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Anabolic Steroids And How It Functions Biology Essay

This experiment explains about the anabolic steroids endocrines present in human organic structure, their maps and belongingss. The effects of anabolic steroids are more likely demonstrated on males than in female ( mention: toilet – alder, Cox RM, 2005 ) . Anabolic steroids in male will assist in production testicle, prostate every bit good as it will increase the growing in secondary sexual features like musculuss, hair etc… , ( mention: toilet – alder, Cox RM, 2005 ) . Some anabolic steroid endocrines are really indispensable for normal sperm production in males and the chief steroid used for this is testosterone. Testosterone steroids will besides produced in encephalon every bit in both the sexes. The proteins in the human organic structure or in any other life being consists of N as one constituent and musculuss are developed by proteins, this testosterone will heighten the N ( www.succezz.com/S2/ACompleteGuidtotheUseandAbuseofSteroids ) . Steroids are injected to animate beings like cowss in order to better the meat production by demoing the alteration in growing and provender transition in cowss, among them boldenone is used most common ( mention: hypertext transfer protocol: //articles.muscletalk.co.uk/article-boldenone.aspx ) . Testosterone and boldenone are similar except one difference that is boldenone has dual pealing every first place of A – ring in the steroid construction ( mention: hypertext transfer protocol: //articles.muscletalk.co.uk/article-boldenone.aspx ) . But both are distinguished by their manner of action, consequence and metamorphosis. The constructions of assorted steroids are showed below.





( Mention: jhon-alder, coxRM,2005 )

Trebolone is another steroids nowadays in human organic structure. Actually trebolone is derivative of Durabolin. Trebolone consists of two extra dual bonds at place 9 and 11 in its steroid construction, Presence of this dual bond makes trebolone more binding authority than nadrolone ( mention: William liewellyn, 20th February 2006 ) . Actually this trebolone belongingss are fare differ from its parent endocrines ( mention: Williams liewellyn, 20th February 2006 ) . Steroids are of two types, one is natural steroids and another one is pharmaceutical steroids. It is by and large accepted that chemical testing of biological fluid is the most nonsubjective agencies of diagnosing of drug usage ( mention: min shen, xiang ) . Here I have referred assorted articles on anabolic steroids, which are published late. From these article I got know that the steroids are besides could be detected from animate being tissues by doping the drug. There are assorted types of steroids exist in human organic structure, which can be detected utilizing most sensitive methods ( min shen, ping xiang ) . Scientists developed many methods for this research like liquid chromatography – mass spectroscopy, gas chromatography – mass spectroscopy, hypertrophy, clip of autumn etc… . , . Here the chromatography is the most widely utilizing method for anabolic steroids sensing. Chromatography could be used either ways i.e. for liquid sample and besides for gaseous. The different samples nowadays in the infusion would hold different soaking ups features in a solid and liquid stage medium ( mention: deng ten, korosu A ) . The natural steroids are developed within the human organic structure, which is indispensable to develop energy to make work. Steroids are present in all parts of human being like blood, hair, piss, and in all variety meats. The steroids are present non merely in human existences, but besides in all living existences like animate beings. The steroid determining trials are besides conducted on animate beings besides. Anabolic steroids, by and large used as curative agents in clinical pattern, are besides widely abused as public presentation heightening drugs. Steroids besides manufacture unnaturally in research labs known as pharmaceutical steroids, which are used to develop an excess energy and for organic structure development. The ingestion of pharmaceutical steroid will be unsafe to wellness. Extra doping of these unreal steroids may besides leads to decease. These unreal steroids are besides called anabolic steroids. Doping with endogenous steroids became the most serious issue in all athleticss and competitions. Exploitation of these anabolic steroids are banned by international Olympic commission ( IOC ) in the twelvemonth 1975, proving of anabolic steroids is necessary in order to distinguish between pharmaceutical steroids and natural steroids. Why because, these steroids utilizing grapplers are acquiring more energy and power than when they are in normal. Some jocks take anabolic steroids from long clip, largely in winter season and will halt before the competitions, like 4 to 18 hebdomads earlier. We can non observe the drug in return of long clip back, but it is necessary find a matrix to observe anabolic steroids. To command the use of anabolic steroids IOC started proving by maintaining the grappler under observation yearss before the competitions and executing the standard doping control in research labs. In endogenous, testosterone, epitestisterone, boldenone, Durabolin, methyltestosterone, methenolone, stanozolol, 6b – hydroxymetandienone, 3 – hydroxystanozolol, DHEA – 2TMS, testosterone – D3 – 2TMS are really of import. In forensic section and many occupational and clinical state of affairss hair samples are use to observe the drug consumption and many, here besides we use the hair in sensing of endogenous steroid intake by grapplers or any others in competitions ( mention: J. Segura, S. Pichini ) . This experiment may take a hebdomad or hebdomads or months which depend up length of the hair that is why hair analysis will be done during preparation and abstention. We can besides utilize urine to observe anabolic steroids, but we can ticket merely few steroids like etiocholanalone, testosterone, androsterone, DHEA, the staying steroids are unseeable in urine and these steroids are noticeable within 2 or 3 yearss of doping. So, hair is good suited for the experiment, as steroids are traceable long after the consumption of anabolic steroids. Doping analysis is non easy all the clip there are still some jobs utilizing hair analysis, like sometimes anabolic steroids are found in the pictogram per mg rang and opiates are besides some times found in monograms ‘ per mgs ( min xiang, ping xiang ) . For these sorts of state of affairss we need more sensitivity method.

