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-Big can make a huge impact on


As the name suggests big data refers to the
large volume of data which can be structured or unstructured. The reason big
data is so powerful is because it can make a huge impact on your business and
strategic planning that goes in it. But it’s not the amount of data that’s
important. It’s what the organizations decide to do with that data. Big data
gives insight in such a way that it can lead to a better decision process and
strategic business moves.

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So what kind of data can be called as
big data. Big data is big enough that it won’t fit on a single machine which
means you need to use more specialized tools to muck with it. So basically,
data above 1TB can fall in this category. Big data as the three v’s.

The three V’s:

Volume: Data can come from anywhere such as
social media website, sensors monitoring traffic, online transactions etc.

Velocity: The data can come from multiple
resources and should be dealt with in timely manner.

Variety: Data can be of any type – from
numbers, strings in traditional databases to unstructured text documents,
emails, video, audio etc.

As the size of the data increases so
does the complexity to deal with it. The traditional approach cannot be used in
this case as it may not produce any result and even if it does it may not be
within time constraints.

Why is it so damn important?

The reason it is so important is
because with the insight you get from your big data you can make 1. Cost
reductions 2. Time reductions 3. New product development and optimized
offerings 4. Smart decision making.

To achieve all these results big data,
need to be combined with high-powered analytics which can determine root causes
of failures, issues and defects in near real-time.

An example:

A real-world example can be what goes
on in an air traffic controller. They are personnel responsible for managing
routes and altitudes between different airlines. Their main goal is to monitor
the speed, altitude, location etc of the aircraft and contact them if needed
when something goes wrong. Now they receive huge amount of data every minute
from different aircrafts and they have to make sense from that data within time
to avoid any collision. The size of the data is too big and there are time
constraints on that data. In such conditions traditional techniques fail to
provide result and something more powerful is required.

Big data can be used in different
sectors such as Government, Education, Banking , Health Care, Manufacturing ,
retail etc.


How to store and manage it?

Storage would have been a problem
several years ago, there are now low-cost options available for managing data.


How much of it to analyse?

Some organizations like to include all
of the data in to consideration which is possible with today’s high-performance
technologies such as grid computing. Other thing that can be done is
determining which data is relevant before analysing it.


How to use any insights you uncover?

The information that will be retrieved
from data after the processing will play a major role in making business decisions
and shining lights on failures.


What are the big data database?

NoSQL, MPP database and Hadoop few
examples of big data databases. NoSQL can be used to capture big data from the
users and Hadoop can be used to provide analytical insight for analysts and


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