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Aviation and the environment virgin atlantic Essay


As the old ages go by and as engineering advances the environment is going fragile. This is because of the continual force per unit area on the natural resources available to adult male. The inauspicious effects of human activities on the environment have become apparent as there has been an addition in temblors, inundations, landslides, runing of polar ice caps and the rise in sea degree towards the terminal of the twenty-first century and start of the 22nd.

It is due to this fact that the construct of responsible human activities was brought up by environmental environmentalists. This construct proposes that the decrease of nursery gases can be achieved through the usage of cleaner energy and/or through efficient usage of energy. The conveyance industry produces a important sum of nursery gases on a annual footing ; estimated at 15 % of the entire nursery production in the universe. Data collected shows that 23 % of all C dioxide released into the environment is from the conveyance industry ( See, 2009 ) . Carbon dioxide emanations have been seen to turn by half in a period of 17 old ages between 1990 and 2007.

Surveies show that planetary nursery gas emanations are straight relative to economic growing. The planetary fiscal crisis of 2007 resulted in a bead in nursery gas emanations as people were seen to go less. This shows that the conveyance industry so has a important consequence on planetary nursery gas emanations and therefore steps are needed so as to cut down these emanations in an effort to cut down the annual planetary emanations ( Banhart and Odoni, 2009 ) .

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Air conveyance pollutes the environment by breathing harmful gases such as COx, NOx, SOx and particulate affair into the air. This manner of conveyance has besides been criticized for noise pollution with the Concord being an illustration of a noise pollutant. Pollution from air travel is a major concern for conservationists as the annual emanations from the industry are expected to increase in the hereafter. This is due to the fact that air travel is still in its growing phases and as the universe becomes a planetary small town more air traffic will ensue. On the contrary, nursery gas emanations from route conveyance are expected to cut down in the hereafter due to the promotion in engineering and the usage of more efficient engines i.e. turbocharged engines, computing machine controlled burning sequences etc. Gasoline engines have evolved in the last 20 old ages from carburettor engines, to EFI ( Electronic Fuel Injection ) to VVT-i ( Valve Variable Clocking with Intelligence ) . This development is expected to go on until emanations from route conveyance are reduced to the least possible ( Balmer, 2010 ) .

There are different proposals on the steps that could be taken so as regulate air travel and cut down nursery emanations from the industry. These include increased revenue enhancement of the air power industry, abolition of inducements for air travel riders and emanations trading strategies. Other factors such as a responsible corporate civilization and have besides been mentioned as possible ways through which emanations from air travel can be reduced. The harmful effects of air power on the environment have frequently brought to oppugn the morality of air travel with some critics claiming that air travel is non merely immoral and unethical as it causes harm to the home grounds of people without decently counterbalancing them. Africa in peculiar is the greatest victim of planetary heating with the continent bearing the brunt of the commercial activities of the modern universe. Global heating has been found to ensue in decrease in nutrient production in Africa by 10 % ; 2 million people die in a twelvemonth due to malnourishment ( Cline, 2007 ) .

Some aircraft applied scientists think that the development of more efficient burning engines and air frame designs have the potency of cut downing the annual nursery gas emanations from the industry. This comes at a clip when aeroplane makers are committed to increasing the fuel efficiency of commercial jets by doing better designs. The usage of alternate fuels for aeroplanes is besides seen by some air power applied scientists as a possible solution to the emanations job. However, critics claim that as aircraft engines become more efficient there is a relative addition in aircraft traffic therefore countervailing the benefits of the new engineering. They further claim that the utile life of an aircraft spans between 12 and 8 old ages and therefore it would take long to replace old engineering with new engineering therefore ensuing in extended harm to the environment.

The Virgin Atlantic Airline is at the head of the battle against air pollution. This is apparent by the legion plans and ventures started by the company so as to cut down its one-year nursery emanations. It is besides the first aircraft company in the United States that reports its emanations to the clime register. This survey will concentrate on the Virgin Atlantic Airline company and will try to measure the impacts that the air hose has to the environment and the steps that have been taken so as to cut down the one-year emanations of the company. The survey will besides concentrate on the proficient facets of aircraft industry and operation that have an impact on nursery gas emanations ( Virgin Atlantic, 2010 ) .

Data will be collected from a survey carried out in the Virgin Atlantic air hose. The information will be collected from proficient forces, applied scientists, managers, conservationists and flight forces so as to derive an apprehension of the house ‘s patterns and how they affect the environment. The information will so be analysed and from the analysis treatments and suited recommendations will be made.