The assorted articles are reviewed and extracted some information sing the methods, sample readying and for process. Some experiments are besides done on animate beings by doping drug in to them. Making of anabolic steroid endocrines in o animate beings like cowss will better the meat production by altering its growing and feeding process ( mention: toilet – alder, Cox RM, 2005 ) . For the quantitative finding of eight anabolic steroids in human hair some sensitive, consistent, specific methods are developed utilizing liquid chromatography / mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. Merely some of the steroids are identified by utilizing liquid chromatography/mass spectrograph, like boldenone, Durabolin, methandienone, trenbolone, epitestosterone, methyltestosterone, methenolone, stanozolone. Staying steroids like DHEA – 2TMS and testosterone – D3 – 2TMS are identified by utilizing gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy.

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Chapter: 2



The human hair sample collected from the roots of human caput. The hair was cut utilizing unit of ammunition pointed scissors through vertex buttocks of the scalp. This hair sample is preserved in closed environment to avoid from the dust and all and stored in room temperature ( min shen, ping xiang ) . The carnal hair could besides be used for anabolic steroid endocrines sensing ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) .

2. Chemicals USED:

0.1 % of Na dodecyl sulfate, Acetone, distilled H2O, 1M NaOH, 1M HCL, Na phosphate buffer ( PH=6.8 ) , diethyl ether, acetonitrile, ammonium ethanoate buffer, N – methyl – N – trimethyacetamide, iodotrimethylsilane, DL – dithiothreitol.


Each chemical used in sample readying has its ain concentration, boiling point and even some chemicals are toxic and caustic. For illustration, the acetonitrile used for neutralisation was extremely toxic. so, before get downing the experiment, we should aware of the chemicals what we use. Because they may be caustic and toxic, so we should take some safety measurings before get downing the experiment, like wear lab coat and safety glass and baseball mitts. So that we can avoid some accidents and jeopardies. The chemical belongingss and physical belongingss of each chemical we use are explained as followers: ( mention: scientific discipline direct )

Table NO. 1



Safety Measurements


-It is extremely flammable.

-It is annoying due to defatting on tegument.

-inhalation of acetone vapor may annoy respiratory system.

-Placing the container in good ventilated country.

-keeping the ignition beginnings off from it.

-if in instance of oculus contact, wash instantly with more H2O and seek medical advice.

Diethyl quintessence

Boiling point of it is really low and it is extremely flammable

Should n’t empty in to drains. Does n’t expose to beginning of ignition.


It is extremely toxic. Inhalation of it or get downing may impact the cardiovascular system.

