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Bobby Flay was born on October 10,1964 in Manhattan, New York. He began asa professional chef in New York in 1981. He was fascinated in cooking since he was a teenager even though he hated and also found school very uninteresting. As a teenager he had been working for pizza and ice cream jobs. But when he was 17, Bobby Flay got hired at Joe Allen’s famous district restaurant in New York City and that’s where he had his first turning point in life. It was a huge turning point because while he was working there the owner was so impressed of his cooking skills that he offered to pay for Bobby’s college. He went to French Culinary Institute. He also dropped out of high school at the at of 17.In 1984 he graduated and got his culinary arts degree. After he graduated from college he got his first real job as a sous chef but after a week or so he got promoted and became the executive chef. But then got thought it was too much difficult and was really unprepared so he quit the job. After he quit he got a job working for a restaurateur named Jonathan Waxman. In 1988 he got another job as a chef at the Miracle Grill in East Village, New York. Quickly after a while he started working there all the people in New York fell head over heels for his cooking. Bobby Flay soon caught the attention of a New York City restaurateur named Jerome Kretchmer and he wanted to offer Boob’s amazing cooking recipes to his customers. Later Jerome Kretchmer opened arestaurant called Messa Grill and Bobby Flay was the executive chef and in 1992 the restaurant was so amazing that it won the ” New York Magazine Best Restaurant.”Bobby Flay has also been in a lot of T.V. shows. For example he’s been in ” The Main Ingredient with Bobby Flay” and ” Beat Bobby Flay”. You can say that he is a popular television host. He also appeared in a Disney movie called ” Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off. Then in 2008 he participated in the All Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game. Bobby Flay has also wrote plenty of books. For example he was written ” Bobby Flay Grill It!” and ” Bobby Flay’s Boy Gets Grill”.Bobby Flay was also married to another chef named Debra Ponzek.But then they separated and then he got married to another women named Kate Connelly and they have a daughter together named Sophie. But on the other hand he is an iron chef on the show ” Iron Chef America.”


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