Research inquiries

  • What impacts do air hose operations have on the environment?
  • What is the Virgin Airline company ‘s policy towards the environment?
  • Has a pro-environment policy in the company resulted in increased client satisfaction and trueness?
  • What proficient facets of aeroplane design and building have been changed so as to cut down nursery gas emanations?
  • Which operational steps have been taken so as to cut down green house gas emanations?
  • Are the steps taken by the company practical and realistic?
  • Should other air hose companies follow the Virgin Atlantic illustration?

Literature reappraisal

Exemplary leading and sound company policies are seen to be the cardinal ingredients in minimising the effects of the conveyance industry to the environment. A vivacious leading that is able to explicate sound policies and that can be able to set these patterns into consequence is urgently needed if the air power industry is to travel ‘green ‘ . The Virgin Atlantic president Sir Richard Branson is an illustration of effectual leader who has seen sound company policies being transformed into practical solutions for his administration. Many companies are yet to follow similar policies even in an age when there is widespread information on the demand to conserve the environment. Sir Branson has welcomed other major air hoses and aircraft operators to organize a common enterprise that will work towards happening solutions for the industry. It is apparent that a clear vision at top degree direction is the driver behind the execution of environmentally friendly air power patterns ( Virgin Atlantic, 2010 ) .

Another lending factor that has enabled the Virgin Airline to cut down its one-year C emanations is the fact that there exists a flexible and advanced civilization within the administration. Harmonizing to the company, sustainability must be accompanied by alteration ; staff have to be trained on how to get by with the challenges of the modern universe. The company ‘s staff have been educated on the effects of C emanations and have been encouraged to happen ways in which they could cut down these emanations in their several countries of work. Such a civilization lacks in many air power companies and is the ground why the Virgin Atlantic is a leader in sustainable air power. ( Virgin Atlantic, 2010 ) .

Virgin Atlantic has invested into a fleet of more efficient aircraft that are able to cut the nursery gas emanations by 27 % . The company has liaised with its industry Boeing Commercial Airplanes who have been able to plan a more efficient aircraft for the company ; Dreamliner 787-9. This is in line with company ‘s ends to hold reduced its C emanations by 30 % before the twelvemonth 2020. This plane is built from composite stuffs that are lighter compared to the conventional aluminium metals. The aeroplane besides has an increased carrying capacity of 290 riders. Due to alterations in its engines and aeromechanicss the aircraft produces 60 per centum less noise compared to the A series Boeing already in service. The company besides intends to benefits the client with this new engineering through the decrease in air travel menus and the design of improved cabin environments.

The company has established a fuel panel that has the duty of guaranting that the company saves up to 7000 metric tons of jet fuel in a twelvemonth. This panel is made up of proficient forces, applied scientists and pilots who meet sporadically and formulate ways of cut downing fuel ingestion. It is from these meetings that pilots are taught how to minimise fuel ingestion when in sail manner during takeoff and landing. An advanced navigation technique devised by Virgin Atlantic pilots is the uninterrupted descent technique that involves a gradual descent by the pilot from much higher heights and therefore ensuing in reduced fuel burnt and accordingly CO2 emanations. The company is besides working on the construct of get downing grids where the aircraft will be stored in bays near to the tracks and so towed to the tracks ten proceedingss before going. This is expected to cut the sum pre take off fuel ingestion by half ( Virgin Atlantic, 2010 ) .

In a pursuit to cut down its emanations the company has been able to cut down the weight of its A series aircraft. This involves the permutation of stuffs inside the aircraft for lighter stuffs i.e. interior adjustments, providing equipment. The company has substituted its metal O armored combat vehicles with C fiber 1s, uses lighter pigments for aircraft surfaces, replaced metal lading bins with C fiber 1s. Other steps such as the remotion of used bottles and containers before the following flight have been taken so as to cut down the entire takeoff weight of the aircraft.

The company has besides taken steps towards the execution of sound air traffic direction patterns. The president Sir Branson is found to state that the efficiency of European air hoses could be improved if a individual air hose direction authorization was put in topographic point so as to replace the 35 that exist. He farther notes that with better air traffic direction this could ensue in better aircraft paths and hence decreased emanations. The company has proposed the formation of a individual sky ; a individual authorization to adult male and modulate flight paths. This would nevertheless necessitate the cooperation of local governments and authorities ; the company is working towards the accomplishment of this end in the hereafter ( Virgin Atlantic, 2010 ) .

