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At 16 we are considered as young adults, accepting responsibilities of our own action, should we not then be treated as one too and hold a position in the political world to prove that we can be trusted to cast our vote wisely. Who is to say at what age we have entered the adulthood mentally and are mature enough, responsible enough to finally be able to vote. Giving the vote to young adults would force politicians to take our needs and desires more seriously instead of it being neglected. By not allowing 16 years old to vote illustrates to young people that our feelings on politics is discarded and suggests that our views are not valid or taken into consideration. We should be encouraged to participate in democracy not shoved out of it. Realistically there is no significant difference between an 18 and a 16 year old ability to vote. So What is it about electing a political representative that is seen to be much more important than choosing a life partner or becoming a soldier, why don’t we have the rights of an adult? If we work for the government, and pay tax to the government, why can’t we have our say in it? “Young people are expected to maintain the law but have no say in making it. People who are under eighteen are expected to follow adult laws and meet adult consequences. Lowering the voting age can improve the lives of youth which will benefit the future of our region.”Canada is not a democracy if the youth are denied the right to vote. Democracy is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “government by the people”. If some people ( teenagers ) are denied the right to vote for government leaders than the Canadian government is not “by the people.” The American Declaration of Independence says that governments are governed by the consent of the governed, and that governments can be overthrown when the people no longer agree. Laws that young people are forced to obey are passed daily throughout the provinces. Some of these laws affect only youth, such as curfew laws and attendance laws in compulsory schools. Most of these laws affect the entire population and all Canadian citizens. However, young people have no meaning in these laws. It can not be said that legislators who make these laws, do not say in politics, do not say in the rules that they must obey them. “According to the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, young people born in the United States are American citizens entitled to” “equal protection under the law.” Denying voting rights due to age denies the equal protection guaranteed by the guarantor. Voting is also a universal human right, according to the UN The UN Human Rights Declaration (Article 21) states that “everyone has the right to participate in the government of his country, directly or through freely elected representatives,” and that “the people shall be the basis of authority The government, this will be reflected in periodic and real elections that will be in a universal and egalitarian vote. “Some people believe that young people are going to automatically vote the same way as their parents. John Holt, author of books about children, schooling, and the rights of young people, claims that young people had the autonomy and the right to vote and make their own decisions, than that would not happen and parents would not try to coerce their children. Holt argued that a society that is willing to respect young people enough to grant them the right to vote would be one where adults don’t need to coerce or force young people (Franklin). The United States also has a secret ballot, so no adult could truly discover who anyone voted for. Most youth know that. It has to be conceded that people tend to vote how their parents vote, regardless of age. According to a survey of voters in Great Britain, voters with Conservative parents tended to vote conservative, voters with Liberal parents voted liberal and voters of politically mixed marriages voted mixed (ACS). This affects voters over 18, so why should youth be discriminated against because of natural trends?Young people pay taxes. Most pre-teens and teenagers have some method of earning their own income and any young person that purchases items pay sales tax. Tax-paying American citizens are denied the right to vote on account of their age. That is taxation without representation, a basic violation of the principles that this nation was founded upon. American independence was gained as protest against taxation without representation. Some argue that youth are too irresponsible to vote. The irresponsibility of youth, however, hasn’t stopped young people from being tried and convicted as adults for crimes, being able to drive at sixteen, and in many societies throughout history youth have taken on loads of responsibility and been expected to fulfill them. In some societies, youth have even married and raised families. Yet, in America, young people are denied access to democracy through voting.The lower age may additionally encourage and interest youth way more in political processes and parties as currently they’d truly be able to impact the approach they’re ruled and who is governing them. Politics would be way more noticeable in faculties and therefore the general knowledge of politics and therefore the political method would drastically increase.Many helpful solutions may be offered to individuals that are 16 years old. Before changing the voting age we should focus on teaching kids politics from young age so they can have their own personal view on the topic, rather then recalling their parents view on the election and who should be elected. Canada can also focus more on the youth and have more youth platforms when candidates run for prime ministers so the youth can have more interest on the individual and inverse their own thought on the platform. Many teenagers don’t care about politics for one reason, candidates don’t focus on the youth and their interests rather they focus on the older community because they know those are the ones who will be voting for them and not the teenagers. For example when Justin Trudeau introduced the legalisation of marijuana platform many teenagers shared the news with their friends and on social media and that’s how he got so much attention, teenagers have lots of power on social media. If 16 years old want to change the voting age they should be ready for laws to be lowered as well, and many people would agree with that. Today lowering the voting age continues to have a wide range of support as well as disagreements. Nearly half of US states have seen legislative states to attempt and lower the age of voting to sixteen. Internationally 25 countries have lowered their voting age to sixteen. Sixteen-year-olds are mature enough to make important decisions such as voting. Their bodies are fully adult, they have been educated for at least ten years, and most of them have some experience of work as well as school. All this allows them to form political views and they should be allowed to put these at election time. Canada has many support groups that are working on lowering our voting age, the main provinces that are said to lower their voting age to 16 are New Brunswick in the year of 2020 and PEI in the year of 2020. To help and support you can follow National Youth Rights Association and vote on this platform.


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