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Are progress and for training. You MUST

Are you in need of domination phone sex? Do you need direction? Are you a ship without a rudder? Do you find yourself wishing you knew what to do and where to go?Do you ache to wake up with purpose?Do you wish do know that you are fulfilling you reason for living?  I will give you all of this, and treat you like the lowly little slut slave you are. I will sort you out so you know that you are living the way you are called to live and I will keep you towing the line. I will punish, tease, and torture you to make sure that you are meeting ALL of your goals in life. I am a goal enforcer! FAILURE is not an option!   I offer ongoing training for naughty boys and girls who need to go to sleep knowing that they have done EXACTLY what they should have all day, and wake up knowing that they are doing EXACTLY what they are called to do!   This is an ONGOING service, you must agree to a minimum of 1 daily call to update your progress and for training. You MUST agree to a minimum of 3 months training. I will have you MARCHING right in 3 months, and you will beg for a longer term agreement!    I am very STRICT and you will OBEY! Call the Directress now!ONLY CALL IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY WANTING DIRECTION!!   I will control any and all of your petty existance to make sure that are successful in whatever goals that need to be obtained. I will use whatever pain/motivator is required. I am very creative in my motivational techniques, and you will OBEY!    I will put on my heels, and walk all over you if needed, or let you take me out for a fine meal and please me, to teach you how to treat a Queen.What areas do you need help with? Are you Lazy? Out of shape? You won’t be when I am done! Need a job? Your ass will get to work! Are you a slob? NOT anymore, I am a clean FREAK! Are you a chronic masturbator? LOCK IT UP! NO!     Do you need discipline? Feel my CANE and BIG HOLE PADDLE!! I only BLISTER ASS!! NO sitting after punishment!!! NEVER an EASY stroke! Bad Manners? OMG that will fucking STOP!! Bad hygiene? OH HELL NO!! Bad Lover? My sweet PUSSY will coach you right!ANY OTHER ISSUES???? I can handle anything!! Sign up with the DIRECTRESS!! If you DARE!


I'm Simon!

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