Other steps taken by the company include the decrease in energy used by its land based sites. This is done through proper employee instruction, investing in cost effectual electrical contraptions, installing and the coevals of electricity from solar panels. The company has besides put steps in topographic point so as to salvage H2O in all its procedures and operations ; cleaning operations, catering, clubhouses to aircraft care.

The company has besides launched a waste direction plan that plans to recycle 50 % of all the waste generated during active flight and from land operations. This is aimed at cut downing the load on the environment due to the services and public-service corporations offered to riders by the air hose. The company has even a gone a measure farther by supplying mass conveyance services for its employees so as to cut down individual resident journeys. The ground for this is to cut down the C footmarks ensuing from services that support the air hose but non straight related to it.

The Virgin Atlantic air hose has shown extraordinary committedness to the preservation of the environment. Not merely has the company focused on air pollution but on other signifiers such as land and H2O pollution. The president of the company has pledged to reinvest the company ‘s net incomes for the following 10 old ages into the preservation of the environment. This committedness is unmatched by any other air hose company and analysts claim that it could be a strategic move to aline itself with a quickly changing universe that is going progressively witting of the menaces posed to the environment by human activities ( Virgin Atlantic, 2010 ) .



The respondents for the survey were selected from employees of the Virgin Atlantic air hose in London. This was done so as to derive an apprehension of the specific steps that the company has taken with regard to the environment. Respondents from the general populace were besides selected for the survey so as to roll up the sentiments and feelings of the general populace with regard to the air power industry. These respondents were chosen from people populating around airdromes. Top degree direction functionaries were besides selected for the survey ; air hose managers and main officers.

Structured and formal interviews

Structured and formal interviews will be used in the informations aggregation procedure. This method has been favoured as it offers several advantages ; the research worker will hold control of the procedure, allows the research worker to prioritise inquiries, prevents the research worker from diverting off the cardinal facets of the survey and saves clip by leting the research worker to inquire as many inquiries in the shortest clip possible. The research worker recorded the responses received and so transcribed these responses so as to ease analysis of the information. A transcript of the inquiries sheet has been attached at the appendices subdivision ( Appendix 1 )

Electronic mails

It was noted during the survey that some respondents were non available for face to confront interviews. This was chiefly due to distance barriers and deficiency of convenience.

Secondary beginnings

Secondary beginnings such as diaries, books, and intelligence prints were compared with the primary informations. These were accessed through physical libraries, on-line libraries and databases.

Datas analysis

The sound records were transcribed to written informations. The information was so coded so as to let for qualitative analysis of the informations utilizing statistical package. The IBM V 18 spss statistical bundle was used to analyze the coded informations and from these codifications develop ocular representations of the information. Benefits of this package include its ability to analyze and develop relationships between assorted sets of informations therefore turn outing utile for the survey.


The replies for each research inquiry were assessed and so coded. These codifications were so analyzed statistically and the consequences displayed visually utilizing pie charts and saloon graphs.

What do you believe is the most noteworthy environmental impact of the air power industry?

Due to the recent addition in air power related accidents do you believe that the air power industry is still as safe manner of conveyance?

Does the air power industry demand to take necessary steps so as to do it environmentally friendly?

Most air hose companies are committed to conserving the environment and implementing sustainable patterns in their operations.

Does company policy have an consequence on the attack of an air hose company towards air and noise pollution?

Do clients be given to prefer air hoses that are environmentally witting?

Do you believe that the Virgin Atlantic air hose has taken echt stairss towards the preservation of the environment?

Can alterations in the design and technology of aircraft cut down the impact that they have on the environment?

Which facets of aircraft design do you believe are the most critical in the effort to cut down the environmental impact of air power?

Do you believe that it is possible and practical for air hose companies to be sustainiable in nature?

Make you back up the proposed emanations merchandising strategy that will hold air hoses pay for any inordinate emanations that they produce?

Do you believe that the Virgin Atlantic air hose provides a good illustration of environmental witting concern for other air hose companies?


