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Assessment Through the Student’s Eyes Essay

The reading article entitled Assessment through the Student’s Eyes by Rick Stiggins argues that school leaders and teachers’ mission compels to embrace a new vision of assessment that can tap the wellspring of confidence, motivation, and learning potential that resides within every student. To enable all students to experience the productive emotional dynamics of winning, we need to move from exclusive reliance on assessment that verifies learning through the use of assessment that supports learning that is, assessment for learning.

In this article, Stiggins discussed the impact of assessment on students, in terms of both their confidence as learners and their likelihood of future educational success. He presents some scenarios that describe ways in which teachers can enhance students’ learning through the forms of assessment that they use. The material provides evidence of the impact of teachers who are professional problem solvers, who can select the most effective forms of assessment for their students.

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I think that this reading is very useful for the school leaders and teachers. It emphasizes that the purpose of assessment is to improve learning of every students. It makes the point that students’ motivation to remain engaged with learning is enhanced when students are clear about assessment practices and purposes. It has a clear argument about prioritizing the student perspective and experience of assessment, and showing the significance of teachers’ decision-making and practices around assessment.

The author gives an example about the assessment experience on students, in terms of winning streaks and of losing streaks which results to a positive and negative behavior of students towards assessment. The goal of assessment for learning is not to eliminate failure, but rather to keep failure from becoming chronic and thus inevitable in the mind of the learner that’s whyit provokes a discussion to provide and review the current school practices to attain the purpose of assessment for learning.

Students are involved as active and informal participants, while feedback from assessments is viewed as forming an important tool in facilitating student progress in learning. The trend towards assessment for learning encourages educators to focus on the process as well as the products of learning, and move away from a reliance on single-test scores towards assessment that seeks to capture a variety of abilities and outcomes. The formative assessment that provides students with clear goals, appropriate learning tasks and helpful feedback improves earning, particularly for low achievers. The teachers are continually faced with the challenge of assessing the progress of the students as well as their own effectiveness as teachers. Assessment decisions could substantially improve student performance; guide the teachers in enhancing the teaching-learning process in improving the educational system. In the scenario where the teacher helps the students turn their failure into success is one of a good teaching method to help them to overcome their negative feeling about the subject and to know how to correct their mistakes.

In this strategy the teacher becomes effective and as a student I could have a chance to improve my performance to the next examination that will be given. The purpose of an assessment for learning task is to provide feedback to both the teacher and learner regarding the learner’s progress towards achieving the learning objectives. This feedback should be used by the teacher to revise and develop further instruction. An effective assessment for learning method is to use a performance task coupled with a rubric.

This type of assessment is fundamental in illustrating how and why such principles need to be adhered to. Stiggins redefined the future of assessment into expanding the criteria by which could evaluate the quality of assessment at all levels and in all contexts and lastly, by abandoning of having a limited belief that adults represent the most important assessment consumers or data-based decision makers in schools, for this to produce a winning streaks for all students.


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