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Based on the Salem Witch Trials occurring between February 1692 and May 1693, The Crucible written by Arthur Miller was created as a way to satirize the Joseph McCarthy hearings of the 1950s and compare their fear of communism to the puritans fear of witchcraft.Adapted into a Movie, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder, it is the story of the small Puritan town of Salem Massachusetts descending into chaos into and false accusations after a group of daughters are caught breaking puritan rules by dancing naked in the woods turns in a hunt for witchcraft as they try to shift the blame from them.Nicholas Hytner used music throughout the film as a way to build onto emotion displayed. During crucial times in the film, the background soundtrack grew louder as a way to heighten the emotion felt. Generally, the soundtrack contained somber music which was meant to emphasize the uneasy mood felt throughout the story. This can be seen during the court hearing when Abigail attempts to turn on Mary for testifying against her. Abigail and the girls “see” a yellow bird flying above them and attempt to blame Mary as they were trying to save themselves at her expense. The addition of an eerie soundtrack really helped the viewer get in Abigail’s head and almost believe her accusations.On the other hand, when John Proctor was hanged we hear somber music play as we see the hero of the story die under false claims. This contrasted with the mood of the rest of the movie, as this song was heartbroken as we see Abigail’s plan fall apart as in order to save herself she blamed her true love John Proctor for witchcraft and he was ultimately hanged.Hytner also used other cinematic tools such as different camera angles and shots to help convey the emotion felt. John Proctor is trying to hide his past relationship with Abigail when his wife was sick in bed. Ultimately Proctor’s wife found out about his affairs and due to this, there is a distinct emotional separation between the two of them. This is shown the Hytner use of wide shots during their conversations such as when Elizabeth and John are discussing him going to Salem to testify. The audience can see the literal distance between them and their lack of chemistry and closeness when interacting with each other. Later in the story, Elizabeth says she wouldn’t judge Proctor if he confessed to witchcraft to save himself from hanging. We can see their dynamic change as there is now a closeness felt between them right before their deaths.During the opening scene in the forest, when we see the girls sneak into the forest to attempt witchcraft, Hytner uses a variety of cinematic tools such as setting and the use of “fast cutting” to convey a frantic uneasy mood. As the girls continue into the forest the scene gets darker and darker and more fog appears. The dark forest establishes an uneasy mood that gets carried throughout the movie. As the girls are running into the forest the camera cuts quickly, using a technique called “fast cutting” as if to hint at the fact that they are being followed. Nicholas Hytner uses this to establish a panicked mood as the short shots in rapid progression make the viewer seem unsettled.Although the cinematography was gorgeous and helped heighten the emotion felt, The Crucible still contains many flaws. I felt as though there was a lack of character development between our two titular characters. The film shies away from Abigail’s love and passion for John Proctor while the play focuses on developing their relationship to the point where we understand why she desperately wants Proctor. There is a lack of chemistry between both Proctor and Williams as it is hard to believe that they had an affair with each other as they appear rather “clunky” with each other.


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