Impacts of the air power industry to the environment

The respondents interviewed in the survey were found to be good knowing about the air power industry and its possible impacts to environment. The first inquiry that the research worker asked the respondents was aimed at deriving some penetration on the sentiments of different people on the effects aircraft operations to the environment. Most respondents claimed that air power as an industry resulted in pollution to the environment. The three chief types of pollution noted in the survey include gaseous emanations, release of atoms into the air and noise pollution. It was nevertheless noted that bulk of the respondents claimed that gaseous emanations were the most serious type of pollution that air hose companies need to command. It was besides found that there is by and large minimum cognition on the being of atom emanations from aircraft among occupants who lived near airdromes

Mainstream media has been found to hold a great impact on the sentiments of the general public towards pollution and the environment. Coincidentally gaseous emanations which include C0x, N0x and S0x compounds have been extensively covered by media and therefore the increased interest/awareness in these issues. Particulate affair release on the other manus has non been good addressed by mainstream media and therefore less concern for this type of pollution. In a paper by Person ( 2005 ) he claims that particulate affair though ignored by most applied scientists and conservationists leads to the harm of the environment, impairment of human wellness and has harmful impacts on the engine of the aircraft. In the paper he further addresses the demand for applied scientists and interior decorators to keep low degrees of particulate affair from aircraft engines in an effort to increase engine life-time and better on burning efficiency. The Transportation Research Board ( 2005 ) further explorers the demand for a regulative organic structure to guarantee that all aircraft produce a certain sum of particulate affair so as to cut down environmental pollution. He farther states that biofuels though are perceived to be good to the environment could ensue in higher sums of particulate affair release into the environment.

This survey was able to demo that there is important cognition on the inauspicious effects of uncontrolled air power. All respondents acknowledged the fact that the air power industry places some unobserved load onto the natural environment. However, it was besides found that there lacks an alternate beginning for cleaner, cheaper and readily available fuels.

Safety of air hose industry

The 2nd inquiry was aimed at look intoing on the degree of trust and assurance of the respondents on the safety of aircrafts. It was found that 63 % of all respondents interviewed had assurance in the air power industry. These respondents claimed that they felt safe and at easiness when utilizing this agency of conveyance or operating in the industry. Further probing shows that most respondents thought that aircraft accidents are inevitable and must happen at some point. It was besides common belief among respondents that every type of conveyance has a certain degree of hazard with most respondents claiming that air power has the lowest hazard factor.

Airline managers and air hose employees were found to be more cognizant of the potent hazards that exist in the air power industry compared to conservationists and occupants. This is because these people through their experiences in the industry had come to recognize that it is through the uninterrupted cheques and quality control processes that air hose companies carry out that the accident rates are kept low. Engineers and proficient staff were peculiarly found to be most cognizant of this fact as they were actively involved in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours care of aircraft. One applied scientist was noted to state he tries his best to guarantee that aircraft are 100 % accurate but sometimes some things go unbridled and these could ensue in human deaths. He farther claims that no homo can of all time be perfect including applied scientists and proficient staff and therefore there is ever some component of hazard that exists when winging a plane.

Twenty seven per centum of the respondents claimed that the air power industry was insecure with most citing aircraft accidents such as the Flight 93 of United Airlines and the 1977 Tenerife accident. It was besides noted that some respondents chose this reply due to miss of sufficient cognition on the air power. This was apparent among respondents chosen from people populating in the locality of airdromes and who had minimum background cognition on the air power industry. However, this component of ignorance did non hold an consequence on the survey as merely a little proportion of respondents thought that aircrafts were insecure ; 23 % .

Need for alteration in air power industry

The 3rd inquiry was geared towards deriving an apprehension on the general sentiment of industry experts and the populace on the demand for alteration by the air power industry. It was noted that 92 % of all respondents acknowledged that there was an pressing demand for alteration in the industry. It was found that about all of the respondents were cognizant of the inauspicious effects that the industry had to the environment and to human life. These include the depletion of natural resources, air pollution, noise, and human wellness complications such as asthma and allergic reactions.

Despite the fact there is sufficient cognition on the inauspicious effects of air power, it was found that small alteration had been done by most air hose companies. After being interviewed most applied scientists, proficient and support staff were found to state that the determination for alteration had to be made at top degrees of the administration. These respondents claimed that despite the fact that most employees were cognizant of the demand for alteration they did non hold the ability to consequence alteration. The air hose managers claimed that most leaders were afraid of alteration as there was deficiency of an alternate engineering that could be more efficient and cheaper. It was besides apparent that commitment towards alteration in the air hose industry was missing as most managers had the ‘impossible ‘ or ‘too hard ‘ attitude. A manager from the Virgin Atlantic was besides found to state that portion holders are more interested in net incomes and less in environmental preservation ; therefore net incomes had to be cardinal precedence and non environmentalism. The twelvemonth 2007 fiscal crisis and fuel energy crises were besides quoted as factors that tend to decelerate down the alteration of air power into ‘green ‘ air power.