Take the precautional measurings against inactive discharge.

Sodium hydrated oxide ( NaOH )

Contact with oculus may do long clip sight loss.

In instance of oculus contact, wash eyes with more H2O and seek medical advice.

Sodium phosphate buffer

Its boiling point is really low and flammable.

Near the container with palpebra after utilizing.

Sodium dodecyl sulfate

May cause tegument allergic reaction, extremely flammable.

In instance of skin contact Immediately flush tegument with plentifulness of soap.


Multiple reaction proctor, an Agilent zorbax SB-C18 column ( 12.5 stat mi metres length, 0.2 mile metres of internal diameter, 5 micrometer metres of movie thickness ) , fused silica capillary column, liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy, gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy, 10ml trial tubings, centrifuge trial tubings, 10 micrometer gms spatula, one 1000ml ( 1 liter ) cylindrical beaker, three 100ml beakers, glass rod, 5ml trial tubing, 1 litre cylindrical plastic bottle to hive away NaOH, thermometer, micro beckon oven, centrifuge machine, Portable preciseness research lab balance ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) .



The anabolic steroids endocrines are extracted by utilizing human hair, because anabolic steroids are more concentrated in hair than any other organ in human organic structure and besides easy to pull out. Animal hair could be used for this experiment, because every life being contained anabolic steroids endocrines. For sample readying we use some sum of human hair, The hair sample is taken in to 10ml trial tubing up to half of it and so the hair is washed or rinsed with 0.1 % of Na dodecyl sulfate and do it dry utilizing micro moving ridge oven for 10 proceedingss ( mention: Ping xiang, min shen ) . Again the hair sample is washed with 1ml of H2O and 1ml of propanone, so that the hair will be free from shampoo, perspiration, sebum, dust etc…. , . The sample should be dried utilizing micro oven by keeping the temperature at 50 grades Celsius for 10 proceedingss or till the H2O get evaporated. After the hair is get dried, cut the hair sample in to 1mm section and weigh the 10mg of hair sample utilizing Portable preciseness research lab balance and take it in to a clean trial tubing. The hair sample were digested with 1ml 0f 1M NaOH about 10minutes at the temperature of 95 degree Celsius, for the warming operation we use hot oil bath by raising the temperature up to 95 grade Celsius. 1M NaOH is prepared by fade outing 40g of NaOH in distilled H2O and do up to 1liter gives 1M NaOH ( mention: Ping xiang, min shen ) . Sample will be cooled utilizing cold pat H2O, it should be neutralized with 1ml of 1M HCl and 2ml of Na phosphate buffer of ph=6.8. Sodium phosphate buffer is prepared by weighing 46.4g of Na dibasic and 53.6g of Na monobasic and both are dissolved in distilled H2O. Following Hcl and Na phosphate buffer, 3.5ml of diethyl quintessence is added and the mixture is centrifuged at 2500rpm for 3minutes ( mention: Ping xiang, min shen ) . The organic bed from the sample should be transferred in to 5ml glass tubing. The gathered organic mixture is evaporated in the watercourse of N at 60 degree Celsius to acquire waterlessness. The obtained residue is reconstituted in 100 micrometer liters of acetonitrile and ammonium ethanoate buffer taking at the parts of 73:27 v/v. From this sample 5 micrometer liters were injected in to Lc/Ms. All sample prepared for the experiment are stored in deep-freeze at 4 degree Celsius, so that no steroids will get away in to air ( mention: Ping xiang, min shen ) .


