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Background And Nature Of The Company Business Essay

Surya Nepal Private Limited ( SNPL ) is an Indo-Nepal-UK articulation venture based in Nepal. It came in being in 1986 and since so it has ne’er looked back. Now Surya Nepal is the largest private sector endeavor in Nepal with its turnover of more than US $ 100million. This company is besides a subordinate of ITC Limited, India, the balance portions are held by 20 Nepali single & A ; corporate stockholders and British American Tobacco ( Investment ) Limited, UK.
Surya Nepal fundamentally concentrates on fabrication and selling of coffin nails and readymade garments. The company was awarded the esteemed FNCCI National Excellence Award during 2007 for being the best-managed corporation in Nepal. The company is besides the receiver of assorted national safety and environmental awards and with changeless focal point on systemic work procedures, both its coffin nail and garment mills are ISO-9001: 2000 certified.


SPNL is a leader of the battalion every bit far as private companies in Nepal are concerned. SPNL enjoys monopoly over the baccy market in Nepal due its assortment of merchandises fulfilling demands at all income degrees. In records SPNL ‘s portion out of the entire 0.7 million kilogram of baccy produced in Nepal yearly is an extra-ordinary 0.6 million kilogram. Due to which it is easy the highest employment supplying company in this line of concern.

SPNL expanded its line of concern to dress production with leased capablenesss from ITC limited, India. It has two major trade names now which are John Players and Springwood. The popularity particularly of John Players has been skyrocketed due to its superior quality and besides due to the usage of Indian film star “Hritik Roshan” .

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I have fundamentally categorised the major alterations that took topographic point in SPNL into three classs:

Venture into Garment fabrication ( John Players, Spring Wood ) : After set uping its monopoly in baccy industry, SPNL late diversified its merchandises by fabricating garments.

Shikar Beats ( Competition of musical sets in Nepal ) : SPNL besides tried to increase its popularity by keeping a competition of musical sets in Nepal every twelvemonth. This is an event which every music lover in Nepal looks out for every twelvemonth ( Like the X-factor in UK ) .

P & gt ; Surya Golf Competition ( Prestigious golf competition in Nepal ) : SPNL besides holds Nepal ‘s most celebrated golf competition which is really celebrated among the upper category people in Nepal. P & gt ; Surya Golf Competition ( Prestigious golf competition in Nepal ) : SPNL besides holds Nepal ‘s most celebrated golf competition which is really celebrated among the upper category people in Nepal.


Garments: It has been a really successful venture for SPNL and both the trade names have been easy but steadily constructing its repute in Nepali market. Particularly John Players is truly run intoing the outlooks of immature and modern Nepali people.

Shikar Beat generations: Sinceits induction, this programme of SPNL has captured the demand of immature instrumentalists and bands deriving immense popularity throughout Nepal. It has created a platform for many new creative persons to establish their callings and these good workss have resulted in SPNL deriving more good will.

Surya Golf Competition: There are plentifulness of upper category people in Nepal who have echt involvement in golf. This thought was used SPNL by presenting a golf competition which was the first in Nepal. This move besides turned out to be a master-stroke with Nepali people going more cognizant about the athletics and more gross flowed in SPNL ‘s way.



This company is the first pudding stone company in Nepal which ab initio specialised in cloths and vesture. It all started when the laminitis of this concern Mr Bhuramull Chaudhary ( originally from India ) started importing cloths from India and selling it to the Royals inside the Palace at around 1935. It easy gained its impulse and has ne’er looked back since with its merchandises and services runing from Food & A ; Beverages, Automobiles, Construction, Finance Company, Tobacco, Steels and many other smaller ventures. It has a really wide vision of set uping itself as a corporate pudding stone with specialization in nutrients and drinks, fiscal services, existent estate and cordial reception and strives towards going a front-running company in South East Asia. Now it has over 40 companies under it and its investing spending is more than US $ 250 1000000s.


FUDCO the quality nutrient production unit of CG is the leader of the battalion in footings of production of noodles, bites, crackers and fruit juices in Nepal FUDCO fundamentally has three units which are Nepal Thai Foods ( NTF ) , Gold Beverages Nepal ( GBN ) and Kwik Foods ( KF ) . NTF produces largely noodles and its most celebrated merchandise is called a “WAI WAI” noodle which is like a national bite in Nepal. There has been a batch of competition in this country of market with other noodle companies like Gandaki Noodle ( PVT ) Ltd. , Himalayan Snax and Noodles Ltd etc. However the trade name of “WAI WAI” has stood the trial of clip and is still the most popular noodle/snack in Nepal due to its originality of gustatory sensation, quality and public assurance. GBN manufactures fruit, fruit and milk and soft drinks in Nepal. It besides faces tough competition from other international juice and soft drinks company. KF produces other periphery bites under FUDCO and it has besides easy but steadily been able to hold on its limited market in Nepal.