Degree of committedness in air hose companies

A study was besides carried out so as to look into the degree of committedness that air power companies had to the preservation of the environment. The respondents were required to either give a positive or negative response to this inquiry. In an effort to avoid biases the respondents were divided into classs ; set up any differences in sentiment by virtuousness of class. All the conservationists thought that air hose companies lacked the needed committedness towards the preservation of the environment and the development of alternate engineering. Surveies show that conservationists are frequently unable to see the economic position of any state of affairs and are frequently biased in their sentiments. Goodstein ( 2010, pp. 9-12 ) is quoted to says that economic experts and environmental experts tend to hold different sentiments as each party is determined to accomplish its ends at the disbursal of the other. From an economic position preservation must besides hold a monetary value ticket as the cardinal end of any concern is to do net incomes. He farther outlines the demand for economic experts and conservationists to hold and do via medias as each can non be without the other. Eighty three per centum of occupants who lived near airdromes thought that air hose companies were non committed to the preservation of the environment. This together with responses from other inquiries shows that there is a hapless sentiment of air hose companies particularly among occupants who lived in the propinquity. This shows that there is demand for public instruction and community undertakings so as to better the relationships between air hose and airdrome governments with local occupants. Most Virgin Atlantic air hose employees and support staff claimed that air hoses were committed to the preservation of the environment. This is due to the fact that these people have been are exposed to the legion conservationist plans within the Virgin Atlantic. However this can non be meant to reflect all the sentiments of employees from all air hose companies. This committedness was felt more strongly among top degree employees in the Virgin Atlantic ; people at these degrees have the most duty of implementing sustainable patterns and due to the perceived load that they have they tend to overrate the degree of committedness of their administration. A smaller per centum, 50 % of support staff, thought that their air hose company was committed to conserving the environment and to sustainable pattern. This exposes a tendency whereby the further you move from the determination doing variety meats of an administration the lesser you see this committedness. It was hence deduced that there is important committedness among air hose companies but non at the coveted degrees. It was besides deduced that an undistinguished degree of bias exists among some of the respondents ; can non dispute the cogency of the informations collected.

Environmental preservation and client trueness

Consequences of informations analysis show that there is a relationship between sustainable patterns of an air hose and client loyalty/satisfaction. This is because of the environmental consciousness that exists among consumers of goods and service. Peoples want to back up companies that give back to the society and to the environment within which they operate in. Most clients think that it is the moral duty of air hoses to use sustainable patterns so as to non to damage the environment in exchange for net incomes. Customers now relate the disregard of the environment to corporate greed and moral decay. 64 % of the respondents interviewed agreed that environmental preservation had an impact on client penchants and trueness. These included directors applied scientists and support staff in the Virgin Atlantic.

Maignan and Ferrell ( 2004, pp. 3-7 ) expound on the ability of corporate societal duty to ensue in an addition in client trueness and satisfaction. In the surveies the writers were able to set up that these two factors were straight relative to each other. In fact the writers province that sustainable patterns can be used as a selling scheme by companies and therefore offer double benefits for administrations. The Virgin Atlantic has gained much acknowledgment in the chief watercourse media for its conservational attempts which include sustainability undertakings, the Gold Standard strategy and the C footmark undertaking. This is besides the lone company that submits informations on its periodical emanations. Surveies show that public sentiment of the company has well improved due to this fact and this has brought with it increased client satisfaction and client trueness.

The Virgin Atlantic air hose intends to be the most sustainable air hose by the twelvemonth 2020 and its scheme is to be able to derive control and influence over rivals in the industry by geting moral and ethical justification from sustainable patterns.

Engineering alterations and environmental impact

All the applied scientists and air hose managers interviewed were confident that technology patterns and alterations on aircraft would be able to cut down the impact of the industry to the environment. This is a positive facet as it shows that committedness and a sense of belief in the portion of top degree direction and of proficient staff. A Virgin Atlantic manager interviewed said that his company was committed towards the coevals of technology solution suited to the jobs of the twenty-second century and to the alone demands of this clip. He besides quoted the energy crisis that has been spurred by international struggles with Middle East as the hot topographic point of the crises. This coupled with the fact that oil militias are easy being exhausted there is a demand for the coevals of alternate fuel beginnings. He nevertheless states that the development of an alternate fuel beginning that could replace jet fuel and that could besides do economical sense would take a really long period of clip. He hence said that it would be prudent if the efficiency of aircraft engines could be improved before such a engineering could be made possible.

