Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Bellagio’s control for a blackjack is very

Bellagio’s Case

a)    Blackjack Dealers

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The pit bosses are watching the blackjack to prevent fraudulent activity. There is a tight control over a blackjack dealer that includes table assignments, closed circuit television (CCT), and two dealers at the table, relief dealers, and floor persons. The dealers have specific uniforms to wear and have some control over cash and credit to make it difficult to have fraud. Bellagio only hires experienced dealers and required some training usually two years. The control for a blackjack is very tight.

b)   Pit bosses

The pit bosses are not as tight as the dealers but the control is somewhat tight as they were on the floor watching dealers and handling customers. The control is almost same as the dealers. There is background check, CCT, and they had to go some cash and credit procedures as well. Having the documentation and procedures are very important as they use for evidence and can help auditors.

c)    Vice President

The control for a vice president is a somewhat loose for it has a small amount of supervision for them. But the control strategy in the casino is tight to make the employees know that the expectation and to ensure security to the casino’s assets.

There is a secured control system at the Bellagio that will be suitable for firms in other industries. Not only for them it can be used in auditing the firm for its casinos transactions to be checked and monitoring its operations daily. Lastly, control systems are needed to prevent losing money that employees might steal to them.


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