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As online merchants. For contract payments, you

       As of August 1, 2017, the new system passport ,portal for purchasing
solutions and sourcing, has been replaced the automatic order tracking system
(APT) as an online procurement portal where suppliers and agencies exchange
information to create and manage vendor accounts, provide information on
disclosure of information and a full assessment of effectiveness.
  According to the new rules, all
suppliers associated with city agencies need to register PASSport through FALL
2017. Each supplier who has been identified for early enrollment has been
informed either by MOCS or by City agency that they currently (or plan to) have
a contract s to register with PASSPort. To access to the new system, each
vendor must have NYC.ID. If you currently do not have NYC.ID, you can click the
Login button on the login page, and then click the Create Account button on the
NYC.ID login page. After you have NYC.ID, you can log in to PASSPort and send a
request to the system’s provider account. After
viewing, you can send your disclosure to the new system. Suppliers still need
to use information systems Information portal for recipients (PIP) and City
Record Online (CROL). CROL will continue to be the main source of information
on the registration of online merchants. For contract payments, you still need
to register PIP. While M / WBE are self-certification, and product registration
is transferred to PASSPort, all new vendors must register in both PASSPort and
PIP. The FMS and PIP information has been transferred to PASSPort and will be
synchronized on a regular basis.
     PASSPort has been replaced paper
processes, including VENDEX questionnaires, by simplifying the presentation and
storage of disclosure documents in an up-to-date state, easing the
administrative burden for anyone who manages NYC contracts. The new system has
a fast and easy-to-use interface that will become the main platform for doing
business with the city of New York. You can easily find the necessary
information from the city agents and access the management of data on the
Internet at any time.

    Each organization is different. For your
organization, please specify the person who is assigned the “Supplier
Administrator” role for your organization’s PASSPort account. The
“Provider Administrator” is a person who must first log into PASSPort
on behalf of the organization, and create and manage your system account. In
addition to the provider administrator, additional roles (Contributor and
Signatory) will be able to access and contribute to the PASSPort account. The
Vendor administrator adds these users as contacts to PASSPort and assigns

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uses the same product codes which allow you to specify which products or
services that you can provide to the city that are in PIP. Suppliers will no
longer register goods in PIP. After your account is created and approved, you
will be able to register the goods in this. In the new system, you just need to
provide documentation that will prove that your organization can provide goods
or services, such as a license or certification. When registering goods, you
have to select the products that best reflect the current ability of your organization
to deliver goods and services.

     The new system allows simplifying a lot of
processes because all suppliers are stay in the same DATA, and for procurements
just need to get in to the system and you can find all correct information
about the suppliers.  It’s systemized and
simplified the process for government agencies. Today,   government agencies have a choice to pick
product from different vendors, according on their price policy and terms of
services. For example, if MTA needs to buy tools for the railroad, in this case
procurement department just go to the system, submit correct information such
as item code and license and certification, and system gives you a suppliers
who provide that services and product. The process for procurement becomes more
easier and secure.


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