100 % of the applied scientists interviewed besides claimed that they could better the efficiency of aircraft so as to cut down the impacts that these aircraft had on the environment. The research worker asked some applied scientists to quantify the sum of clip and resources that they would necessitate to cut aircraft emanations by half. The applied scientists claimed that it would be impossible to quantify such factors as such a move would hold to be preceded by intensive research and proving. Once these consequences are positive this would so give a spell in front for the applied scientists to set these steps into pattern. The applied scientists further stated that some steps such as efficient engines and radical airframe designs could non be implemented by the air hose company itself but this had to be in affair with the aircraft industry. An air hose applied scientist was noted to state that “we as applied scientists at the Virgin Atlantic can merely transport out basic alterations on the aircraft. When want major alterations to be made on the aircraft we have to relay this information to Boeing so that they could likely consequence these alterations in the following aircraft that they roll out.”

An air hose manager was quoted to state that it takes a really long clip to alter aircraft engineering. This is due to the fact that it takes long clip to plan, trial, implement new designs and engineering. The utile economic life of an aeroplane is around 10 old ages and therefore it does non do economical sense to retire a plane that has non to the full paid back its on its capital investing. This is a challenge that managers and applied scientists face when seeking to cut down aircraft emanations as they are forced to work with out-of-date and relatively inefficient aircraft as these aircraft have non yet reached their full work life.

Riodan ( 1985, pp. 1461-1463 ) looks at the moral duty of applied scientists and proficient staff to conserve the environment. The writer says that applied scientists have destructive and constructive abilities and farther provinces that deficiency of respect for the environment leads to destructive technology. The writer besides states that the environment provides a platform for all of us to stand upon and all of adult male ‘s technology efforts are bound to fall in if this platform is non looked after.

It is dearly-won to conserve the environment and therefore companies have to put some of their net income borders into the environment. It is impossible for companies to accomplish all their environmental ends in a short period of clip due to the immense budgetary demands. ( Goodstein, 2010 ) . This is in support of the informations collected from interviews held with air hose managers and it is apparent that although air hose companies need to cut their emanations this has to be done increasingly over a long period of clip so as to guarantee that the companies remain profitable and at the same clip the applied scientists are able to extensively prove and develop new engineering. The Virgin Atlantic air hose theoretical account is a proper illustration of a echt program to conserve the environment. This is because it is non merely practical but realistic in footings of the clip allowed and the resources to be allocated.

Design alterations to cut down environmental impact//editing

The 9th inquiry was aimed at measuring the possible design alterations on aircraft and the order of precedence of these alterations. Datas collected from occupants and support staff was non used in the analysis for the inquiry. This is because these people were found to hold limited cognition on the proficient facets of aircraft operation. Therefore merely the informations that was collected from interviews with applied scientists, managers and conservationists was used in the analysis. It was found that the two critical design alterations were engine and air frame design ; 43 % each. 14 % of the respondents- most of them being environmentalists- idea that operational alterations and alternate fuels were most needed in the industry. This could be discredited due to the fact that conservationists are frequently biased and tend to overlook the economic and proficient deductions of their recommendations. Most applied scientists noted that engine alterations and air frame redesign could offer speedy and practical solutions to the nursery gas emanation job.

Engineers interviewed said that there are assorted engine alterations that could be made so as to do aircraft engines more efficient such as the decrease in compaction ratios, surface country to volume ratio of burning Chamberss, understating on the sum of fresh sedimentations in burning Chamberss, efficient turbo bear downing systems, and electrically controlled burning clocking systems among others. In reinforced detectors incorporated into aircraft engines could besides turn out utile so as to alarm the aircraft crew when the engine is worn out and out of form. An applied scientist besides said during the interview that a device could be fitted at the fumes terminuss of the aircraft engines and could function to change over harmful nursery gases into harmless gases. This could be made possible by chemical elements that react with the hydrocarbons to organize inert substances. He nevertheless outlined the fact that this has non yet been achieved and is still in the conceptual stages. Another effort to cut down the sum of nursery gas emanations is through exhaust recirculation so as to guarantee that all the gas is burnt up. The Boeing 787 is an efficient aircraft that incorporates latest engineering as it has important betterments on its burning systems, turbochargers, engine constituents and airframe design. One manager interviewed said that the Virgin Atlantic Airline intends to replace its old engineering of A300 airbuses with the A 787 one time the A300s have exceeded their utile life-time.

