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BE/16074/16 the Zener breakdown is that the



BJT – Bipolar Junction Transistor

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voltage gain is high

to bias


Field effect transistor

a)    voltage gain
is low

b)    Difficult

c)     Expensive
than BJT

Oxide Field Effect Transistor

a)    It has 3
terminals drain, source, gain.

b)    High powered
application is used whereas

BJT in low powered applications.

c)      BJT is current dependent at base region

whereas the MOSFET is voltage dependent

at the oxide IG electrode.

d)    BJT is
controlled by current and MOSFET is controlled by voltage.

Major difference b/w the Avalanche breakdown and the Zener breakdown is that
the Avalanche breakdown takes place because of the collision of the electrons,
while the Zener breakdown takes place because of the excessive electric  field

Zener breakdown there’s a electrostatic appeal b/w  (-ve) and 
(+ve) electrons and the huge (+ve ) voltage is so excessive that it
pulls the electrons from their covalent bonds and far from their discern atoms.

breakdown takes place when the applied voltage is so excessive that the
electrons which get pulled out from their covalent bonds and pass quicker at
tremendous speeds. These electrons collide and knock off extra electrons. These
electrons additionally circulate in excessive speeds & then collide with
different atoms. Each collision produces greater electrons which results in
even greater collisions. The current in semiconductor swiftly will increase and
the fabric is quick destroyed.

LCD (liquid crystal display).It includes many pixels. Every pixel has a LCD
panel in it that is a multi layered sandwiched supported through fluorescent
backlight. These glasses are joined with obvious glass substrates with clean
floor further those substrates are appreciated with polarizer film which
transmits or absorbs polarized light. It has 3 primary colors for color
filtering red, green, blue. When current is surpassed those polarized glasses
make ninety stages twist to every different so as for the light from
fluorescent tube to skip through it to present a lighted pixel in the show and
when there is no current passed they do no longer make the twist and no light
is passed through it and the display is black. The purpose we see the colored
photos are because of the color filter, light passes via the filtered cells
which create these colors.



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