For the liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy system contains an Agilent HPLC 1100 system with quaternate pump, an car sampling station and online degasser equipped with an MDS Sciex API 4000 three-base hit quadrupled mass spectrometer. For instrument control and informations acquisition, the analyst 1.4.1 package bundle is used. The column used in the lc/ms should be C18, 150mm of length, 2.1mm of internal diameter and 5 micrometer metres of force per unit area ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . The C18 column is most common one, which was used for many experiments. The mass spectrometer should operated in the positive electro spray ionization manner and the ion spray electromotive force should

maintained at 5KV and the temperature should be at 500 degree Celsius ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . The lone N gas is used as the drape gas, the turbo gas, the nebulising gas. The declustering potency is optimized as the ion spray electromotive force, drape gas and the nebulising gas all are used under default manners. For each analyst, multiple reaction monitoring is used for the multi merchandise ion. The experiment ‘s dwell clip and mass breadth were set as 0.05 and 1amu ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . The run clip of the experiment is set as followers, The initial clip of the experiment is 3minutes up to 23minutes. The nomadic stage gradient is used for declaration of the analysts. At run clip 0 proceedingss, the methyl alcohol flow rate should be 73 % , acetonitrile flow rate should be 0 % and ammonium ethanoate buffer should be 27 % . At 7minutes, methanol flow rate is 75 % , acetonitile flow rate is 10 % and ammonium ethanoate buffer flow rate is 15 % . But at run times 8 proceedingss and 12 proceedingss the flow rates of all the composings are same, flow rate of methyl alcohol is 50 % , acetonitrile is 45 % and the ammonium ethanoate is 5 % . Again at run times 13 and 18 proceedingss the flow rate are same as for methanol 73 % , for acetonitrille 0 % and for ammonium ethanoate buffer it is 27 % ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . The system is run for 10 proceedingss at initial conditions. He flow rate of the column is maintained at 200 micrometer liters per minute. This experiment about takes 25 proceedingss. The composings of LC nomadic stage gradients are clearly showed in below tabular array.

Table NO.1

LC tally clip ( proceedingss )

Acetonitrile ( % )

Ammonium ethanoate buffer ( % )

Methanol ( % )

























( Mention: Ping xiang, min shen )


Sample readying for GC/MS is same like for LC/MS, but somewhat different. Here besides we wash the hair sample with 0.1ml SDS ( Na dodecyl sulfate ) and dried. Again washed with H2O and propanone. After the sample drying, 50gm of hair sample is weighed utilizing Portable preciseness research lab balance and so taken in to a new clean trial tubing and it is digested with 1ml NaOH for 10 proceedingss utilizing hot oil bath by raising the temperature up to 95 grade Celsius. Again sampled is cooled, this homogenate is neutralized by 1ml of 1M Hcl and 2ml of Na phosphate buffer of ph=6.8 ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . This solvent extraction is carried out with 3.5ml diethyl quintessence and so centrifuged at 2500 revolutions per minute for 3 proceedingss. Now we will acquire an organic bed, see that no solid atom is present in that. This supernatant is taken in to in a new trial tubing and evaporated utilizing hot oil bath by raising the temperature up to 60 degree Celsius ; it is heated for 30 proceedingss. after it is dried, it is derivatized by adding 50 micrometer liters of MSTFS ( N-Methyl-N-trimethylsilyl trifluoro ethanamide ) / iodotrimethyisilane/ DL – dithiothreitol, all of these are taken in parts of 1000:5:5, v/v/gm and heated in same hot oil bath about 80 proceedingss at 80 degree Celsius. all of these are taken in parts of 1000:5:5, v/v/mg. The concluding obtained sample is injected in to GC/MS system ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) .


Gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy analyses is setup with ion spray of 5 kg Vs and operate in the positive electro spray ionisation manner ( EI ) on an Agilent 6899 gigahertz and the beginning temperature is set at 500 degree Celsius. The Column should be fused silica capillary column with 0.25 mille metres of internal diameter, 30m and 0.1 micrometer metres of movie thickness. The system runing conditions are helium recess flow should be 1 milli litre per minute and sample injection should be split less and clip for injection is 1 minute. The initial temperature for 2 proceedingss is set to 180 grade Celsius. The temperature will rage up to 224 as 3 degree Celsius per minute and once more the temperature will increased as 15 degree Celsius for every minute up to 300 grade Celsius. The sample injecting temperature is set at 250 degree Celsius. The beginning temperature is set at 220 degree Celsius and reassign line temperature is 300 degree Celsius. Stet the scan scope from 3 to 450, because molecular weight of DHEA is 432 and testosterone is 435. Now the system ready to run the sample. This operation will takes about 25 proceedingss same like for Liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. The multiple reaction moniter will demo the passage of each analyte and there hit energies ( mention: Ping xiang, min shen ) .