The facet of aircraft operation besides came up during the survey. The applied scientists were noted to state that pilots had to be trained on the effectual usage of aircraft engines so as to better on fuel economic system, engine life and cut down on nursery emanations. The applied scientists at the Virgin Atlantic air hoses were able to portion information on how they had worked together with their pilots so as to accomplish these ends. The applied scientists recommended that their pilots cut their push when on sail manner by 15 % . This they said resulted in a little addition in the flight clip but was coupled by energy nest eggs and emanations decrease. An air hose manager, when questioned on this said that the air hose had taken proactive stairss in cut downing its emanations and doing energy nest eggs whose cost deductions would be passed on to the riders. The manager said that this would hold an impact on the public image of the air hose ; acknowledges and its moral duty and cares about its clients.

The construct of an alternate fuel is assuring but may take long to happen. An air hose manager from the Virgin Atlantic air hose said that the company intends to put into the development of alternate fuel beginnings from the twelvemonth 2020. He says that the company ‘s cardinal alteration will be carried out through the debut of new aircraft into the air hose. These aircraft he says have capacity of cutting the companies emanations significantly. On farther enquiry it was noted that the Virgin Atlantic has been a innovator in the usage of alternate fuels in aircrafts. In 2008 the company used a blend of jet fuel and bio-fuel in one of its bearers. This harmonizing to the air hose manager was a wakeup call to other air hoses that alteration was possible and was in fact being carried out. The company through the Carbon War Room and the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group ( SAFUG ) is working towards the development of a suited option to conventional jet fuels.

Harmonizing to the Virgin Atlantic sustainability does non merely mention to the decrease and control of emanations from aircraft but it besides refers to steps taken by the company so as to cut down on its C footmarks from its support activities. The company has taken steps so as to cut down C footmarks from its offices through preparation of office staff, usage of boilers alternatively of boilers, energy salvaging visible radiation bulbs, and automated switcher systems for constructing warmers. The company has besides minimized on the usage of paper in its offices so as to cut down on paper wastes. An applied scientist from the company was quoted to state that the Virgin Atlantic is non merely concerned with the pollution caused by its aircraft but besides by the figure of trees fell and fuel burnt by its providers and spouses. He farther states that everything about the Virgin Atlantic should hold gone green by 2020.

Datas collected from the company ‘s web site shows that the company cut its land station waste by 42.9 % at the terminal of the twelvemonth 2009. This shows that the informations collected during the interviews was so accurate as the applied scientist ‘s managers and company staff had presented honest replies to the research worker. The Virgin Atlantic has taken bold stairss towards altering the design of its aircraft and utilizing engineering so as to cut on its nursery emanations. It is apparent even among the conservationist interviewed that the company is at the head in the development of ‘green ‘ air hoses. It was besides found that there exists proper instruction among support staff working for the air hose on the needful stairss so as to cut down the company ‘s C footmarks. This has aided greatly in furthering cooperation among employees at all organizational degrees.

Practicality of environmentally friendly air hoses

There has been a batch of contention on the ability of air hoses to go environmentally friendly. Some critics have been found to state that the lone manner air hoses could go ‘green ‘ is if air travel was abolished as a whole. This was found to be an inaccurate statement as interviews with air hose managers, applied scientists, air hose support staff and conservationists showed that air hoses could so go environmentally friendly. All the air hose managers, applied scientists and support staff who worked in the Virgin Atlantic air hose were confident that air hoses could be revolutionized ; minimum impact on the environment. 80 % of the conservationists besides claimed that it was possible.

This positive response begged the inquiry as to why viing air hoses had non taken any inaugural so as to cut down their emanations similar to what the Virgin Atlantic had done. Peter Verhezen, an expert on Sustainable Investing Schemes who has extensively tackled the ground why many companies in the modern universe are slow to take action on environmentally harmful patterns. He identified that many transnational companies and administrations are afraid of doing bold determinations particularly those related to the environment due to the fright of failure. The planetary fiscal crisis of 2007 questioned the manner most directors made determinations and carried out concern ; resulted in decreased energy and bullishness by corporations. This could ache environmental enterprises as they need bold, hazard taking leaders to spearhead alteration in their ain industries ( Verhezen, 2011 ) .

All staff from the Virgin Atlantic who were interviewed were confident that all air hoses could go environmentally friendly. This goes on to demo that there is a strong sense of intent and committedness among employees in the Virgin Atlantic regardless of their degree. This brings to illume the function of leading in furthering alteration and growing in administrations ; without great leading so sustainable air power can ne’er be practical. The Virgin Atlantic air hose is lead by a great leader who is non merely a airy but besides a hazard taker. One air hose manager was quoted to state that the existent barrier behind the creative activity of sustainable air hoses is leading during his interview.

