
some necessary pre -interview tips for an effective interview.  First of all,
I think that physical appearance is really an important factor in the
development of personality because first impression is the last one. For
example, you should dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate to the
position (formal dress i.e. matching pants with jacket). In addition, you must arrive at least 15 minutes in
advance because it will put positive impact on an interviewer’s. Further, it
would be better if you can prepare two references that can testify to your past
job performance and character. For instance, you can use   professional references from work, school or volunteering places. Thus,
it is essential to make a good impression in interview and arrange the positive references.











Other than making a positive first impression, I want to
say that you should practice some expected questions before
the interview because it will be helpful to enhance your confidence and
interpersonal skills. According
to Advanced Techniques (Government of Alberta. Human Services, 2008), “the best
way to prepare for an interview is to anticipate the majority of the questions
and practice your response” (p.91). For example, you will probably expect questions
about your strengths, weaknesses and reasons for leaving a previous company. Another
thing is to practice your responses to the interview questions. Namely, you can do a role-play with a friend or family member
because their feedback will help you to improve your interview skills and to
build your confidence.

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interview, I would like to recommend essential skills that you need to perform.
Applicants should stay positive throughout the meeting because this attitude
will help the interviewer’s to see your
confidence, energy and your desire to get that position. For instance, according
to the website
(www.ctdol.state.ct.us/progsupt/jobsrvce/interviews-effective.htm, n.d.), “You should
never say anything negative about past experiences or employers. You ought to say
something positive about the experience” Furthermore, towards the end of an
interview, employers often ask if you have any questions about the company or
the job. If you say “no” to the question, you may send the employer a negative
message. Make sure, always try to express your interest in the job by asking
about plans, products and services of a company because it shows that you are
interested in that job.


Finally, after you finished the interview, you must do
two things. First, you should jot down the questions that you
remember from the interview because it will prove beneficial to you to clear
interview in the future. In addition,
it is necessary to send a Thank-You
email to the company.  The website (www.ctdol.state.ct.us/progsupt/jobsrvce/interviews-effective.htm,
n.d.) showed that “you should always write a thank you note to the employer
within 48 hours of the interview”. The significant purpose of a Thank
You email is to let the employers know that you appreciate their time
for your interview and the employer can remember you out of hundreds of
applicants. As per my experience, I can say that the exercise on expected questions and a good
appearance is fundamental to get a job because by following these tips, I got a
job as a sale associate in the Telus Corporation. Additionally, staying positive throughout an interview and sending a
Thank-You email offer you an opportunity to learn and improve your presentation
and interview skills in workplace culture of Canada.


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