1. EXPERIMENT Procedure:

I have referred assorted literatures in order to place an extraction protocol of steroids endocrines from human hair. This reappraisal ( utilizing Science direct ) resulted in several articles with such an extraction protocol. More than 20,000 articles are published merely on steroids in hair. Since the experiments are done on hair of human being from assorted parts and besides on carnal hair like hog, Equus caballus. For this experiment I have chosen merely the methods to pull out the sample from hair from those assorted articles. The assorted articles reviewed for this research are mentioned in the tabular array: 4. The method which I was felt a good one and its esay method to pull out the sample and to place the anabolic steroid in that sample published by MIN SHEN, PING XIANG, on 15th October 2009, which was the recent 1 among all. Some information about anabolic steroids was taken from other articles. Some methods mentioned in the tabular array will take some yearss to acquire the consequences and some methods will take fewer hours to finish. I have followed the article which could done more faster and accurately. The extraction of anabolic steroids from hog hair was done by shooting or doping drug in to pig. The anabolic steroids under goes certain alterations as clip base on ballss and these alterations besides can be identified by utilizing liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. The anabolic steroids in the hair sample under goes a complex metamorphosis, which was depended chiefly on the structural fluctuation and application of tracts ( mention: D. Thiemme, J. Grosse ) .

Table: 4


Research worker


Analysis of anabolic steroids in human hair ( LC/MS )

Newed deshmukh, iitaf hussain

October 2009,

Page no. 710 – 714.

Analysis of anabolic steroids in hair

Min shen, ping xiang

15th October 2009,

Page no. 773 – 778.th hkkkkgghghh

Testing of anabolic steroids in hair

Pascal kintz

March 2003

Page no. S29 – S33

Physiological concentration of anabolic steroids in human hair

Min shen, ping xiang

30th January 2009.

Volume 107.


Testing for anabolic steroids in hair from two organic structure builders

Pascal kintz, H. Sachs.

13th may 1999,

Page no. 209 – 213.

Designation of anabolic steroids in seram, piss, perspiration and hair.

D. thieme, j. Grosse

25th april 2003,

Page no. 299 – 306.

Analysis scheme for observing doping agent in hair

D. thieme, J. Grosse

10th january 2000,

Page no. 335 – 345.

Doping control for Durabolin utilizing hair analysis

Pascal kintz, cerenilli

March 2001, volumn 24.

Detection of physiological concentrations of hydrocortisone and Cortone Acetate in human hair.

Jean – sebastien, pascal kintz.

December 2004.

Volumn 37.

The sample extraction contains assorted stairss and operations like warming, chilling, drying, centrifugating, incubation, liquid extraction, derivatization etc… . , . The sample extraction was done utilizing human caput hair. we can besides used piss and other tissues for steroids sensing. But if we use urine for the experiment, we can observe merely recent drug maltreatment. And besides non steroids are present in urine. But with hair we can place steroids or drug abused long back. That is why we use hair samples for steroids sensing. The hair in every portion of our organic structure has shaft and a root. Here the shaft contains of three rule parts. The interior myelin is made of poly hedral cells. The poly hedral cells consists of granules of eledin and air infinite. The cardinal or in-between cerebral mantle forms the amain portion in the shaft among other two. The in-between contex contains elongated cells, which consists of pigment granules in dark hair, but largely air in white hair. The outer bed of shaft is called cuticle of hair. This consists of individual bed of flate, thin and scale like cells which are most heaver and keratinized. The different constituent in the sample will hold different soaking up features in a solid or liquid stage medium. The extraction of sample should make really carefully. For me, the readying of sample took like 2 hours and I followed each and every measure carefully. some operations takes more clip to make. The bit-by-bit process of sample extraction is explained as below.

I have taken some sum of hair sample in to a tubing.