Kyoto protocol

Of all the respondents interviewed 83 % were in support of the Kyoto protocol for emanations trading. An air hose manager from the Virgin Atlantic said that the company is its manner to go the air hose that produces the lowest emanations. This he said would be a great chance for the company to do some supernumeraries money by selling its emanation shortages to viing air hoses.

The interviews were able to demo that the emanations trading system would be able to coerce unwilling leaders and corporations into going environmentally friendly. This is because it will non merely be a duty of the company to cut down its emanations but extra emanations will besides hold cost deductions on companies ; affect net incomes. It was noted that companies and their leaders are most concerned with their net incomes and when a system is put in topographic point so that failure to provide for the environment affects net incomes so this would do sustainable operations a precedence.

Under the Emissions Trading System each air hose will be assigned emission units and when it exceeds these emanations it will be required to buy fresh emanations from other air hoses. This means that companies with low emanations will non merely be cheaper to run but will besides hold a good public image ; dual benefits for the administration. Harmonizing to Damro and Mendez ( 2003, pp. 4-6 ) , the effort to commoditize emanations is likely to spur big corporations into action. This is because emanations will hold a pecuniary value attached to them and therefore failure to transport out sustainable patterns will take to loss of gross. The Kyoto Emissions Trading System is the lone certain manner that nursery gas pollution can be controlled in a quickly modernizing universe.

The Virgin Atlantic as a company supports the Emission Trading Scheme as this would see the environmental impact of the air power industry cut significantly. However, issues were raised on the environmental revenue enhancements that are imposed upon air hose companies by authoritiess and establishments. Virgin managers say that the UK authorities had imposed some unfair revenue enhancements on British air hoses and that this could ensue in the choking on the air power industry. Harmonizing to the managers an Emissions Trading System is much better compared to environmental revenue enhancement. They say that Emissions Trading Schemes would advance duty among air hoses all over the universe unlike domestic revenue enhancements that would merely ache the British air power industry. An air hose manager was quoted to state that these proposed revenue enhancements will non merely wound the British air hose industry but besides the touristry industry all over the universe as these revenue enhancements will coerce people to utilize alternate manners of conveyance. They farther stated environmental revenue enhancements coupled with an emanations trading strategy would ensue in dual revenue enhancement for British owned air hoses seting them a disadvantage compared to their rivals. Surveies show that the Emissions trading strategy is by far the most effectual agencies of controlled nursery emanations as it offers a ego regulative mechanism compared to the external regulative mechanism offered by environmental revenue enhancement.


Several restrictions were encountered by the research worker in the class of the survey. It was disputing for the research worker to procure interviews with respondents. This is because most people working for the Virgin Atlantic were non willing to travel out of their manner and trim clip for these interviews. Some grade of concern on the privateness and the confidentiality of the interviews among possible respondents was noted. Another job encountered was that some respondents were found to be biased and gave responses that were personally inclined and non based on factual information. Some facets of the survey have non yet been put into pattern and are still in their conceptual phases. For illustration the emanations trading strategy has non yet been implemented and therefore the information collected is non based on factual information. This is because many environmental organic structures and authoritiess have non yet agreed to implement the system and therefore that the sentiments collected in the survey represent the personal sentiments of the respondents. By virtuousness of this fact the informations collected on the emanations trading strategy is qualitative in nature and therefore is dependent on personal penchants and political orientations. However extreme attention was taken during the survey so as to stand for the sentiments of experts in the industry and therefore benefit from the advantage of professional sentiment. Geographic barriers were besides a challenge in the survey. This is because the research worker was located off from London at the clip of the survey. This resulted in logistical jobs during the survey.

Recommendations for future surveies include the aggregation of informations from employees who work in different air hoses. This is because it was found that employees from one administration tend to hold similar sentiments on some issues due to the external influence created by the workplace environment.

The survey was able to demo that sustainable air travel is so practical and realistic. However many air hoses are slow to go sustainable due to hapless leading and fright of alteration. Other factors such as the planetary fiscal crisis were besides found to lend to this but in a lesser graduated table. The Virgin Atlantic air hose was found to be a leader in sustainable air travel. It was noted that the company had great leaders who were willing to encompass alteration, take deliberate hazards and keep a airy stance. This compounded by a healthy company civilization is what has enabled the Virgin Atlantic to work the latest engineering so as to cut down the emanations from its aircraft and all other related activities. Based on the information collected it can be recommended that other air hoses non merely in the United Kingdom but all over the universe emulate the Virgin Atlantic air hose.


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