There were major insurgence activities in Nepal for more than a decennary and the economic system was reasonably much inactive. Nepal like any other state has been confronting economic downswing every bit good but the merchandises of CG are still really much in demand. The chief grounds I believe are its quality, low-cost pricing and a good established trade name name. All its other merchandises and units have besides been every bit successful. With more than 4000 employees within Nepal which is a landlocked state I must state this company has been able to make a so called ‘niche ‘ in Nepali market.


Assorted promotional strategy and spirit for “WAI WAI”

Due to immerse competition posed by assorted other rivals, CG introduced many strategies to heighten gross revenues. Most perceptibly hard currency award of Nepalese Rs 100,000 in lucky vouchers. It besides appointed celebrated comedian Gopal Nepal as its trade name embassador. It besides launched several other flavoured noodles like vegetarian, Mexican etc.

Pre-paid Visa Debit Card

CG besides has a finance company called CGFINCO which launched a pre-paid visa debit card called “E-pay” in association with a high-street bank in Nepal. It was the first non-financial establishment card with subdivisions more than 1000 in India and Nepal.

Introduction of lager beer “Nepal Ice”

Local beer industry in Nepal still is an under developed market. Foreign beers are largely in ingestion even with people holding to pay more for it. Hence CG launched its ain laager beer “Nepal Ice” during 2006 and has been turning in popularity. It is now-a-days exported in states like Japan, Hong Kong and UK.

Orange-boom blast

CG even produced a “music album” by the above mentioned named which included 10 remix vocals of the original tonss of some of the legendary vocalists in Nepal. The undertaking was a monolithic success and was good appreciated within the music industry.

Overseas-export division

In order to spread out its market skyline CG started an Overseas-export division non so long ago. It was a immense measure for a pre-dominantly Nepali company to accomplish this aim as Nepal has ne’er been known much as an exporting state. The result was bound to be fruitful due to its good quality merchandises. It has now built up steady success in increasing its gross revenues of its noodles, beers, baccies etc to Middle-east, Far-east, Europe and North-America.


Another interesting alteration in their selling program was to present “Rio-Punte” significance Rio-small. By presenting a smaller size Rio, CG captured the demands of immature kids in Nepal who were happening it difficult to convert to their parents more 10NRS supernumerary for their tiffin.



Santander is a retail and commercial bank, which originated from Spain, where it has its current base every bit good. It was founded in 1857 and now with its operations in over 40 states and more than 90 million clients, 13650 subdivisions and 180,000 employees it is one of universe ‘s largest fiscal group. The beginning and history of any administration ever defines its values and visions, with several alterations of class. Likewise from the get downing this bank ‘s vision was to be “open to the world” . It has ever wanted to be an international force or a group of fiscal establishments which have fastnesss in local markets throughout the universe. It strongly believes in the doctrine of supplying assortment of fiscal services to all types of people. Santander has classified its operations fundamentally into four chief geographical countries which are mainland Europe, UK, United States and Latin America.


We can non state that Santander have non been hit hard by the recognition crunch. However it still has strong competitory place in Spain across all concern sections in recognition evaluations. It has prima franchises in Latin America. Its precedence is retail banking hence it has a steady gross watercourses. It has been executing good in most of its countries. It still has a immense potency for growing from international operations. In 2008, Santander became the 3rd largest bank in the universe in footings of net incomes, and the seventh in stock market capitalization. As per the records, in 2008 entirely, the Group earned ordinary attributable net income of more than ? 6,000 billion. It has been making good in all of its concern lines every bit good. It has been invariably turning in size and power within the banking industry and due to which its recognition evaluations are besides lifting up. Efficiency in footings of cost and gross of its concern operations has been bettering of Santander. Hence overall we can state that Santander is good placed in this current economical clime.


  • Coup d’etat of Abbey bank, UK

Abbey bank, UK with its history of more than 150 old ages was one of the largest bank in the UK. Abbey have ever been known for its acute involvement in invention and pull offing alteration. Online system for keeping clients ‘ histories was initiated by Abbey more than 30 old ages ago when this system was hardly popular.

Santander completed the coup d’etat of Abbey bank, UK during late 2004 after carry oning exigency general meeting ( EGM ) on both the Bankss.

  • Coup d’etat of Sovereign BanCorp, US
  • Coup d’etat of Bradford and Bingley, UK
  • Coup d’etat of Alliance and Leicester, UK


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