I washed this hair sample with 0.1 % Na dodlcyle sulfate.

After rinsing, Is have dried the sample utilizing micro beckon oven at 50 degree Celsius for 10 proceedingss.

After it gets dried, Is rinsed the sample with 5ml of distilled H2O and 5ml of propanone.

Again Is have dried the sample.

After drying, the 10 mille gms of hair sample was taken in to a clean and clear 10ml trial tubing.

This taken hair sample was digested by adding 1ml of 1M NaoH about 10 proceedingss at the temperature of 95 degree Celsius. The warming operation was done on the hot oil bath by raising its temperature to 95 grade Celsius.

1M NaOH is prepared by adding 40gms of Na hydrated oxide in H2O and maked up to litre.

After digesting, the sample was cooled by confronting external surface of trial tubing to tap H2O for 3 proceedingss.

After it gets cool, sample was neutralized with 1ml of 1M Hcl and 2ml of Na phosphate buffer.

The Na phosphate buffer is prepared by fade outing 46.3gm of Na dibasic and 53.7gm of Na monobasic in to one liter of distilled H2O.

Following these, precisely 3.5ml of diethyl quintessence was added and good assorted through the bottom utilizing glass rod.

This mixture was centrifuged at 2500rpm for 3 proceedingss.

Now at this measure, the solid atoms are acquire separated from the organic solution due to centrifugal force.

The organic bed obtained was shifted to a new trial tubing.

Then it was heated in presence of watercourse of N at 60 degree Celsius boulder clay it got dried.

After drying, some milliliter of diethyl quintessence was added and heated.

The residue was reconstituted in 100 micrometer liters of acetonitrile and ammonium ethanoate buffer.

From this, 5 micrometer liters were injected in to Liquid chromatography / mass spectroscopy.

But for gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy, I did the derivatization, because of the keto and hydroxyl groups in their construction, so anabolic steroids will non demo good chromatography separation behavior that is why I did derivatization before traveling for gas chromatography / mass spectroscopy.

The concluding sample was derivatized with 50 micrometer liters of mixture of N – methyl – N – trimethyl sliflouractonamide/ Iodotrimethyisilane/DL- dithiothreitol are taken one part of 1000 micrometer litres/ 5 mille litres/ 5 mille gms.

After derivatization, it was injected in to Liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy.

Liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy will take about 25 proceedingss.

The mass spectroscopy was maintained at positive ion spray

The electromotive force of ion spray was 5 kg Vs.

The temperature of beginning was maintained at 5oo degree Celsius.

The measurings of the column used for LC/ MS was 2.1 mille metre internal diameter, 150 mille metre length and 5 micrometer metres of breadth.

Initially the temperatures are maintained at room temperature.

After that, the initial temperature was maintained at 200 grades Celsius for 2 proceedingss.

The temperature was bit by bit increased from 200 to 240 degree Celsius as 3 grade per minute

From 240 degree Celsius it once more increased to 300 degree Celsius as 15 grades per minute.

The beginning temperature was maintained at 200 degree Celsius.

The composing of LC / MS nomadic stage gradient is adjusted as mentioned below. ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) .

Table NO. 3

LC tally clip
























( Mention: min shen, ping xiang )

The different concentrations of steroids present in the extracted sample are depending on their physicochemical belongingss and besides on their functional groups ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . The each steroid nowadays in the sample will hold one hydroxyl group, which is really hard to integrate in to hair ( mention: min shen, hog xiang ) . Due to presence of keto group and hydroxyl groups in the constructions, the steroids do n’t demo a better chromatographic separation behavior ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . To get the better of this, I did derivatization before traveling to gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. The derivatization done by utilizing N – methyl – n – trimethyl slilflouroacetamide/ iodo trimethyisilane/ DL – dithiothreitol are taken in composings of 1000 micrometer litres/ 5 mille litres/ 5 mille gms ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) . Not all steroids are noticeable in Liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy ; some like boldenone, Durabolin, methandienone, trenbolone, methenolone, methyltestosterone are identified utilizing LC/ MS. With the aid of gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy we can place staying steroids like dehydro epiandrosterone and testosterone. The condions of gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy are maintained as below.

Gas chromatography was performed in the positive negatron impact manner.

The clip taken for shooting the sample was 1 minute.

The He flow rate was 1 mille liter per minute.

Initial temperature was maintained at 180 degree Celsius for 2 proceedingss.

The temperature was set to increase bit by bit.

The temperature ramped to 224 degree Celsius at 3 grades per minute.

Again the temperature increased to 300 degree Celsius at 15 grades per minute.

Beginning temperature was maintained at 220 degree Celsius.

The nebulisation gas, drape gas and ion spray electromotive force were kept at default manner and used.

Multiple reaction proctor was used to multiple merchandise ions of each analytic.

The dwell clip and mass breadth were 0.05s and 1 amu.

The measuring of the column used for gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy was 0.25 mille metres of internal diameter, 0.1 micrometer metres of movie thickness and 30 minute.

Here the column I got for the experiment was 150 mille metres length, 2.1 mille metres of internal diameter and 5 micrometer metres of movie thickness, which is most common column used for all experiments. Actually gas chromatography is most widely used technique used to divide atomic sized atoms in a gas based on their molecular weight ( mention: Ping xiang, min shen ) . Before get downing the experiment we guarantee that no solid atom is present in the sample. First one start with liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy, which is a consistent, specific and sensitive method for the quantitative finding of eight anabolic steroids in human hair. With the used of LC/ MS we can observe steroids non merely of human hair but besides carnal hair like hog, Equus caballus etc… , . Already so many experiments are done utilizing carnal hair. There is no much difference in both processs and besides in sample extraction. Liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy took clip about like 25 proceedingss. After liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy I went for gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy, by derivartizing the sample.




I have done liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy foremost, because derivartization procedure have to make for gas chrometograpy/ mass spectroscopy with same sample, so one used some sum of sample for LC-MS and staying for gas chromatography/ mass spectrography. For The particular and qualitative check is indispensable to back up analysis of the infusion from hair sample. I have derivartized the sample why because, the anabolic steroid does n’t demo the good chromatography because the presence of keto and hydroxyl groups ( mention: min shen, ping xiang ) , so the infusion was derivatized before making gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. The extract consists of assorted chemical with different molecular weights, solubility, construction, boiling points. The composing of each chemical in readying of extraction is really of import and should be accurate. The measure of sample Up to neutralisation was 6 mille liters and up on heating it was came to 2 mille litre. Among all chemicals, diethyl quintessence has less boiling point that is 35 degree Celsius, so it was evaporated foremost and faster than staying chemicals present in sample. The concluding measure of the sample was come to 2 mille liters. Actually the concluding sample should be liquid in status, but here the concluding sample here one got in semi solid. Here aggregate spectroscopy will non let the solid samples. This semi solid sample may incorporate the solid atom. After reiterating the same experiment I have got the sample in liquid status and so Is have injected the sample split less in to liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy of measure 2 micrometer liters. The assorted hit and reaction of analytes are monitored on multiple reaction moniter. Each anabolic steroid endocrine will hold its ain molecular weight and mass. Steroids are identified by their molecular weights and clip of keeping. But here, I was non been possible to observe anabolic steroids in liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometr. This may be because of errors took topographic point while pull outing sample from hair or difference in composing of chemicals used for it. After this, the anabolic steroids sensing was done manually with several their molecular weight and clip of keeping with the aid of multiple reaction proctor. The ground for this might be errors took topographic point while making extraction of sample. In neutralisation of sample we used diethyl quintessence, but we can besides utilize pentane alternatively of diethyl quintessence. After reiterating the same experiment process I got the sample in liquid status. Eventhough I was unable to happen the presence of anabolic steroid endocrines by making liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. Expect dehydro epiandrosterone and testosterone staying steroids are detected in liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. Using gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy we will observe dehydro epiandrosterone and testosterone. But on gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy besides steroids are non identified ; so the experiment done manually of following the analytes based on their keeping clip. This may be because of the error took topographic point while pull outing the sample from hair. The extremum of every steroid at their keeping clip are non obtained accurately. There are eight steroids with different molecular weights and keeping clip. The multiple reaction proctor of liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy has shown the hits of analytes and their keeping clip as following ; the molecular weight of boldenone is 287.1, as per protocol its keeping clip was 5.47 proceedingss, but here we did n’t see presence of boldenone steroid at keeping clip of 5.47, it means the sample has no boldenone in that. Similarly, the molecular weight of Durabolin is 275.2 and its keeping clip is 5.71 proceedingss, but the multiple reaction proctor did n’t demo nandrolone at that peculiar clip. The molecular weight of trenbolone is 271.2 and its keeping clip is 4.98 proceedingss, but here besides it was non found. The full experiment was scanned manually, but no steroid was identified.

For gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy, the sample was derivartized before executing the experiment, because the sample contains keto and hydroxyl groups. The derivartizing agents are N – methyl-N – trimethyl silyltriflouro acetamide / iodotrimethyisilane and DL – dithiothreitol. Using gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy we can observe presence of dehydro epiandrosterone and testosterone. Using multiple reaction proctor we can see the hits and reaction of each steroids and besides can happen their keeping times. It is non been possible to happen anabolic steroids in human hair sample. The job might be, the derivative agents will volatile the sample, so that the steroids might get away in to free infinite, that was why no steroids found in both the liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. The molecular weight of dehydro epiandrosterone is 432 and its keeping clip is 15.73 minute, but no steroid was found at that clip period. Similarly, the molecular weight of testosterone is 435 and its keeping clip is 17.11 proceedingss, same as before there was no steroids found. The molecular expression of both the dehydro epiandrosterone and testosterone are same.


Steroids are unable to observe Using the gas chromatography/ mass spectrography, due to assorted jobs occurred while making the experiment to fix sample like vary in concentrations chemicals, buffers prepared by me, chemicals exposed to room temperature etc… , . even the same thing has happend with liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. But in liquid chrometrography / mass spectroscopy I have done derivartizing procedure before making the experiment. I have used N – methyl-N – trimethyl silyltriflouro acetamide / iodotrimethyisilane and DL – dithiothreitol as derivartizing agents. The 50 micrometer liters of the sample is transferred in to 5ml trial tubing, the composing of each derivartizing agent is N – methyl – n – trimethyl slilflouroacetamide 1000 micrometer liters, iodo trimethyisilane milli liters, DL – dithiothreitol 5mille gms are taken in to a little tubing and this composing was assorted with the 50 micrometer liters of the sample and heated up to 60 grade Celsius for 30min. For first 3 times the mixture was solidified due to unequal composing of the derivartizing agents. After utilizing the derivartizing solution doing up with right composions of chemicals, the existent sample was formed and this concluding sample was used for liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy. Even though the steroids are non found in the sample. This may be due to high volatile belongingss of the derivartizing agent. I came to cognize that, while heating the sample incorporating dervartizing solution in the concluding phase at 60 degree Celsius for 30mins the steroids are evaporated in to open infinite.


The liquid chromatography/ mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy both are sensitive methods developed and described as really suited for sensing and quantification of anabolic steroids in hair sample. These methods are utile in doping control. Actually these eight anabolic steroids ( methyltestosterone, stanozolol, methandienone, Durabolin, trenbolone, boldenone and DHEA ) could integrate in to the hair and widely distributes in to hair shaft. The concentrations of these steroids are related to their physicochemical belongingss. These two methods are really utile in observing the steroids doped by grapplers or other athleticss work forces during the competitions and besides could place steroids abused long before utilizing hair and urine samples. This experiment will provides the basic information on the clip class and dosage of the anabolic steroids depends up on steroid deposition in hair sample. The informations obtained from this experiment will gives the land work for farther hunt. Actually there are so many steroid endocrines present in human organic structure and in other living existences like corisol, Cortone Acetate, methyltestosterone, methylone, etc… , but merely some steroids are utile in organic structure development.


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